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If you want to use an axe with him go ahead, yeah.. he doesn't have perks when using that weapon, but he doesn't have perks with any weapons.. so have at it

Chance at double loot while.. Pillaging. :D

Wow, this is amazing. I'll share this with the team!

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I'm PL 106, I only do Pl 94 and above missions. The only useless hero I've found for public missions is farming outlanders, namely Pathfinder and Striker to some extent.

You just need high tech and high hero level for abiltiy based heroes, and you need good, levelled weapons with the right perks for weapons.

Last November the "meta" was 2xSF 2xUAH, Twine was full of that. Today, it's unnecessary to go on looking for high DPS and such. 2018 updates have changed everything. Weapons have gotten stronger, enemies haven't gotten stronger = missions have gotten easier.

Just play the hero you enjoy.

100% Agree. I've always encouraged players to play what they enjoy.. not what someone tells them is top tier / meta. There are definitely some fun builds out that would never classify as "OMG TOP DPZ". But they are the most fun I've had. Experiment and play what is fun. This is the main reason I quit playing UAH :)

The teddy behind the counter looks worried..

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one word, lag. The lag on STW is worse than me running PUBG on a Calculator

Server hitches.


and BR has the same problems too, except lag is not as bad as STW

Hey there! We've released a server that prevents the crashing players were running into. Now we're focusing our sights on overall performance for STW to see where improvements can be made.

Would you like to come and play!? We'll hop, hop, hop, hop, What do ya sayy? (Please tell me someone gets this reference)

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For the third mission in a row, I have loaded out of a mission to have no rewards or quest progress, and it can't wait until 5.3 , since 5.2 I have been lost easily 20 missions worth of rewards and its unacceptable that a fix wasnt rolled out next day.

Hey there, please check the update that I made in: THIS THREAD. There are still some lingering servers (that may cause crashing) and we are ramping those down.

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It’s absolutely appalling how much more they prioritise battle Royale. It should be the same priority for both game modes, or if anything a higher priority to the game mode people pay for (stw)

I updated both STW and BR threads.

Take a look a the update I added to THIS POST. We've addressed the major crashing that players were experiencing (there still may be a few players on old servers that are spinning down). We're now setting out sights on over all performance issues with STW. The next fix will resolve the mission activation bugs with Deliver the Bomb.

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And also, opening the emotes comm in game take some time to load in before the picture appears.

I'll report that as well! If anyone else has this problem let us know below in the comments as well as your platform. Thanks!

Check your DM's please!

Loving the Flash Eagle Eye (Outlander Main). I don't see her used very often :)

Also, that face is priceless! Thank you for sharing.

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It also happens on Nintendo Switch! ;) keep up the great work!

Thanks for the extra info! :D

Thanks for the report! I'm getting this sent over to our QA team for investigation.

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Shake husks to their core with the new Ragnarok Mythic Outlander in Save the World. Available in the Event Store n…

Absolutely love seeing the community help teach each other and come up with new strategies. Great shot and congrats on the Victory Royale!

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any chance we'll hear an official word why the "Rock Out" emote hasn't come back to the store?

The ways of those who run the store are dark & mysterious, do not attempt to decipher their black magic...

I log in at 8 like everyone else :)

Fortnite @fortnitegame
We’ve just released a hotfix to temporarily remove physics from cloth Back Blings. This will prevent players from c…
Fortnite @fortnitegame
We’ve just release a hotfix to temporarily remove physics from cloth Back Blings. This will prevent players from cr…
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The beef is too powerful.

Beef Boss doesn't like sharing Back Bling.

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So tonight I bought beef boss and a few games in I blue screen. Try logging back into battle royal and everytime it keeps blue screening. I seen on the forums a few people posted about this. Anybody here having this problem? Any feedback would be nice.

Hey there! We're looking into this one. I made a post regarding the issue: HERE

Hey everyone


We’re investigating an issue where players may crash while using a cloth Back Bling with the Burger Boss skin. Please avoid equipping any Back Bling with a cape appearance until we have a fix in place.


Update: 2:20AM Players can log into the mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale and adjust their loadout without crashing. This is a temporary work around to remove cloth Back Bling or change Skins.

Update: 3:00AM We’ve just released a hotfix to temporarily remove physics from cloth Back Blings. This will prevent players from crashing when using these Back Blings with the Beef Boss skin until we have a proper fix in place.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
We’re investigating an issue where players may crash while using a cloth Back Bling with the Burger Boss skin. Plea…