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That looks delicious and incredible.

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Think about it. Make up some cool track designs on your storm shield base, invite a couple of your mates, throw in some Jump Pads here and there... I'm smelling a winner.

Yes this is a thing that has happened at the studio :)

Battle Royale Absolute Mad Lad!

Posting screenshots of you breaking the rules...tsk tsk.


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3.0.0 has (hopefully unintentionally) made hitting the sweetspot circle while mining uncomfortably loud. This is a good time to bring up the fact that I've always thought that the normal volume of hitting the sweetspot is too loud, always drowning out any other sounds in-game and any voices, music, or audio that might be playing outside of the game on my PC.

Fixed for next update. Thanks for reporting! Enjoy season 3. :)

I think he likes to Dab? Maybe not...

So rad, love this!

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What, is this real?

As one of the Game Security team, yep, it's real. This post has some details on our cheat detection. :)

Historically, we had two instances of false positive bans - the swingset bans on 2017-10-08 and the SMG bans on 2017-11-20. Aside from that, we are not aware of any false positive cheating-related bans.

Additionally, we had incorrect in-game messaging up until 1.11 (maybe 2.1? I'd have to go look at version numbers) where in certain circumstances when players lagged out, they would get an in-game message telling them they were disconnected from the host while the other players in-game would see they were struck by the banhammer (but no punitive actions were taken against their accounts, code path just displayed the wrong error message).

However, sometimes users are kicked from the match for various reasons that don't involve actually banning the account. That appears to be the case for this user - the user is not banned, but the system kicked him out of that match.

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I tried to purchase the 1,000 v-bucks in the store but I keep getting an error everytime I accept it through the playstation store. It brings up the final checkout, confirms it, then it says an error message and I restarted Fortnite still with the same number of V-Bucks I had before.

I just checked my checking account and it says "pending" on 2 purchases of 1,000 v-bucks and still it does not show up.

We got it, thanks!

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My Epic ID is itzSiebe (platform: PC), tried to buy v-bucks via Paypal & Visa, both gave me an error.

edit: I was trying to buy 1000 v-bucks but I just got charged 2x for 10 euro on paypal?

edit: I got charged on VISA too, really? It gave me an error saying it couldn't place my order so I tried again via PayPal and VISA and now I got charged 30 euros for 3000 v-bucks while I was trying to buy for 10 euro.

Got the info, really appreciate it!

Battle Royale Epic you are next level
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No thank you kind sir.

No, no, no... thank YOU kind sir :)

I call Loot Lake!

Great looking cake, we love seeing this sort of stuff. :)

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Thanks, noted!

Battle Royale Charged too much money
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Support will help. You can email support from for assistance. They'll be watching for cases like this today so you shouldn't have to wait too long.

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PC There is nothing more to say to be honest. It's the first time I wanna buy V-Bucks and it's a 10€ PaySafeCard

Thats all I can say

Got it, thanks for the information! The V-Bucks may appear on your account shortly, so I recommend waiting before trying to purchase more.

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Like my Epic Games ID?

It's TShpend

Thanks! What platform are you on? Any other info?

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Yeah, but we are not in a waiting queue, it just stuck at the login screen. Isn't that what a waiting queue was made for? To prevent this?

Correct, but there is an issue which caused the queue timer to disappear on the login screen. So, you were in the right place :)

Battle Royale Epic you are next level
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The quality of this update is unreal. Building has never felt better (console), the amount of content and QOL changes have made this game more polished than I thought was possible. Keep doing what you guys do best, because you’re amazing at it. Thank you for all that you do for this community. We all appreciate it. Cheers guys.

Much love <3, thank you!

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I bought vbucks 5 min ago they arent there but my money is gone

Can you DM me your Epic ID? We are looking into this, as it seems some others are getting this as well. Thanks!

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You can't transfer vbucks but anything you buy is unlocked on both accounts.

You could buy the battlepass on ps4 and it'll be available to you on pc as well. Any leftover vbucks will be on ps4 and you won't have access to them from pc.

This is correct! Thanks for providing the info :)

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I've been trying to buy V Bucks since the update today but it just keeps loading for like 5-10 minutes then there is an error message. Either Error or Bad Gateway.

Pls fix I want by Battlepass

Would you all mind sending me your Epic ID's? We are diving into this as we speak! Thanks!

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I bought the €24,99 pack to buy the premium season pass, but I didn’t get my v-bucks? Help!

Can you send me your Epic ID in a message? Looking to track this down, any info is appreciated! Sorry about that!

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Thank you for acknowledging the request and for explaining your concerns about it.

Let me answer a few of your concerns, since they have been discussed in these threads by the community.

You're missing Repair :)

Same button (hold R3) like combat pro.

We'd like to keep Triangle/Y as a quick way to get right to your Harvest Weapon.

I concur with this as i use it a lot. I would personally keep triangle as "toggle harvest weapon". Replace rotate piece (very rarely used i assume) with change material. And finally assign rotate piece to double tap square because it is used so rarely that it could compromise the "taking thumbs from sticks" principle.

For me, I'd put Wall and Stairs on R2 and R1 since those seem to be the most used.

Unfortunately this is the part where people in the community seem to disagree most with each other. Some would like stairs and walls on the buttons (L1 + R1), since they are easier to click than triggers. Some want stairs and walls on the same side of the controller and the less used pieces to other side (like you). That is why the greatest thing you could do is actually give us an advanced mode, where we could map buttons ourselves. Preferably for both combat and building mode, just for building mode, or only "which buttons build what" in this particular scheme.

Finally, i know you guys at EPIC hope to have crouch in building mode, but honestly nobody is asking for it, because there is no situation where it would be used. When ever this comes up, the community is quite honestly unanimously asking "what are they thinking". So please don't waste buttons on that.

I am going to summon /u/halmattalib, /u/Alphaboner and /u/Gunner1297 to give feedback as they seem to be most passionate about this with me.

Thank you.

We hear you loud and clear. Let me see what we can do to make this great for as many people that we can.

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More Levels. More Loot. Still 950 V-Bucks. Battle Pass Season 3 available now in-game.
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Anyone else? Ps4 here

This is due to the land rush post-downtime... we'll have you in soon enough!