Buried Treasure and Fewer Rifles in Battle Royale v8.01

Dead men tell no tales.

Season 8's first update arrived this morning, adding the deadly allure of buried treasure to Fortnite Battle Royale's already tumultuous island. It also fiddled with some item drop rates and introduced a new, experimental tournament format, and that's about it! Our timbers/sails don't feel particularly shivered, but we also weren't expecting a ton from what is essentially a Content Update with some bug fixes thrown in.

As had been previously teased, v8.01's new Buried Treasure map allows the player to find a hidden cache of legendary items buried somewhere on the island. The map itself takes up a slot in your inventory, and holding the map reveals a glowing world marker at the location of the buried treasure. A standard pirate X awaits once you reach the marker, and mining the X with your pickaxe produces a chest containing legendary items. The map must be in your inventory for the X to appear, which means you can't just grab a map, make a mental note of where the treasure is, and then discard it in favor of another item. Buried Treasure maps are legendary items themselves, and can only be found in chests or as floor loot.

Elsewhere, fans of Clingers and Infantry Rifles ("There's dozens of us!!") should find it slightly harder to acquire their favorite items after this morning's update. Both weapons are now less likely to be found in chests or as floor loot, with Clinger's chest drop rate receiving the biggest hit. Specific percentage values for these changes can be found on them there full patch notes

Update v8.01's final major addition is a new tournament format, which can be found in the Event tab from now until 7 p.m. Eastern on Friday, March 9. As with most Battle Royale tournaments, players earn points for placing in a match's top 25, and for eliminating other players along the way. The twist is that players now have to spend two points just to enter a match, in what Epic is calling "bus fare." This means that only players with high placements and/or eliminations will be able to offset the cost of competing, thereby acquiring enough points to move on to the finals. For complete info on point allocation and event timing, click up on the patch notes link in the paragraph above.