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Very cool. Please keep us up to date on your progress!
Easily one of my favorite things to do in Fortnite.
Nut 'n' Bolts all over the place. I wouldn't advise smashing all of those though.
Nope! The player will have to own the schematic if they want to craft that item.
I laughed. This was solid placement.
Have you tried shutting down the application completely? If that doesn't resolve the issue please contact our [support]( team.
This patch does not fix the issues roughly 300 players are having logging into Fortnite on Xbox One. We are working diligently with Microsoft to resolve...
Yep, I worked on Gears 3 and Judgment.
Fortnite Just got real!
This person senses the Husks are coming.
They're stocking up on those Nuts 'n' Bolts!
Hope you won a few of those games!
Awesome stadium idea!
Oh baby. That's pretty.
Yup! This is something we're looking into. Also, +1: > Go into your storm shield, then drop and pick them back up. They'll all stack together.
One AFK offense should not permanently ban someone's account. However, just like any frowned upon behavior, multiple offenses will have consequences. We're still working to improve the system(s), but any behavior of the sort should be reported via the tool.
Castle Rock is amazing! Great work. Thanks for posting this!
I love it. The question is, will it float? :) Awesome job. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Feel free to message me here on Reddit.
But... where was he going? I NEED TO KNOW.
If there's more work to be done, please share the final product too! Already looks awesome.
Our Executive Producer posted a thread on our forums regarding progression! Highly suggest reading it. :)
Oh! In Canny, which makes it even more awesome! Nice build.
If you encounter people going AFK in your games, please report them via the feedback tool in-game through the main menu (there's a section for "Report player"). We're working on improving and implementing more tools to combat toxicity in our game.
If it's possible to get a screenshot of that happening, please do so and let us know!
Nice work! Very clean looking.