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Originally posted by LucyNya

First time contacting you was 5 days ago but still no response and no compensation for the lost V-bucks that you never delivered. It's easy to tell people to use a certain avenue to get in touch with you but it'd be nice if you actually respond in a timely manner as well...

Do you have a ticket ID# by chance?

Originally posted by XaeDeus

I have just sent my third ticket, hoping that this won't will not be ignored. Please at least respond so that I know you read the email.

Instead of opening multiple tickets please attempt to send me your Ticket ID# so we can escalate the original issue you've had. Once you've found it please send it to me so I can get someone to resolve this issue, thanks.

Originally posted by TelligentTwat

What if you sent in tickets from both console and website and have received nothing from both? No acknowledgement, no tickets, nada?

When you fill out a ticket with support at this link, you should receive a confirmation email with the ticket ID# at the bottom. Have you received an email like that? If not, then please open a new ticket at the link provided and check your spam folder.

Originally posted by svortevik

I already did submit a ticket. Still waiting for a reply from you guys. I also sendt a PM to one of the Epic guys here on reddit without any reply.

Me and my buddy had the exate same thing happen while we were loading in to work on my storm shield. Only difference is he got massiv compensation and I did not!

Please look into it. Xbox GT: Prophetse7en

Hey there, I'm sorry if you didn't receive a response from a PM you sent. We receive a lot of messages daily so if it got lost during that time I apologize. Do me a favor and leave your ticket ID# below so we can get this worked out.

Originally posted by zezerouth

I've sent multiple emails, not a single reply has been received. PSN is Zezerouth

Have you opened a support ticket here? Or just sent emails directly to support?

Once you have a ticket ID# which you should receive after filling out a ticket then please give it to me so I can escalate your issue. Thanks and we'll be sure to make this right.

Originally posted by MoriNoHogosha

Day FIVE! Still no mats. Please have this resolved. Much thanks!

Mori No Hogosha PC

Do you have a ticket ID #?

Nevermind, I just ran into an older message you sent with the ticket ID#. I'm escalating it now, sorry you've waited so long and we will be sure to make this right!

Originally posted by domhall6

All these new items are great and all. BUT, is there a time table for a real patch that addresses the numerous bugs that have been in game for quite some time now?

We had mentioned in a few posts prior to the holiday break that there were some issues we were aware of but that would be addressed once we returned from break. We'll be looking to tackle these annoying bugs as soon as possible now that we are back in the full swing of things.

Originally posted by RogueActual117

Ya i use astro A40s and i used to hear but now i dont hear footsteps of close players nor do i even hear them breaking or building within smg range.

There will be a fix improving footsteps this month. Just had to sit on it over holiday break because we haven't had a client update since 12/14/2017. That's why it took so long! We'll have a closer ear on things in the future.

Originally posted by RubyRobbins

I really don’t know why I’m doing this again, as I’m still waiting on you escalating my ticket from the reward chest compensation in November, and now this recent debacle but here goes, some ticket numbers:



There was no notification in-game for players who received compensation for that bug. So you may have received it and not even realized it. If you still think you didn't get it toss me the ticket ID # again for that specific issue unless that is one of the ones above.

Originally posted by ViewtifulAaron

Same with me, this subreddit even had a stickied post for a day or two with over a hundred comments with people requesting help.

Anyway, Viewtifulaaron on PS4 - ticket # 1551153

Yes, we've received many messages since this issue occurred and have been escalating as necessary. Remember though that we are just returning from holiday break so some people may not have been responded to yet. We'll make this right, thank you for your patience.

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Originally posted by svortevik

Sendt to tickets regarding this issue.



Please look into it and provide feedback.

Escalating these now, thanks!

Originally posted by sigmapirate

It's been 5 days since the first wave of compensation went out. I have sent in 2 tickets, messaged multiple EPIC employees and responded with my ticket number to u/MrPopoTFS here in the megathread. I still haven't heard anything back and am beyond frustrated with the slow response.

I started playing this game back in July when early access launched and am now PL69 and have spent a decent amount of money in the game. Losing my materials sucked but I was hopeful when they announced what we would be compensated. However, the lack of communication is really getting to me, and it seems like I am not the only one affected.

EPIC, please just let us know when to expect compensation. I waited through the holidays for everyone to be back in the office, and I understand if it may take a little longer to get everything sorted out, but some kind of timeline or just a response in general would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there, sorry to hear you've been waiting so long. You may have missed it but we had a thread explaining what happened as well as what is being compensated here. We did a second pass after the initial one, and it appears you may have slipped through the cracks.

If you still haven't received anything go ahead and toss me your ticket ID # one more time so I can get that escalated. That includes anyone else with an open ticket that was affected by the recent "lost items" bug that did not hear back or receive compensation.

Originally posted by Acid420

It's bad on all platforms and it's well known... just have to wait for a fix.

Late to the thread. We identified another rare bug with the sniper projectile's hit registration and are testing a fix which I hope to include in next week's update. Thanks for your patience!

Originally posted by Two_Legged_Pirate

Searched for "epic comment" thinking it would be some little hint of how this campfire works.

Nope, just the Dev enjoying Reddit like the rest of us!

See my actual hint here:

Originally posted by jayswolo

this may seem nitpicky but can posts stop being tagged with "Epic Comment" if you guys are just posting normal reddit comments.

Fair; although I did provide a tease of actual information about the Campfire before I made this comment. That one just got buried a bit. Sorry! :(

Originally posted by JustMightFloat

-Skip this part of you just want to see the rules- So my friends and I like to play squads with different objectives so that we keep things interesting. Usually there’s only three of us and a random who runs off and does his own thing which usually makes no sense to those of us who have the benefit of talking to each other. Eventually we made a game of following the random around and keeping him safe. We’ve adapted the rules since then.

Rules: 1. If you have a party of four, pick a president. The first person to die on your next run is the president next round. If you have a smaller party, either use the random person who joins you or set your game to no fill and run it as is. 2. The rest of you must protect the president at all costs. 3. The president must tour the island, going to the nearest named locations and give speeches. These speeches must consist of a minimum of three emotes/stickers or as long as the president wants. 4. The president shouldn’t communicate where he wants to go or what he wants to do, but ideally act randomly. He should also limit himself in terms of weapons and ammo, after all, he has his secret service to protect him. (maybe a pistol or smg with about a clip for protection. This is more of an optional rule for added challenge.)

Have fun, hit me up if you have any questions or want to suggest additions to the challenge.

The way me and my friends play the Mr. President challenge is as follows:

  • Pick one person from your party of 4 to be the President, (or a random)
  • If the President dies, you fail, and the match is over (restart). Your team wins only if get a Victory Royale with the president still alive.
  • The president can only Emote, Dance & Build (and dab on your enemies when you get kills)
  • The other 3 members of your party (Secret Service) can only use the revolver, regular pistol and Silenced pistol. Secret Service can only use meds/shields if the President is as healthy as possible. President get's priority on Meds.

Good Luck!

Originally posted by Lynch6089

Yeah I completely disagree with them selling that Glider. Now it's a thing everybody will/can have, not just the people from season 1 who hit lv25. It's not even that great of a skin but it would of been sort of cool to have something that in the future some players might not have. Now everyone can have it.

Including the Mako Glider in the daily items for today (Jan, 2) was a mistake on our part, we are removing it now. We plan to keep all items from Season 1 and 2 exclusive. As we work to expand in future seasons, rewards may include a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive items.

What do you think? Do you want the opportunity to purchase items from multiple seasons ago, or should season rewards be completely exclusive?

Originally posted by MrPuls

I would say I agree. Its highly unlikely they would group level rewards with the items from the seasonal shop. If not though, I'm gonna be incredibly upset as I spent all of the "ez" vbucks you earn just to make it look like I was there since the beginning.

Including the Mako Glider in the daily items for today (Jan, 2) was a mistake on our part, we are removing it now. We plan to keep all items from Season 1 and 2 exclusive. As we work to expand in future seasons, rewards may include a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive items.

What do you think? Do you want the opportunity to purchase items from multiple seasons ago, or should season rewards be completely exclusive?

Originally posted by Wellthenidk

But it'll help if you just sing along!


Originally posted by alfa_af

It clearly says "all nearby players".

Correct. This will heal players in your squad AND enemies. Be careful where you drop it!

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Originally posted by Sno_Jon

Let us do some emotes just to celebrate. It feels very frustrating getting frozen straight after a win.

Let us fire off some rockets into the sky.

You guys sell emotes, let us use them after a win please!

This is a really good suggestion. I'll be sure to relay this, I know I'd love this!

Who's bringing the marshmallows?

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