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For example, a double pump tombstone or a SMG tombstone.

I just wanted to clarify these weapons are being put in the Vault. Meaning they may or may not come back into the game at a later time. :)

I do think that's a funny idea though!

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Who said you need a backyard to build a treehouse? 🌳🏡⛏️
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Yup that's it!! I built a wall inside the tree and modified it so that it would just be a "pillar" inside the trunk. Then i built a floor on top of these 2 "pillars" and then we built our treehouse from there! You can see the wall sticking out on the right of the tree's trunk.

Damn... that's some smart building. Good work :D

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Tune into ESPN tonight and peep @joshhart rocking that new Fortnite heat customized by @Kickstradomis . 👀🔥
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thank god ,hopefully that fix the early game lag / high ping

It should!

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I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing it or not but ever since the patch I have been getting an absurd amount of delay, people “teleporting”, etc. in the beginning of games. I’m on the proper server and everything.

Our fix for the "chests/doors sometimes not opening at start of the game" bug ended up being the source of the server performance regression.

We are rolling back fix right now and server fleet is redeploying as I am writing this.

So good news is that server performance will be back up, bad news is that the bug is back.

We don’t believe there is a short term fix that doesn’t hurt performance but have a big overhaul to server performance that includes the fix in development.

Timeline TBD, but most likely early April.

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This is incorrect.

Race tracks galore! This is awesome. The community has already created some amazing hoverboard tracks. Keep em' coming!

Hah! Secrets out! My first time experiencing this was.... a blast?

This is awesome! I can't wait to see some of the other amazing creations that come from the community.

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You're completely right. Thank you!

We're glad you guys are enjoying the hoverboard! This is definitely the start of some great additions that we are planning to bring to STW.

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New Turbo Building + Rocket Riding??? Evhan and his squad mate show us the art of Rocket Building:
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it is unnecessarily loud. i think it's louder than any other sound in the game.

Will be fixed in next patch!

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Tilted Towers. The best training camp.
Battle Royale This is why i love Epic.
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Meanwhile I've been waiting over 3 weeks for a response from Epic about possibly being refunded for an accidental purchase

Please DM me your ticket number and I'll check into it.

Battle Royale This is why i love Epic.
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Yet I submitted 3 tickets over the past 4 months regarding a StW purchase and never got a response

Could you DM me the ticket number from your first email? I'll see what the hold up is.

Battle Royale This is why i love Epic.
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I've never even gotten a confirmation email despite several ticket submissions. Nothing in spam, either.

Are you emailing from Every email in gets an auto-response.

Battle Royale This is why i love Epic.
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I sent a support e-mail days ago and never got a response. I tried a couple months ago and didn't get a response either. Not sure what I have to do at this point...

Could you DM me your ticket number? I'll check into it.

Whoa (☉_☉)

This is so good!

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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. It's good to know work is being done towards betterment. Is there a current estimated response time at all?

We are still getting more tickets than we can handle so I don’t have a good answer for you.

Current goal is to bulk handle as much as possible - eg yesterday’s issues with VBUCKS fulfillment resulting in players purchasing multiple times etc.

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Always fun to get called out by the developers! Jk, but yeah I just grabbed one off of Google images that was big and clear, didn't know it was outdated.

I’m just teasing :-)

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Hey /u/Epic_Joel what time are you usually online? :P


Holy crap that's awesome!

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Think about it. Make up some cool track designs on your storm shield base, invite a couple of your mates, throw in some Jump Pads here and there... I'm smelling a winner.

Can't wait to share some of the other stuff we're thinking about!