Storm Shield One DB

Cosmetics: Loading Screen

Concept art for Brite Bomber's shirt design.
Concept art for Raptor.
Concept art for various harvesting tools.
Concept art for the Tactical Shotgun.
Concept art for the Suppressed Pistol.
Concept art for the Minigun.
Concept art for Elite Agent.
Concept art for Battle Royale.
'The Monster of Moisty Scene 23, Take 31 Director's Notes: 'He was finally puckering up when it all came crashing down...'
I will reclaim my power. I will gather my allies. I will have my vengeance.
Once again, our heroes must unite and heed the call to action.
I will overpower. I will prevail. I will reign.
In the ultimate battle of good versus evil, who will prevail?
Director's Notes: ‘What a crazy shoot! Those meteors that crashed down sure gave us a lot of extra free production value! Glad we survived it!’
From beyond the unknown to the center of Dusty Divot.
A majestic creature indeed.
Concept art for Carbide.
Showcase art for Rex.
Concept art for Squad Leader.
Loot worth battling over.
Showcase art for Leviathan.
Concept art for Brite Gunner.
Concept art for Zoey.
Concept art for Aerosol Assassins set.
Showcase art for Raven.
Modifications required...
What better place to start than a giant hilltop burger? We convinced a new friend to join us as well.
We hit the links and invented some new rules for golf. They mostly involved driving around really fast.
We learned that you can go really fast if you boost out of the corners. You may lose a passenger or two though.
We found a pool party and decided to jump in. Whether we were invited or not doesn't really seem important.
After stumbling across a long lost relative, we all became part of the family.
We were lured by the smell of popcorn, and stuck around for a movie screening.
The motel staff promised us a quiet stay without disturbance. Zero stars.
Showcase art for Abstrakt.
Showcase art for Bandolier.
Concept art for Drift's unlockable styles.
Showcase art for Tomatohead.
Showcase art for High Explosives.
Showcase art for the Jailbirds.
Concept art for Sun Strider.
Showcase art for the Supply Llama.
Showcase art for Omen.
Showcase art for Red Knight.
Showcase art for Flytrap.
Concept art for Huntress.
Concept art for Norse Set emblem.
We never expected finding a slice of pizza would be this difficult.
Despite all of the creepy noises and glowing glyphs, we couldn't resist taking a closer look.
I was looking at someone, but it wasn't me...
Showcase art for Tomato Temple.
Showcase art for Ravage.
Collage of Battle Royale emoticons.
Showcase art for Supply Llamas.
Showcase art for the Divemasters and Chomp sets.
Showcase art for Valkyrie and Frostwing.
Showcase art for Fate.
Showcase art for Bunny Brawler and Rabbit Raider.
Concept art for DJ Yonder.
Concept art for Dusk.
Concept art for Calamity.
Concept art for Dire.
Llamas keep escaping their pen for some strange reason.
Fireflies provide just enough distraction for an ambush.
Once the pack is divided, they no longer pack much bite.
Red is such an appetizing color.
When the sun goes down, it's time to cull the herd.
For every one that goes down, two more take it's place.
As the sun rises, darkness falls.
Landing sequence complete. Initiate recon protocol.
In the calm after the storm, even flowers can bloom.
Leave the past behind, and dance into the night.
Showcase art for the holiday period.
The original.
Concept art for Dark Bomber's shirt design.
Concept art for Sgt. Winter styles.
Showcase art for the Support Squadron set.
Showcase art for the Skull Squad set.
Concept art for the X-4 Stormwing plane.
Concept art for Merry Marauder and Ginger Gunner.
Showcase art for the Fowl Play set.
Concept art for Lynx.
Showcase art for Crackshot.
There's no pick me up quite like brisk mountain air.
It's so satisfying to see a sketch become reality.
Fuel up before a long winter's night.
You can catch air off of just about anything.
Pine needles make unsurprisingly bad tea.
I made yours extra greasy.
Why am I awake?! The ice was never supposed to thaw.
I must restore order.
The ice is beginning to thaw.
Reinvigorated by the warmth of the flame.
Showcase art from Season 7.
Ignite the fire inside.
Showcase art for Season 7.
Showcase art for the Volume 11 set.
Concept art for Hybrid.
Showcase art for the Scallywags set.
Showcase art for the Green Clover set.
Showcase art for The Ice Queen.
Showcase art for the Dino Guard set.
Collage of Battle Royale sprays.
Showcase art for Master Key.
Showcase art for the Arachnid set.
The search is on...
Swab the deck and ready the cannons.
Hatchlings born in a cauldron of fire.
The shiniest treasure is always protected by the most traps.
The ancient rite of passage for every young banana entering bananahood.
The fire inside burns eternal.
The key to victory is determination.
All that glitters is gold.
The road to ruin...
Bananas never split.
What lies below...
Poster art for the Showtime event.
Showcase art for The Getaway.
Showcase art for Season 8.
Avenge the fallen.
Showcase art from the Norse set.
Showcase art from the Sun Soldiers set.
Showcase art from the Inferno set.
Hang on tight.
Embrace the flames.
The floor is literally lava.
Showcase art from the Sunshine & Rainbows set.
Showcase art from the Neon Glow set.
Chase the storm.
The height of air superiority.
Backup has arrived.
Last seen battling at Dino Park outhouse, these two can't be stopped.
You're the man now, Doggo.
Sandstorm and Scimitar race to the Keyboard King ATM, and the winner always gets paid.
Not even the slipstream is safe from the raging storm...
Only the best snipers can take out a holo-clock tower lamp from the rooftops of Neo Tilted
Nightbeam and Flare narrowly escape a daring midnight raid.
Peely and Jonesy first met at Bao Bros and instantly knew they would be friends forever.
Drop in.
You're a long long way from Lonely Lodge...
They won't know what hit 'em.
Team up and take on the horde.
Kick back and relax in the sun.
Soak or be soaked.
The island depends on you.
The world is watching...
Showcase art for season 9.
He tried to warn us.
Created by Jim Mahfood.
Created by Jim Mahfood.
Created by Ian Jepson.
Created by Ian Jepson.
Created by Aaron Kraten.
Created by Aaron Kraten.
Created by Timothy P Doyle and Sydney Roper.
Created by Timothy P Doyle and Sydney Roper.
Created by Kiptoe.
Created by Kiptoe.
Created by Hydro74.
Created by Hydro74.
Created by MUTI.
Created by MUTI.
You can't hide.
This town ain't big enough...
Get a taste for survival.
Let it all rain down.
Radiate confidence.
Darkness rises once more.
A moisty end to summer fun.
Watch over the city.
Welcome to the combine.
Thank you, bus driver!
Created by Jim Mahfood.
Created by MUTI.
Created by Ian Jepson.
Out of the Batcave and into the Battle Bus.
Showcase art for season X.
Randomly chooses between favorite Loading Screens (or all owned Loading Screens if nothing is marked as a favorite)
Earned in the Hit the Road event in Save the World.