Epic Outlines Easter Plans in Latest STW Roadmap

These bunnies are multiplying like, well ...

Epic has posted its regularly scheduled roadmap of Fortnite Save the World's coming weeks, giving us all a glimpse into the rabbit-based, nondenominational immediate future. 

This week's update (likely coming on Wednesday, though that has yet to be confirmed) will introduce a new, unknown Legendary Constructor, as well as a new steampunk-flavored shotgun. A previous Beta Storm, "Eliminate and Collect," will be turned into a permanent mission type with some "adjustments to this mission based on feedback from the community." In its original form, Eliminate and Collect tasked players with killing as many husks as possible, while also completing a number of randomly assigned secondary objectives. We'll find out just how radically this new, permanent version is once this week's update lands. 

The week of April 16 will be mostly about heroes, as the first of this year's new "bunny themed" characters will arrive. One is a ninja, and the other is a soldier, and that's all we know at the moment! Last year's Rabbit Raider Jonesy will also return, as will the Easter Egg Launcher of yore. 

The final new bunny hero, an outlander, will arrive during the week of April 23, along with a new "steampunk spear." We're not really sure how you can make a spear be steampunk, since a spear usually doesn't have any moving parts, but if we've learned anything from Etsy, it's that there's no limit to how many gears you can hot glue to something. Miss Bunny Penny will also return that week, and Epic has plans for making some difficulty tweaks to late Twine Peaks missions in this patch. And for the last week of April, Epic is only teasing a new "steampunk drum assault rifle," which it's calling "the weapon that you’ve all been waiting for," which, who knows!

The roadmap ends with a brief look into Epic's plans for Season 9: "Season 9 will be including some significant changes to your Storm Shield which opens the door for a new game mode, particularly focused on Storm Shield Defenses," the post reads. "We’ll have more details for you as we approach the new season. We’re also bringing back a highly requested weapon set around this time so be on the lookout!" Hopefully this means the Fortnitemares set will be returning, but we've nothing to base that hope on other than our own, sad dreams. Come readers, be sad with us! Dream the depressing dream!