Storm Shield One DB

Cosmetics: Pickaxe

A stylish pickaxe with bolt on tips.
A reliable and sturdy harvesting tool.
Used for testing pickaxes.
Use to debug in-match progressive cosmetics
Harvest resources... and souls with the limited edition reaper pickaxe.
A sturdy pickaxe with a great attitude.
Whenever you need a skull on a stick, the Death Valley Pickaxe is there for you.
From suburban lawns to the front lines, the Pink Flamingo Pickaxe is always ready for action.
Stone and anvil not included.
Bleeding edge axe technology.
Warning: High Voltage!
A great way to meet your fellow combatants.
Deck the walls with festive mayhem!
Ready for a ballroom blitz.
They're going to need a bigger fort.
From the murky depths!
No regerts!
Red plastic cups not included.
Don't forget to floss.
For the combatant who has everything.
Give 'em the boot.
The competition is circling the drain.
Forged in dragon fire.
Beat the stuffing out of 'em.
Hack your way to victory.
Extravehicular Axe.
Ready to pass the test.
Build your empire.
Squeak squeak! Squeak! Squeak squeak squeak!
Designed for survival.
Everything that glitters...
This axe does whatever it wants.
What color is it?
Loyal. Brave. Very sharp.
They'll never see it coming.
Give 'em 3-5 servings.
Start something.
Victory by the slice!
Take a bite out of the competition.
Forged in a particle accelerator.
Think globally, axe locally.
Leave a good first impression.
Rise above the storm.
Sweet, sweet, victory.
Stay positive.
Very convincing.
Go on a roll.
Behold, it glows!
Clean out the competition.
Streamlined for optimal aerodynamics.
Lights, Camera, Axin'.
Never stop axin'.
Rooted in fierce competition.
Pull an all-niter.
It's a... slam dunk.
Visions of victory.
Rise above your fate.
Take it for a spin.
For those unaccustomed to defeat.
Festively loud.
Dust 'em for prints.
On the verge of being too sharp.
Wield, smite, repeat.
Give it a spin.
Piercing through the dimensional plane.
Chiseled from glacial ice.
Wielded by countless generations.
Tune up the competition.
No holds barred.
Deflate the competition.
Get to the point.
Get a grip.
Swing with frequency.
Life preserver?
Unparalleled precision.
Tip of the spear.
Pedal to the metal.
A cut above the rest.
Feel the burn!
If you can't stand the heat...
Fit for a king.
Rev it up!
Feel the beat.
Take control.
Peck away.
Scratch and slash.
Make like a tree and split.
Pry away.
Not on my watch!
It's up, and it's good!
Claim the trophy.
10 yards to victory.
Keep it chill.
Hit the high notes.
Accuracy is paramount.
Self-piloted propulsion.
Squeeze out a smashing tune.
The better to chop you with, my dear.
When destruction meets harmony.
Raise the stakes.
Reap what you sow.
Wield the thunder.
Slice twice.
It's vital.
Honed for the harvest.
Skeleton's choice.
Strike at midnight.
Clear out the cobwebs.
Sharpened for battle.
Now taking requests. Reactive: Glows in the dark
Corral the competition.
Splintered from geometric perfection. Reactive: Transforms by dealing damage, or by outliving other players.
The stars are aligned.
Pointy whichever way you point it.
Acutely obtuse.
Swing it over and over and over and over and over...
Clench victory between your teeth.
Perfectly programmed pick.
Ancient and gnarled.
On the threshold of victory.
Mix it up.
The glow is alluring.
Expertly crafted by picking up that stick that was in a mountain stream.
Exhaust the competition.
The scourge of the seven seas!
Sharpen your claws.
Bring the heat.
Always watching. Always.
The frozen world is at your command.
Cold to the touch.
Sharp from any direction.
Measure twice, chop once.
Shake vigorously.
Frosted and flowery.
Sweet vengeance.
Unending gaze.
Be on your best behavior.
Weaponized boot on a stick.
Once crimson, now coated in permafrost.
Swing forever true.
Swing flurriously.
Looks sharp. Actually sharp.
Experimental prototype.
Truly barbaric.
Flop til they drop.
Bitter cold.
Speak softly and carry a giant squid.
Burning bright.
Put the petal to the metal.
Spread some joy.
No love lost.
Break the ice.
Cuddle up with claws.
This can go one of two ways...
It can take a lickin'.
Double dipped in chocolate.
Color coordinated and battle ready.
Get the loot.
Defend the lair.
Break in, or just break it.
Experience perfection.
There is no antivenom.
Cut through the jungle.
The gold standard.
Axe of the ancients.
Sharpened in the shadows.
Focus on the perfect strike.
Mean and green.
Chop down the competition.
Immortal instrument of fire.
See red.
On the verge of being too dark.
Swing for the stars.
Thrice the slice.
Count the rings.
Steer through the storm.
Swing for the fences.
Strike at full moon.
Handle with caution.
Imbued with the remnants of a lost soul.
Instill fear.
Find your hot streak.
Angle for the win.
Swing for the green.
Wield the power of the peel.
Victory is in the palm in your hand.
Knock em' out.
Fragments of fun.
So good you can almost taste it...
Hop and chop.
Break in, and stand out.
Get to the root of it.
Gem studded shine axe.
Swing through the stars.
Bash with bluster.
Shockingly effective.
Cut down cosmic threats.
You know the drill.
Belt out the hits.
Perfectly tuned duo.
Take what's yours.
Honed on a dragon's claw.
Programmed for perfection.
Homemade with love.
Two strikes.
High-tech precision.
A professional's tool of choice.
Alluringly destructive.
Unburied treasure.
Nailed it!
Street smart and impossibly sharp.
Strike like lightning.
Claw your way to the top.
Don't forget your table manners.
Swing through the shadows.
Customize your look by choosing a Banner and color in your Locker.
A gift from the deep.
Harness the mysterious butterfly effect.
Never cross a caterpillar.
Sharp, focused, and relentless.
Share the light.
Brighten the battle.
Find the impossible angle.
Slicing through the dimensional planes.
Rule the lawn with an iron beak.
Lock in the flavor of victory.
Make a wish and swing away.
Overload them.
Music is the weapon.
Swinging force.
Paint the town blue.
Swing sweet.
Double the deliciousness.
Roll up on the competition.
Swing with the strength of steel.
Dazzle and destroy.
Find the perfect beat.
Bite back.
Strike for the stars.
Tactical combat baton.
That's gonna leave a mark.
Pinpoint accuracy.
There X2
Sleek and spiky.
Put some sizzle in your swing.
Who wants a slice?
Star powered stellar axe.
Calibrated for absolute domination.
Know your blade as you know yourself.
Dual-pronged pneumatic pickaxe.
Dominate the zone.
Settle the score with an edge.
Harvest the darkness.
Pucker up!
*Maniacal laughter intensifies*
Engineered for ultimate impact.
Infused with the power of blue.
A spiky ray of sunshine.
Show your stripes.
Overcharged with electric might.
Give 'em the ol' one-two.
Spread some sweet dreams.
Line em up.
The route to victory.
Show off your catlike reflexes.
Wield the power of The Bat.
Pummel them with positivity.
After the rainbow's end.
When the craving strikes...
Looks... sturdy.
Enhanced structural analysis.
Piston powered.
Cutting edge harvesting technology.
Now with lasers!
Rocket fueled jackhammer pickaxe.
Gets the job done!
Use to debug in-match progressive cosmetics
Wrapped in rusty barbed wire, and ready to settle the score.
Randomly chooses between favorite Harvesting Tools (or all owned Harvesting Tools if nothing is marked as a favorite)
Take a crack at harvesting with the Batsickle. It's half bat. Half sickle. All Batsickle.
Climb your way to the top with the mountaineering inspired Cliffhanger Pickaxe.
It's a pickaxe with spikes. What's not to like?