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We originally debated whether you should be able to drink a Slurp at full health. The argument was we didn't want folks to accidentally waste it. Ultimately we decided to allow it for this very reason - awesome to see it actually play out. Nice!

Hey everyone!


We've removed the vaulted weapons (crossbow, guided missile) and impulse grenades the 50v50 LTM. We've also added the new delicious apples from today's 4.2 update in the LTM!




Originally posted by BakiMohammed

A door glitch. At times in game, the door appears to be open, but it doesn’t let you through. Happens every now and then. Only way to fix this, is open and close the door again to pass through.

Evidence: Will record a gameplay when it happens

Platform: Mobile

That's not good. We'll look into it, thanks!

Originally posted by JaCrispy115

Explanation: When jumping out of the Battlebus, your screen will turn around about 180 degrees

Evidence: None from me, but it's been posted on reddit before

If replicable, how: Just play a few matches, you'll notice it

Platforms: All

Sorry, this is a known issue. It will be fixed in the next major update.

Battle Royale Patch v4.2 Information
Originally posted by TMillo

You are now my favourite human being. Think this will make 5.0?

I don't think we have announced the timing yet, sorry no info here :)

Originally posted by SaviorSelf30

Explanation:A skinny black line crosses the screen (I have a new GTX 1050ti, so don't think it's a gpu issue) sometimes coming from a mountain/hill and going across the sky

Evidence: I'll check replay to record

If replicable, how: Not sure, appears randomly and lasts for a second or two, disappears if I turn away and look back.

Platform: PC

If this happens again could you do us a favor and send your logs by clicking the "Feedback" button in the Menu and then reporting it as a bug.

Also, can you send us your Dx.Diag as well? I sent you an email in your DM's as to where to send this info. Any additional screenshots/video would also be helpful!

Battle Royale That's Cool
Originally posted by kydajane97

Hope this wasn't just a one game glitch cos I want to so try it 😂

Nope, I checked - it's a bad entry in the data. Have fun for a little bit, we're going to fix it shortly :-)

Battle Royale Fortnite Heroes Trailer

I actually got chills. Incredible.

Originally posted by its_a_me_SPAGHETTI

No matter what game mode you play,it will always say "Level 0 MAX" And you wont get any XP to your season level.

We need Epic's attention for this bug.

Just want to thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've reported it to our QA team and we're looking into these reports.

UPDATE: We're still investigating this but don't worry, it's just a visual bug that happens at endgame for some players. All of your experience is still granted but your tier may sometimes appear as 0 even though you are a different level. Continue to follow the issue on Trello here.

Battle Royale Patch v4.2 Information
Originally posted by TMillo

Hey u/mrpopotfs u/EpicDustyDevo with the renaming of standard to old school is that basically saying we won't be getting an option for builder pro builds with that controller layout?

While I imagine were a lower portion of the community, standard (now old school) is what we want to play but we would love the option to build like combat pro too!

The plan is to develop a customizable control scheme so you can tailor the layout to suit your needs. The renaming is just a hint that we don't recommend this control scheme for optimal play.

Hungry for Apples?

Battle Royale Black Knight drawing

Absolutely incredible work, keep it up!

Battle Royale @fortnitegame
We're back! Recombobulate your gear in Save the World or Burst into action with the newest weapon in Battle Royale.
Originally posted by Anthonyz09

Hopefully not because I love the burst, it deserves an upgrade

The issue that caused the delay is unrelated, the Burst Assault Rifle is still coming in the next update.

Originally posted by Anthonyz09

Hopefully not because I love the burst, it deserves an upgrade

The issue that caused the delay is unrelated, the Burst Assault Rifle is still coming in the next update.

Battle Royale Patch v4.2 Information

We're back!

Hungry for apples? Find them near trees or Burst into action with the newest weapon in Battle Royale.

Set your sights on this weeks patch notes here:

Downtime has started for the v4.2 update.

v4.2 is releasing tomorrow, May 16. Downtime begins at 4am ET (08:00 GMT).

Patch notes will be released once downtime begins.

Originally posted by Victordrumond

Please god no

The issue that caused the delay is unrelated, the Burst Assault Rifle is still coming in the next update.

Originally posted by Acereus_


We're aware of this issue and are working on a fix. Thanks!

Originally posted by kokv19

Just remove it. It’s far better to hear the sound of the gun that killed you.

We've fixed this in the next patch. Sorry this bug was in for so long!

Originally posted by pecantrooper

Barely getting Blockbuster llamas, even worse barely getting heroes FROM those llamas, is definitely a major buzzkill for this event.

At least before Survive the Storm we could crank up the difficulty and get tickets in addition to grinding 4 mans. During the STS event I didn't mind not raising the diff anymore just because the flow of tickets from STS and storm alerts was absolutely fantastic.

Now here we are at Blockbuster with useless difficulty pylons and a severely kneecapped rate of getting llamas.

TLDR: This is less of a rant and more of a commentary on going from the high of getting tons of Neon Llamas a day to maybe one Blockbuster Llama a day.(I skip a lot of keys in favor of V buck missions because I still have research slots to fill)

TLDR: ebin pls

Edit: Since a large chunk of people lack reading comprehension skills, no one is complaining just to complain here. The second line in this post quite literally says that one source of getting extra tickets (indefinitely too depending on how much you want to grind for them) was removed. The GENERAL POINT of this post is to comment on the ticket generation rate being slowed to a crawl this event.

Also, please stop explaining that the number of tickets you need for llamas has been halved, common sense would tell you that it's exactly the same as before, you've been Jedi mind-tricked.

Hey everyone! Please keep in mind that you only have the first part of the quest line in the Blockbuster event. There still are more parts of the quest line that come with some amazing rewards.

We've set our sights on implementing the re-roll system in the upcoming 4.2. The quest line continues with 4.3!

Originally posted by Arcinatos

burst onto the battlefield, tomorrow, epic/legendary burst confirmed! Pog


The change increasing Storm damage we implemented earlier today should help combat this sort of thing in the 50v50 V2 LTM.

UPDATE: We’ve discovered an issue that’s going to delay the release of v4.2. Due to this delay some quests may not function until the build releases.

We’ll update you once we have a more accurate timeframe.


Greetings Friends,

A new week, a new patch! v4.2 is gliding in May 15, with downtime beginning at 4am ET (08:00 GMT).

Burst onto the battlefield, tomorrow.


Hey Folks,

The last time 50v50 was available we made an adjustment to the storm damage that didn’t make it into this current version. However, we just released a hotfix that enables this change again.

⛈️The storm will now deal 10 damage per tick for all ring phases. This change was made to improve gameplay flow - we noticed that a high number of matches were resolving with a team healing while in the Storm, rather than resolving due to the normal pace of combat.⛈️

Originally posted by Bradacus

ive dmed you

Thank you, we'll be in touch.