Fortnite Battle Royale v7.00: Planes, Map Updates and More

It's a biplane, but is it a once-upon-a-sky plane?

As of early this morning, Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7 has officially begun. Yes, Season 6 is dead and gone, flushed down the toilet of life like yesterday's goldfish. It's time for a new goldfish, baby! And this one can fly a plane! Or something! We're still workshopping this analogy!

Perhaps most importantly, update v7.00 changed the landscape of the Battle Royale island by introducing a new "Iceberg" biome to the south-left corner. Gone are Greasy Grove and Flush Factory, replaced by new locations such as Polar Peak, Happy Hamlet, and Frosty Flights, in addition to just a crap ton of new real estate, as can be seen in the updated map posted below. This new biome contains two new traversal features of note: icy surfaces and ziplines. As the name implies, icy surfaces cause players/vehicles to slide around like the Chiller pad did, but only while said player/vehicle is on said icy surface. And, just like in real life, players can use ziplines to quickly sling themselves from one fixed location to another.

On the gameplay side of things, the X-4 Stormwing Plane is update v7.00's big new addition. Capable of holding one pilot and four passengers, the X-4 can boost and barrel roll with the best of 'em. It has a mounted machine gun, which means that aerial assaults on well-fortified squads are now possible -- whether such climactic battles become part of the actual meta remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Balloons have been changed significantly, and are now an item that is attached to your character, rather than one that is held. This means that players can now use weapons and items while 'looned, greatly increasing the viability of this fun-but-impractical item.

As with the beginning of every new season, it is time to say goodbye to another group of items heading to the vault. We bid a fond farewell to Port-a-Forts, Shadow Stones, Chiller pads, Clingers, Double Barrel Shotguns, and Shockwave Grenades.

For complete details on performance updates, UI fixes and the like, peep them full patch notes. Stay warm out there, y'all!

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