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Originally posted by 0x7375

Hey everyone!

I hated seeing these types of posts, and was afraid of being in it. Alas, 4.4 update has forced me to make one.

There are over 40+ people who cannot play the game due to Infinite loading bug. We literally cannot play any missions at all. Some players have been facing this issue since patch 3.6.

This issue has affected PC, Mac, PS4, and XBOX. Steps I have tried to solve it: 1 - Reinstall Fortnite (Windows) 2 - Reinstall Windows then Install Fortnite 3 - Install fortnite on Mac 4 - Change DNS settings - Google, Cloudflare

Some of us get "Failed to lock profile" after long loading. Some on the other hand get stuck on loading. When I try on Mac, I waited 60 minutes to load before giving up, whereas on Windows, a private pl3 atlas mission loaded after 35minutes.

Using a different ISP leads to loading time of <1minute. We all have have logs, ready for Epic to see, but unfortunately, Epic hasnt responded since 39 days, not even asking for logs or if they are working on it.

Mailing support leads to this email after a month:

Hello XX,

Thanks for contacting Epic Games Player Support. We currently are not aware of any issues that would result in what you have described. To best track this issue, we recommend submitting a bug report from the in-game menu.

To do so, use the following steps. xxx

Edit: 50 known cases - Here is the growing list of people affected. If you are affected too, leave a message below to get added:

DaRealBigTasty, Decoyofham, TinyHodor, tseko50, MrTvkl, Mrwhiteq7, yFuzionBR, IxP9, ChEeToMuNcHeR, The RKane One, BrainThings, MAugustoRZ, Pr0oN0oX, Oren_am, Killerillo, MaDk96, Liorenze, heyyitsleonie, Mikiish77, Talaria101, R\xc3\xaa\xc3\xaac\xc3\xaay, pillepallemachen, FunTox, Daniel Queruba, BABYPUNCHER1g, ItsFrostbyte, yang_s_d, Tech 49, mmgunners10, NanoBlocks, BombTaco, ItsXReloadz, Rappelsau, Meta-GoD, FleaScope, Azragarn, Grimshaw, TAUANA__TS, SineC2000, vlegendNapie, Xaobo, /u/jazwec , /u/CMDR_DrDeath, /u/Youngnathan2011, /u/cautiouslyautistic, /u/samsng2, Egg Master (P0 ), Spoiled_Rotten98, @KdizzleGaming1, @shod_medeiros, @08SiKaa, @thelamernoire78

Hey everyone, we're currently investigating this issue. I don't have any additional information to share at this current moment.

Please don't ever feel like you can't make a post regarding gameplay or progression blocking issues like this! Also, I'm always open to private messages and I encourage you guys to send things like this directly to me.

Originally posted by CaptainRonSwanson

Make the buses head towards each other and then crash into a fiery explosion over the dotted line, raining down loot and mats for the brave.

Yeah we thought about that, but thought that maybe doing blue school-ish buses crashing in a game lots of kids play might not be wise.

I like the idea of something valuable being in the middle though, that’s why we have the supply drops only falling in the circle. Maybe a duo mode with 12 teams where everyone starts in a ring on the ground with a big treasure trove in the center? 😉

Originally posted by DasBrandon

I hope the servers can handle everyone dropping early on both sides. Mid to late game 50v50 is still extremely rough on Xbox.

It should be ok. The performance challenge comes when lots of players are all in the same area (within fighting range). That’s why early days of tilted were so rough, when 40 people would drop there or whatever. That’s also why we had to change the 50s circles back to v2 for now... more people were surviving to late game on average.

Originally posted by Sbrodino

LTM team, nice! It must be pretty challenging to come up with original ideas that actually work in game (unlike most ideas on this subreddit).

Actually, as is usually the case with games, it’s not the ideas that are the problem, it’s the timing and execution that is the difficult part. We have dozens of LTMs paper designed, getting them built is the hard part :)

Originally posted by BelligerentBacteria

Can you make an LTM where Kawhi and LeBron dont go to the lakers this summer

I grew up in LA as a Lakers fan, so I’d have to ship that.

Originally posted by aslightlyusedtissue

oh okay so where the heck is playground my guy

Playground hasn’t released yet because we had to do some additional backend server code work in order to support a ton of 4 player games spinning up at once. I don’t have a date yet but I’m hoping it’ll be... well, you know.

Originally posted by nsuserdefaults

Here's a screenshot I saved (from May), I might have a video I'll have to go through a few of them.

EDIT: After playing a couple games, I can't make the text red under any circumstance anymore. If it wasn't for that screenshot I'd think I was crazy. Only the icon/glyph turns red when out of materials. Hmm.

EDIT2: Here's a video from today. Before this I did not open building mode yet this game. Maybe it's something happened on the spawn island? Didn't open materials or farm on spawn island, only used emotes. Genuinely not sure anymore what could be the cause. It's so minor lol. I can send you the full match video somewhere privately if needed, but I'm on PS4 so I'm not sure I can get the replay file.

Ok thanks will pass it on.

Originally posted by TheTurtleVirus

That seems like it would make the game a lot less one-sided when the circle is on the edge of the map.

The reason is we wanted to give players who want avoid early game contact a chance to quickly jump and know that there won’t be any enemies headed their way any time soon. We’re very open to experimenting with different bus patterns though. We will probably try two buses per team with parallel tracks and see how it plays.

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For when that play doesn't quite work out. The new Waterworks Emote is available now!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This was unintended and will be addressed ASAP by adjusting the metal piece art!

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RT @BlondynkiGraja: Raptor skin drawing from @FortniteGame finished <3 What do You think ? #fortnite #game #art #drawing
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RT @gyal73: Better pic of the Bunny Brawler that i made yesterday! @FortniteGame #fortnite #fanart #polymerclay

Cosplaying is about creativity and fun, not how much money you spend.

You did a fantastic job!

Hey Folks, Due to a bug with the Shopping Cart, we’re temporarily disabling it until we have a fix. We’ll update you once the issue...

Hey Folks,


Due to a bug with the Shopping Cart, we’re temporarily disabling it until we have a fix. We’ll update you once the issue is resolved.



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Due to a bug with the Shopping Cart, we’re temporarily disabling it until we have a fix. We’ll update you once the issue is resolved. 🛠️
Originally posted by Dallaswh

To be fair, it’s a Saturday and he’s probably just spending his day off browsing reddit like the rest of us.

Nailed it, just morning coffee & Reddit 👍

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Originally posted by Sbrodino

What does “design” mean if I may ask? Map design? Game mechanics?

I’ve done all those things and others over the years, but these days I head up the (braces self for avalanche of love letters) LTM team.

Originally posted by nsuserdefaults

When placing a structure there is a little '10' over the material type that is either white if you have enough materials, or red if you don't. For the past few patches, the text is almost always red (even when you have enough materials). I've been trying with no success to reproduce it, but it's almost every game. I think it's when you try to build with no materials and auto-switch materials turned on (this sets all 3 materials text to red) and it never gets reset when you pickup more materials. I hope this is a design team thing and you see this :). It might even be justmooney1's fault too I guess? /u/EpicDustyDevo /u/epicericsw

Haven’t noticed that problem myself, but if you figure out a solid repro let me know.

Ok, so here’s what happened.

I saw that original post way back when, and literally that same day I was in a play test and drank a chug and a unique anim played. It was rough but it was working, so I was psyched and replied to the post that it was coming “before long”. This is probably why Mooney tells us not to post stuff having to do with timing in other departments (I’m in design, not animation), but to be fair that post was before I went through his community training, so I guess it’s his fault right?

Good news: Scientists say that the sun has burned approximately half of its hydrogen fuel, such that in 4.5 billion years, it will run out and our solar system will have BIG problems. Thankfully, 4 billion years is a “long” time and given that the chug anim should come out “before long” I think there’s a good shot of us getting it in the game before the sun is gone. So at least we have that going for us!

TL;DR blame u/justmooney1

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