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Here you go :)

You guys are the best!!!

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Is the PvE gonna be free too??! For real? Where can I read about that

Yes, Save the World will go free in 2018. At some point in 2018 we will announce a date!

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We kicked off Survive the Holidays last week with the v.1.11 patch, what's your favorite feature in the update? Rev…
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Same here, squad almost always lands at one of the farms. Add Quarry, Forest, Cave, Big red, Small white, Remote Farms, Tractor, Windmill, Silos, Long Barn, House and Christmas Tree to your lingo ;)

These are perfect. Thanks!

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Yeah I agree, just some considerable changes to this map. The city update looks like it requires actual changes to island geometry and not just plopping assets on top.

You folks are correct. Map 2.0 that the developers talked about during the livestream is referencing all of our upcoming updates to the current map. I agree that a snowy skin for the current map would have been fantastic, but we want to make sure the core map itself gets improved first!

More information here on our upcoming map changes in our state of development blog here:

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We call container park: Cargo Largo. I love it

Stealing this.

My squad likes to land at Fatal Fields. We actually use the same call outs as you and your friends, except we call the giant red barn the "Big Boi"



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Tagging a dev because this comes up alot, but doesn't get any traction. /u/epicericsw

BTW if you have the pve mode you can change the key there.

Interesting, thanks for the heads up.

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/u/epicericsw look a very good proof right here; sorry for bothering you, just want to help!

Thanks for the heads up. Definitely doesn't look right to me. We'll look at it some more ASAP.

Battle Royale Electro Shuffle music
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Maybe /u/sweedinmusic can help you out.

Yo! All the emote music tracks are custom made. :) I did Electro Shuffle, Floss, Fresh and Worm.

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It only shows your personal xp boost, not the friend xp boost. So it says 60% but you’ll get 105%.

The in-lobby presentation only shows your personal boost right now (we'll improve it in a future build to show active friend boosts that apply to you as well), but the end-of-match presentation should show all of the boosts that applied, so you'll see one line for your own boost and another for the combined friend boosts from other friends in your squad.

Cheers, Michael Noland

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Thanks for that.

I think this should be fixed now, let us know if it's still missing for you.

Cheers, Michael Noland

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Thanks, Michael. I appreciate it.

I think this should be fixed now, let us know if it's still missing for you.

Cheers, Michael Noland

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"Never too loud"

"adjust volume in mid January"

AC/DC volume increase confirmed. Thanks Epic.

Omfg this made me laugh out loud!

There once was a man named Plus.

He wanted to become a knight but the kingdom didn't need anymore knights. They didn't want Sir Plus.

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So if I buy the pack will I get the founders item in the br? Or should I wait?

You currently won’t - there are some bugs in implementation and we need to figure out what intent is.

We have pretty good automated / analytics detection for teaming in solo - let me make sure our detection caught those guys.

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ok =)

It looks like we have some issues / unintended behavior there.

AC/DC is never too loud!

Having said that - we are planning to adjust volume in mid January.

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Not the XP boosts obviously right? Just the items that wind up in the locker and vbucks.


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Very annoying, can we expect a fix soon?

Hmmm, that shouldn’t happen - let me check.

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So far I’ve spent about $33 total on this game and it’s honestly been my best entertainment value of 2017. I’m 40, teaming up with 12-16 yr olds and having a blast. Thanks Dan!

I’m 42... no wait. I’m 40, too :-P