Bouncing Ballers and the Return of the Getaway in BR v8.10

Now all we need are 20" blades for the impala.

As was foretold in the ancient textsFortnite update v8.10 arrived this morning, ushering in a new era of ridiculous tomfoolery for Battle Royale. 

The primary vehicle for said tomfoolery, both literally and figuratively, is the Baller, seen above. This new single-person whip comes equipped with a speed boost and an unlimited-ammo grappler, making it arguably the most mobile vehicle yet introduced. They also completely shield the driver from harm for 300 health, which no previous vehicle has done. Ballers can be found near Pirate Camps and Expedition Outposts, as well as in your replay files, after one falls out of the sky and crushes you. 

Elsewhere on the Battle Royale island, vending machines received an enormous overhaul. Whereas these machines once exchanged building materials for weapons or items, they now dispense a single item for free, and then self-destruct. Think of them as chests that let you pick one of three options before exploding. Common and Uncommon vending machines should no longer spawn, so everything you'll get from these new ones will be Rare™ or better. 

Last year's heist-based Getaway LTM returned this morning as well -- a move foreseen only by the most skilled of psychic detectives. In this mode, players must extract one of four jewels from special Supply Drop Safes that spawn around the island, and make it to one of four Getaway Vans with the jewel in their inventory. This is easier said than done, since all players can see the location of a jewel for 30 seconds once its picked up, and that paints a large target on the back of the owner. Your movement speed is also reduced by 10% while holding a jewel, so be sure to carefully consider your exit strategy.

On the technical side of things, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners are now in their own matchmaking pool, with Switch and Mobile users siloed off into their own matchmaking group. Epic says this should result in a "better per-game experience for both Mobile and Switch players," and its probably right. The PS4/Xbox versions of Battle Royale run at higher framerates and with more detail than the Switch and Mobile versions, which can give a competitive advantage to PS4/Xbox players. Additionally, Sony and Microsoft's default controllers are better suited for precision aiming than the Switch's joycons or a phone's touch interface.

Lastly, Infinite Dab time has been extended to 13 hours, up from 12. For complete information on bug fixes, UI improvements and other ephemera, peep them full patch notes