Creative Mode v8.01: Water Cubes and Saved Sprays

Please do not spray the water cubes reserved for drinking.

Fortnite update v8.01 has arrived, and as its hundredths-place increase alludes, it's a pretty small patch. Still, Creative Mode's steady expansion continues unabated, with today's patch adding new blocks, weapons, prefabs, and decoration options.

The prefab menu now contains a set of "Elemental Cubes," which allow players to place their own water around the island in various depths and colors. We assume that this prefab set will be expanded to include lava and other elemental blocks at a later date, but for now it's just water. Still, we were able to use the new blocks to create Mt. Fart's beautiful new ceremonial toilet pool (above), thereby justifying the development time Epic spent to implement them. The prefab menu also contains new galleries for bridge pieces and various girders, as well as new obstacle course color options and an even larger set of radio-reactive visualizer assets. 

In other decoration-based news, designers can now permanently apply sprays to objects and the environment, which opens up a lot of new possibilities for breathing life into your island. It also gives Battle Royale sprays an actual, like, purpose, which adds a lot of value to what have historically been filler items on the Battle Pass. We hope that Epic soon applies its recent resizing tools to sprays, so we can cover Mt. Fart with a giant mural of Beef Boss.

Lastly, the Drum Gun and Tactical Submachine Gun have both been added to Creative Mode's weapon menu. Neither item has been seen since they were vaulted in Season 5, which feels like it might as well have been 30 years ago. With players able to control increasingly granular aspects of Creative Mode, you may soon see islands that completely emulate the rules and loot tables of previous seasons. Neat!