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Originally posted by mudcrabberoni

hey all,

Just downloaded fortnite on the xbox to see if it was fun before putting it on pc (my preferred platform ) i linked my xbox and epic games account. Now when i play on pc it says I cant. Apparently i have to make a whole new account... what kind of sane developer makes this a thing?

i dont care if my progress over i just like using the same epic games account ive used for years, what an absolute disgrace, if this cant be fixed the gaming industry truly going down the toilet as fortnite devs must be so scared of people carrying over their purchases to pc


tl;dr want to play on my pc game wont run pissed

Hey there mudcrabberoni,

I understand your frustration with this matter, but yes, in this instance a separate account will be required to play on PC. This is not done in fear of carrying over purchased goods but rather a requirement from other limiting factors.

You can read more about it at our Support Center, Here.

Originally posted by neoKushan

Just to check, I only started playing the game on December 25th and noticed that on Wednesday I joined a game with nothing in my inventory. I didn't even notice for about 15mins but all I was doing was harvesting resources anyway.

I quit the map and reloaded, all my stuff was back and I carried on as normal. I don't think I lost anything beyond what resources I was harvesting during that game.

I got the email saying about this issue and today I noticed that my storm shield inventory was full of stuff. I can't say for sure if this is correct or not as it was the first time I'd actually viewed it, but there were several stacks of 999 or 99 items, from wood to metal to bacon. I also had a bunch more VBucks (about 2000?) than I had before. I never purchased any.

Is this related to the above glitch? Or is it another bug? It sounds like I connected to the bad node, got flagged by the system as having been affected and was given the compensation but really, I don't think I actually lost anything and if I did, it was like 2 days worth of stuff.

As a brand new player, I'm really not sure what to expect. It sounds like I've struck it lucky and basically got like a months worth of stuff handed to me for free, which I'm not complaining about, but at the same time if I start using it and it gets taken away, I'll be pretty upset.

No plans to remove anything friend. Always ensure we do right by you folks!

Fortnite @fortnitegame
Missing Inventory Issue: What Happened and What’s Next -

A note detailing the past few days from our Creative Director, Darren.


  • We really messed up.
  • We lost some players inventory in a limited time window on Wednesday.
    • We are giving you a pile of items, vbucks and more if you were impacted by the world item loss.
    • We’re committed to also doing an additive restore of your lost items in the future. We don’t yet have an ETA on this, but we will make it happen.
  • We had some reports of people not getting their purchased Vbucks.
    • We granted you an equal or greater amount of V-Bucks if you never received them in your initial purchase.
  • It is our top priority to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

More Detail...

Well, we messed up in three dimensions...

The first one was a problem with our build deploy on 12/27 resulting in some of you being routed to a bad node during the 12-5 pm window. This created a situation where the game couldn't access your inventory, and it appeared like you didn't have all your cool things in your world inventories. (Which sadly, included your ability to access your building shapes) Then the game saved your new "lost state" over your old world item inventory, resulting in inventory loss.

Since it was limited to those people who touched the bad node, we couldn't simply rollback the entire game because it would disrupt millions of players and their progress.

What that means is that certain people lost a lot of world items (not schematics and currencies though) and all around are missing a bunch of crafting items and weapons. We're sorry, like, really sorry. This is one of the worst things a collection game can do to a player.

Second, we found that Storm Shield storage was also affected for a few players. We are working into a solution for this issue now and will update everyone later.

Third, we came across is a select group who purchased V-Bucks but never actually received them. Also super irritating when you want to buy something and the system appears to take your money and you didn't get your stuff! We compensated players with an equal or greater amount of v-bucks on the morning of December 29.

So.. we've had an eventful few days! Right now, the team is figuring out a better way to address individual accounts for the future. We are also putting our heads together to ensure we don’t run into any other faulty nodes during deployment. Making sure this does not happen again is our top priority.
Let’s talk about how we are going to make this right.
The initial first pass solution, without a full inventory restoration just isn’t going to cut it. Since we don’t know how long it may take to restore the whole inventory, we’re granting a much bigger amount into your storage, based (roughly) on time played. We respect your time, effort and dedication to Fortnite and will be running the granting script overnight. This should complete sometime tomorrow morning (12/30 ET). Thank you for being vocal about this on our social channels! We can't get your time back, but we will always do right by you.
We are really sorry this happened to you during the holiday season, when all you want to do is sit down and play games. It is our absolute top priority to ensure that this does not happen again and we promise to always make it right to the players if we make a mistake.
If you have any further issues please reach out to our Player Support reps on our website. Thank you for sticking with us!

Darren Sugg  
Creative Director

TL;DRWe really messed up. We lost some players inventory in a limited time window on Wednesday.We are giving you a pile of items, vbucks and more ...
I'm glad to see that your building functionality has been fixed and that you received the first part of your compensation for the inventory issue. As...
Originally posted by Mzzz21

okay, so this is my rant. i'm fairly new to the game but i'm guessing these guys were newer to the game. for the past two days i've been playing low level missions in plank and stonewood and i've literally dropped about 20+ weapons for lower levelled players and we got along in the game. today i go to do a quest and these 2 players join and one messages me asking for a weapon and when i told him i'm sorry that i don't have the mats to craft him a weapon he starts destroying the base for the atlases. they then both carry on trying to trap me to fail the mission, luckily i didn't fail the mission. i don't mind doing a mission solo but trolling me because i didn't give you a weapon is just so childish. i hope this doesn't become a common thing in fortnite.

First of all, welcome to Fortnite! :) Also, nice shooting, with the team on your back you managed to succeed.

As stated by another player, we do take this sort of behavior very seriously. While we do what we can to catch them, post like this and reports sent to our support team are a huge help. Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention and help make the game the best it can be.

Originally posted by [deleted]


We absolutely want you to be satisfied and we'll keep working on this to make sure that happens. While a first round of compensation has gone out, we did not communicate about it well. We'll keep you updated as we continue to make progress and get this right.

Originally posted by Wildlust

Net loss here of 300 obsidian, 400 shadowshard, 600 malachite, 100 powercells, 100 brightcore, 100 sunbeam, and almost 3000 nuts and bolts, if memory serves and everyone's getting the same thing. My only gain is the extra metal, wood, and stone really but that's just like 4 farm runs. I don't even use ammo as ninja and those vBucks are going to forever sit until the next super people which could be next month for all we know. I also haven't even received the compensation yet. I feel more disrespected than disappointed. It's a little discouraging to think future disasters could be handled similarly. I can still play the game just fine, I'm not angry, but now I'm here thinking what was the point of all that time opening presents (or doing stormchests), deconstructing weapons, storing the mats... sigh

I'm so sorry this happened to you. We're going to keep working to get this right.

Originally posted by Alphatek666

Damn thats tough.

I was about to purchase the PvE content however I think I'll hold off until I know the game is properly stable.

We'd love to have you whenever you're ready to join us. Including some point next year when it's totally free.

Originally posted by N4ml3ss


If you've been signed into the client, please sign out and back in. This should allow you to receive the first part of your compensation, 2000 Vbucks. We are currently discussing further action to better compensate affected players.

To stay up-to-date on the issue, please visit our other thread here.

If you still do not receive the compensation, please send in a support ticket here.

Originally posted by GruffBarbarian

I've gotten my Storm Shield storage wiped and haven't gotten anything yet. ;-;

We're continuing to look into any additional losses you may have and making sure we get this right with proper compensation.

Originally posted by lonefighterftw

Wow! Thats what they gave you as compensation? Id be pissed as phuck

We're not done making this right. We didn't communicate about this well when this first wave of compensation went out. I'm really sorry to anyone this happened to. You are all amazing and so dedicated and we know the amount of time and effort that goes into acquiring the things you lost. We'll keep at this until we've done right by everyone affected.

Originally posted by adarkwizard

Has anyone heard from epic customer support? I put in a ticket 2 days ago I've been stuck in the tutorial because I can't build or anything

If you have already tried a full restart of the client, please shoot me a pm with your ticket #!

Originally posted by sigmapirate

LOL was this not something you considered earlier? Of course there's people affected who lost more than one stack of obsidian even I lost more than that as a player in mid-Canny

Finding a workable solution may take some time. Thats why we wanted to get something out there to those that were affected as soon as we could while we investigate further.

Originally posted by enel

You wouldn't rollback everyone or every piece of user state and certainly wouldnt be touching prod. You launch non-prod instances with the rollback data, filter for affected players, diff inventories to prod and more or less apply the diff as compensation.

This should be possible with basically any kind of rollback data even if its implementation is not great. Of course, if you are independently snapshotting user state on a daily basis with a 7+ day retention policy it is much easier than if it is coupled with everything else. It is also not expensive and decent practice. Infinite retention policy if you want a dope analytics pipeline. ROI? Depends.

The vBuck issue is different but I imagine easier as there are logs from both, the platforms fulfilling the purchases as well as your own pipeline (because what game isn't logging their monetization pipeline right?). The 2k compensation I'm sure was great for anyone affected here.

All in all I think the new players came out ahead and the people holding the community together will be the most affected with their losses. These are the people that are doing all the onboarding for Epic via reddit or the discord because the game is missing that piece. There are various levels of complexity as you progress through the game with basically 0 guidance. It would be sad to see any of these people go.

Anyway, best of luck, thanks for working on it, and lmk if I can help.

Source: I have done this before in gaming and elsewhere.

We very much appreciate your insight on this and we definitely agree that the players most impacted are our most dedicated. That is why we are making it a top priority to investigate additional compensation.

Fortnite Compensation
Originally posted by ResponsibleFew

What compensations is everyone getting for recent events is it just people who lost things if so what are being compensated and is it all out compensated for everyone

To help stay-in-the-loop with the current situation, you can use our other thread here. We will continue to update the post as we have more information to share. Only players affected by the issue will be compensated.

Yup, the link above is our main thread for this issue and we will be updating it as we have new information to share. We are working to get this issue...
We are aware of the inventory issue and are working to get it resolved. We realize that our first round of compensations was not a proper solution and...
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Compensation for the initial building/missing inventory issue should now be complete. We are aware of missing items…
Originally posted by bebet0z

i thought it was an overreaction but when i read people who lost backpack, storage and even base i understand the anger and completely agree with you. 2K is literally nothing in these conditions.

We are currently discussing what additional action we can take for those that lost large amounts of materials/items etc.

Originally posted by PeetSquared41

I've been posting the same notion all morning. Epic could make it clear, of course, with a simple post.

We are currently discussing it now!

Originally posted by Fallen----0ne-

I had over 600 shadow shards, 400 malachita ore, 700 charcoal mineral powder, all my good weapons I can't make now cause all of this is gone. No amount of llamas can fix this cause you don't get crafting materials in llamas

We hear you. While initial compensation has completed we are currently discussing the overall impact on higher level players like yourself. Hang in there, we are going to try and find a way to make this right.