Fortnite Battle Royale v6.31: Team Rumble and the Return of the Pump

Are you pumped? We're pumped.

The day has come, true believers. The day of the pump is upon us. With this morning's v6.31 update to Fortnite Battle Royale, Pump Shotguns are not only back in style, but they're now more stylish than ever, thanks to new rarity levels and some overall buffs to pump performance.

Before we get into all that though, let's talk about this new limited time mode that arrived this morning. It's called Team Rumble, and it's basically Battle Royale's answer to team deathmatch -- two teams of 20 race to see which team can clock 100 eliminations fastest, with respawns and permanent inventories enabled. All weapon/item drops in this mode are green or better, so the short end of the stick is just a little longer. Players also drop random ammo when killed, as well as a stack of wood, stone, or metal. Does this have anything to do with the recent release of Battlefield V? Probably not!

As mentioned above, this morning's patch introduced epic and legendary-level Pump Shotguns. They deal 105/110 maximum damage respectively, and can be found in chests, supply drops, vending machines, or just lying around. The party doesn't stop there though, as max damage for uncommon and rare Pump Shotguns was boosted to 95/100 (up from 80/85), albeit at the cost of increased ranged damage fall off. Epic also changed the way that individual shotgun pellets apply damage -- shots now do a minimum of three pellet's worth of damage to a target, even if only one or two pellets make contact. This should greatly reduce the meme-inducing instances of a shotgun blast only doing 9 damage, but not by too much, as this new minimum damage bonus can never crit.

Epic's experimental Pop-up Cup tournament series continues in v6.31, with a new "Alchemist" game type. Players receive health for eliminations and enjoy boosted harvesting rates, as in the first Pop-up Cup, but this time the storm is far less forgiving of lollygaggers. After each circle has finished closing, a new "storm surge" will occur if more than a certain number of players are still alive -- 60 players after the first circle, 44 after the second, etc. The surge does periodic damage to the players who have dealt the least amount of damage during the match, slowly picking off anyone trying to avoid confrontation. This looks to be another attempt by Epic to hone in on a faster, more aggressive Battle Royale format to ease its esports woes.

For complete details on bug fixes, UI improvements, and other ephemera, peep them full patch notes. Get pumped, y'all!