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They are fixing this now, and we still waiting since 5.0 for the damn build bug.

There is a big different between a hotfix to disable cloth physics vs. an entire coding bug that is causing the building issue.

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I can confirm that this bug is still happening for me (you posted this at ~5:00 PM MST, which is the 'new day' time for Fortnite), even after a restart.

Awesome, thank you for the follow up. I'll have someone take a look at why this is still happening.

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I cannot think of a single videogame developer, ESPECIALLY triple-A ones that wouldn't have made a statement upon the situations (ALL OF THEM, not just the crashes) and give us proper plans we can rely on instead of "we're working on it".

They'd just fix their game. Games (AAA or indie)i'm looking at that I've communicated via reddit that i'm looking at are the following: Destiny, Rainbow 6, Dauntless, Destiny 2, Path of Exile. These are the only game's I have ever felt the need to check up on their reddit page, to see upcoming updates and bugfixes, and even that is pushing what i'm prepared to usually do.

All of these games feature a necessary amount of hotfixes to fix the bugs their systems encounter. They apologize and let us know the second they do.

They don't sit browsing reddit for a few days before they decide that the half of the players that can't actually get online, maybe, possibly SHOULD BE ALLOWED ONLINE.

It isn't difficult and I aren't asking much, a working game with working systems in place to avoid what's happening right now.

I'll just leave these here:

Deliver the Bomb / Fight the Storm Missions

STW Performance

Also, regarding the "We're working on a response". This is, often times, the best information we have, at the current time, while the team digs into the code, time spent reproducing the issue, and implementing fixes. Some bugs take longer to fix than others based on the complexity of the issue. "We're working on it" is not a response to satisfy the community. It's a response to acknowledge the issue because we have several teams working on getting the issue taken care of.

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Some missions cant be played. Others dont give rewards.

It's the first time the game is really UNPLAYABLE and no one gives a fk about it.

Something like this should be fixed ASAP, not with the next update. Epic is such a huge company dont tell me they cant fix / reverse anything quickly.

So there are a couple of things in motion right now. We implemented new servers to address the crashing that players were encountering. Next, we are working to resolve the failure to activate deliver the bomb missions, and then we're setting out sights on overall performance for Save the World. Unfortunately, all of these issue mentioned don't have an easy fix or turn around. I can assure you that we have people working as hard as they can to get these issues resolved.

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I mean, he's trying his best to get this fixed with the other Epic Workers in the STW team. Give him a break, fixing a game takes time, remember the dragon weapons? Everyone hated them on that day. That's proof you can't rush anything and that you need to take time to test if it works or not, that's what their doing right now unlike that time. I will probably get downvoted because Reddit hates the truth

Hey everyone! I appreciate the kind words. I definitely try to interact with as many of you as I can on a daily basis... whether it be a bug, awesome art piece, or game play oriented things. I take pride when I can help someone or brighten someone's day by interacting with them in game or on social channels. I really enjoy what I do I love working with everyone from this awesome community (both positive and negative).

I wouldn't call my job "easy" but more of a ever changing challenge. There are always bugs and things that are unexpectedly introduced to the game. I want everyone to understand that we don't ignore these issues.. and unfortunately the major issues players are experiencing right now aren't easy fixes and turn arounds. I can assure you that we have people day in and out (including weekends) to work these issues out. I'm working with all of you in escalating these bugs and feedback to the necessary teams.

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There was a fix deployed to fix the cloth issue. It should also now be corrected in STW.

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Anyone caught duping can no longer dupe. Duping has been fixed in the latest server release along with 2 major crashes.

Edit: ie, banned.

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Hey folks,


We’ve got more roadmap to share! Since our last update we released the first part of the Canny Valley campaign, began adding new ways to play Horde, celebrated Fortnite’s first birthday, and smashed a bunch of llamas together.


We want you to know that we’re aware of general performance problems. We fixed a number of server crashes earlier today (8/10), but that doesn’t solve all of the issues some of you are seeing. We have devs looking into these problems. We’ll keep you updated as we make progress getting these issues fixed.


Here’s a peek at what’s coming up:

  • 5.2 Content Update (Week of 8/13)
    • New Machinist Constructor in the Event Store.
    • Week 2 of the Weekly Horde Challenges.
  • Patch 5.3 (Week of 8/20)
    • New Blunderbuss Flintlock Assault Rifle.
    • Week 3 of the Weekly Horde Challenges.
  • 5.3 Content Update (Week of 8/27)
    • New Mythic Ninja with new ability in the Event Store!
    • Week 4 of the Weekly Horde Challenges.
      • New Raider Soldier Hero as a reward.

  -Fortnite Team

Hey everyone, we are breaking down the aspects of this video to pinpoint what is happening. One of the best things you guys can do to help solve issues like these is to send us your client logs when the issue occurs. This gives us a printout of everything happening with the client at the time of the report.

This can be done by:

  • Hitting the 3 layer settings option in the top right
  • Select Feedback
  • Select Bug
  • Add any and all relevant information in the requested fields.
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