Storm Shield One DB

Cosmetics: Backpack

A trusty shield.
A royal shield.
The Red Knight's legendary shield.
The Black Knight's legendary shield.
Royale Air Force standard issue.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Ski combat readiness backpack.
Spread the love.
Backpack is nominal.
Tactical and Practical.
Don't forget to pack a smile!
Got a screw loose? It's probably in here.
Theoretical fashion.
Leave a wake of destruction.
Rugged and ready.
Rough around the edges.
On the trail.
Stay in the fight!
Tuned for mayhem.
A battle-tested shield.
There is no escape.
Dipped & dyed.
Well hidden.
Let your royale flag fly.
Clever bag.
Do not tap on the glass!
Keep the change.
Precision welded.
Prepared for anything.
Paint the town red... and white... and purple...
Find your way.
Pleasantly pathological.
Breathe easy.
Infectiously stylish.
Get crackin'.
Tools of the trade.
Brilliantly Blue.
You've got a bogey on your six.
Intergalactic original.
Shrouded in mystery.
Pressurised for high altitude.
Gaze into infinity.
Stay in control.
Forensic fashion.
Cloaked and courageous.
It's a blast!
Embrace the chaos.
Change the course of the battle.
Build a case.
Follow the clues.
Take action.
Take initiative.
Sturdy guardian.
A relic of the ancients.
Magically floaty.
Always engaged.
Emblazoned shield.
Locked in.
Flightless fashion.
Carry a grudge.
Breathe easy.
Catch your breath.
Piece of cake.
Utility redefined.
Put your back into it.
Blast it.
Perfectly sliced.
Start it up.
Cut through the crowd.
Perfectly greasy.
Fresh and crunchy.
Jam on.
Verifiably hip.
Swoop in and take the spoils.
Two-wheel toolkit.
Built for the road.
Storied sigil.
Quell the competition.
Take the money and run.
Buckle up!
For narrow escapes.
Lovingly broken in.
I just got a chill. Reactive: Additional FX after eliminating opponents.
Drive the beat.
The key to harmony.
Always by your side.
Brilliantly bespoke.
Surgically precise.
Wheels up.
Where we poppin'?
Inflate a friend.
Winter winds prevail.
Find your bearings.
Packed at altitude.
Tuned for turbulence.
What time is it, little llama? Reactive: Makes sound after eliminating an opponent.
Pass the mustard.
Sharper than fangs.
Packing extra bite.
Nothing lil' about it.
Stealthy and saucy.
Expertly equalized.
Hatch a plan.
Keep your enemies close.
Don't forget to pack an umbrella.
Black as night.
Perilous & potent.
Ragged and worn, from days long gone.
Certified coven couture.
Stretch your legs.
Spun from endless strands.
Dependable as always.
Best in class.
Bare bones fashion. Reactive: Glows in the dark
Find your spirit. Reactive: Glows in the dark
Keep it contained. Reactive: Transforms by dealing damage, or by outliving other players.
Light-years ahead of the rest.
Send a message.
Ice cold.
Wings with edge.
Rusty and trusty.
Crusty and musty.
Already house-broken.
Stuffed full of carrots.
Loves to play in the lake.
Increment elimination count. Reactive: Displays your number of eliminations in the match.
Arcane apparel.
Long forgotten lore.
Pack a tasty snack on your back.
Tufted and tusked.
Fearsome and fanged.
Come out of your shell.
Geared for long distance.
Expertly sighted.
Retracted & ready.
Climb to the top. Reactive: Indicates your current altitude.
I wonder what it could be?!
Hit the slopes!
Even too cold for penguins.
Fit for an ice king.
Prone to meltdowns.
Uplink secured. Reactive: Changes color based on damage dealt to opponents.
There is no escape from the cold.
The Red Knight's legendary frozen shield.
Freeze love in its tracks.
Get those digits. Reactive: Displays your number of eliminations in the match.
Boot up.
Get revved up!
Locked down.
Shelling out air on demand.
Eight chambers of oxygen.
Pristine plumage.
Spread your wicked wings.
Tailored from ice and snow.
Hard to handle.
Flock together.
Now snack-sized.
A chill is in the air.
Light up the night.
Extra salty.
Extra sweet.
Illuminate the room.
Sown into your nightmares.
Soar in the shadows.
Tidings of combat and joy.
Keep the ocean at hand.
Fill 'er up.
Lose yourself in the sparkling light.
To the victor go the spoils.
Claimed in battle.
Fully charged.
Clad yourself in jagged ice.
Piercingly cold.
It literally blows.
Your biggest fan.
Strong and secured.
Near mint condition!
Put a lid on it.
Barking out of the Boneyard.
Ready to rebound.
Ready for the grind.
Spray it, don't say it.
Equal parts adorable and disturbing.
A neverending treat.
Wear your heart on your back.
Unlock the mystery. Reactive: Changes style based on number of chests opened in a match.
Seize the wheel.
Fully loaded flair.
King of the serpents.
Characteristically unfriendly to birds.
Perfectly sunny.
Look into my eyes...
Solar powered.
Dialed in.
Lightweight and combat ready.
Blades of choice.
Goes hand in hand with victory.
Selectively discreet.
Authorized to engage.
Three leaf fashion.
Potassium Packed.
Sounds sweet.
Save up your luck.
Simply malicious.
Darken the course of the battle.
Ready to board.
True bling.
Battle boldly.
Cute, cuddly, and cursed.
The light before the darkness.
Molten and courageous.
Burning winds prevail.
Two for one.
Strike 'em out.
Sharp and ready.
Targets engaged. Reactive: Displays your number of eliminations in the match.
Quick and quiet.
Make mine explosive.
The bunny's just chilling.
This bunny's gone bad.
Take the bunny and run.
Perfectly cut.
Interstellar style.
Break through.
Straight to the point.
Mission ready.
Fit for an outlaw.
Sear through the sky.
Always ready.
Double bladed fury.
Features real-time storm data.
Strike back.
A Peely original.
Always connected.
Burn through the firewall.
High flying.
Show some backbone.
Ready for anything.
Locked and loaded.
Out of unity comes strength.
Unbroken sight.
Stay hungry.
Sharp color.
Decked out.
Holographically enhanced battle bag.
Caution: Haunted.
Always watching.
Everything you need.
Crackling with furious energy.
Nothing gets through.
Equal parts adorable and stark.
Soar in shadows.
Fly in the eclipse.
Phase through the firewall.
Customize your look by choosing a Banner and color in your Locker.
Float like a butterfly.
Naturally thick skinned.
Wield responsibly.
Do not disturb.
Don't tap the glass.
Pleasantly hypnotic.
Seaside style.
Streamlined style.
Rated for all known atmospheres.
Shred the sunshine.
Stay hydrated.
Carved in the likeness of victory.
Pack a snack.
Blended banana buddy.
Everybody duck.
Brave and blue.
Forever bold.
So sweet.
On the edge.
Ready to pounce.
Free the universe.
Powered up and ready for action.
Endless possibilities.
A flavor explosion.
Rock solid.
Lookin' sharp.
Spray and pray.
Forged in dragon fire.
Radiating confidence.
Resonating with energy.
Make your point.
Keep ahead of the competition.
Bring your game wherever you go.
Now the party's started.
Light it up.
Trust your instincts.
One for the ages.
Back from beyond.
Set it off.
River ready.
Suspiciously glitchy.
Elegantly engineered.
Pure perfection.
Live loud.
Customize your look by choosing a Banner and color in your Locker.
Sly and spikey.
Savory field radio.
The fate of the galaxy rests on your shoulders.
Always carry a spare.
Sharp and steady.
Sleek and refreshing.
Prepared for all nine lives.
Venomous protector.
Strong and ready.
Battle rated containment system.
Built for speed.
Durable and dangerous.
Make a wish.
Let 'em know what's up.
Fight like a moose.
Share the dream.
A hard look to pull off.
Power through the rifts.
Become The Bat.
The purrfect prize.
Cloak yourself in darkness.
A mighty sigil.
Smother them with love.
Randomly chooses between favorite Back Blings (or all owned Back Blings if nothing is marked as a favorite)