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I just wanted to know is there cross play between pc and PS4 like with paragon if so can I (PS4) squad up with friends on pc?

There is only cross-progression, no cross-play.

Hey Folks, We’re working on getting refunds processed for those of you that requested it. Unfortunately it’s taking a little longer than...

Hey Folks,

We’re working on getting refunds processed for those of you that requested it. Unfortunately it’s taking a little longer than we’d like, but rest assured you’re going to get a refund.

If you purchased Fortnite between 9/12 - 9/20 and haven’t contacted Epic Games Player Support, please do so here.

If you’ve already contacted Epic Games Player Support and are awaiting refund updates, we’ll have one for you shortly.

Thanks for your patience! We’re working to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible for those affected.

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Supply Drops are trickling in. Keep an eye on the skies!
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Solo queue only.... really? What’s wrong with solos + squads?

We are enabling Squads in OCE region. Should be within the hour.

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You get a Supply Drop! And you get a Supply drop! We've turned them off until we can fix the issue.
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The servers are back up! Squad up now for free in Battle Royale on PC/PS4. The free version will be available on Xbox One in a few hours.
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gotcha, no wonder it was laggy.

OCE servers for BR will be online once we bring servers up again in a few.

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We're updating Fortnite and servers are currently down. 🛠️ We'll update here as soon as we're live again!
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RT @SwedeBallerina: Meet Fortnite assassin Sarah! She's powerful & spunky ready to save the world! This was such a fun one to make!…
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RT @SwedeBallerina: Meet Fortnite assassin Sarah! She's powerful & spunky ready to save the world! This was such a fun one to make!…
Battle Royale Aim Down Sensitivity?
Originally posted by Anciom

Currently, it seems like there is only one type of sensitivity you can adjust: the camera speed. Epic, please add a separate sens for aiming down.

We're planning to add a separate sensitivity setting while targeting in an upcoming patch. Thanks for the feedback!

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Battle Royale servers and services have returned to a healthy state and it's time to get back in the Arena! Thank y…
Battle Royale I believe i got banned
Originally posted by boatank

First of all, no need to rip me apart here. Its deserved.

My buddy and i got sick of seeing teams of 3 and even 4 people nearly every Game so we decided to team up for a couple of Games.

Now i wanted to hop in the Game but the play button is greyed out and says " not available at the moment" or something like this.

Tried re-installing the Game and cannot even Download it.

I havent gotten any Email or notification if im banned or not, i just cannot click the play/download button.

If i got banned its totally deserved but i wonder, how long is the ban?

Pretty weird to not notify players in such a case if they are really banned or not and how long the ban is gonna be.

Anyone knows how they handle it?

None the less, cudos to the devs for reacting fast! We started our first teaming Game yesterday or so and if its really a ban, man they were quick!

Its a great Game and easily the most fun i had in a BR Game since a long time, secretly crossing fingers for it not beeing a perma ban.

EDIT 1: I just got an respond from the fortnite support team. Im banned for 3 Days.

Screenshot proof:

I think 3 days is okay for the first time. I guess future bad behaviours would push the lenght up.

1.6.3 improves client side notification for BR matchmaking bans.

That was majestic building and then the end…so funny. 😭

Originally posted by konidias

Absolutely nothing about what they are doing with cheaters and teamers in solo games…

Game is screwed to be honest.

They are operating in a bubble… Focused on all the things that only matter if there aren’t cheaters and abusers. These notes sound GREAT if that weren’t the case.

But yeah, have fun playing tomorrow when the game goes free for everyone and there’s at least 3 cheaters in every match. The only people who are going to win matches will be cheaters. I’m calling it now.

Also no, adding squads doesn’t magically remove teamers from solo matches… plus being in a squad with randoms vs being in a squad with people on 3rd party voice chat is hardly a fair fight. Can we even type to our team yet?

We’ve banned a few thousand cheaters already. We don’t make it a public spectacle.

At the top of the sub, the moderators were kind enough to sticky our state of Development thread, which provided some information on those two specific items.

>We hope the introduction of Squads will reduce the desire for teaming in solo play. That being said, we stood up a system that will automatically and swiftly ban teamers. We’ve been manually running the detection tool to verify results and Player Support has been using the results to ban teamers for almost a week. The full automation will go live with the 9/26 update.

>Cheating (aimbots, overlays, and such) is something we take seriously on both the legal and development front. Going free increases the challenge and is lighting a fire under our efforts. It is hard to talk about what we’re doing here without making it easier for cheat creators… so we won’t :-) Cheaters are banned!

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Really exciting stuff, I wasn’t expecting such a huge amount of changes/fixes and improvements. It’s been, what, 2 weeks as of tomorrow since BR was released? Let’s hope development continues at this pace. This has already replaced PUBG as my go-to BR game and I can’t wait to see what they do with it moving forward.

That said, I’ve been having a ton of fun with the PvE as well, which is something I didn’t expect.

Overall really happy with the game. Keep up the great work Epic!

Thanks, we’ll do our best to continue blazing through! Lots to work on and improve, but the team is really excited.
Let us know what you think we can improve in the weeks/months ahead.

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No they said before the 19th

It was the 20th.

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Okay maybe I am a total idiot and just not understanding, but why would they delay duo queue to see if there’s enough people for it? Surely if there’s enough for 4 man random queues there’s enough for 2 man random queues? Or is it an issue of not wanting to split the playerbase between two different queues? (I think I just answered my own question didn’t I)

We have concerns about splitting the player population between too many playlists without being certain it can sustain itself.

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Impressive updates wow! Now a leaderboard/rank system up next and you’ll get me hooked in your game for a looong time

Leaderboards are certainly something we care about. We talk about them in the State of Development post.

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This is amazing

Glad to hear you think so.

Originally posted by CrimsonEngage

Ahh, damn. Need a way to swap shoulders. Very important a TPS game.

We’re discussing quite a bit when it comes to camera options. Camera swapping is definitely in those discussions.

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Fortnite Battle Royale game servers are currently down and we have rallied the repair team. 🛠️ Updates here:
Fortnite community, Battle Royale matchmaking servers have gone down and we are beginning investigation immediately. Any and all updates...