Fortnite Monopoly, Nerf Guns Coming from Hasbro

Only one will be ready for the holidays.

Epic and Hasbro have partnered to continue Fortnite's slow expansion into every facet of human life, announcing that both Monopoly: Fortnite Edition and Fortnite-branded Nerf guns are coming to retailers in the not too distant future.

As you can see in the high-res photo below, Monopoly: Fortnite Edition is Battle Royale themed (as opposed to Save the World), with properties like Tilted Towers and Dusty Divot, and loot chests instead of railways. Players appear to use HP instead of money, and there's also a die with symbols instead of numbers, so it looks like this version of Monopoly is operating on a custom set of rules. We're kinda disappointed that the player tokens are cardboard stand-ins, and not little figurines, and we don't see a llama anywhere on this thing, so there's a lot of potentially dubious decision-making going on with this thing. We also think it's pretty funny that you can still go to jail in Fortnite Monopoly, but this is still a game about capitalism, after all. Monopoly: Fortnite Edition will be available in whatever is left of the US and United Kingdom this fall.

Fortnite-branded Nerf guns are also on the way, but they won't hit store shelves until sometime in 2019, according to Hasbro's press release. No further details were given, so we've no clue which Fortnite weapons will get the toy treatment, or when in 2019 we can expect our sister's kids to start shooting us with them. We're also interested in seeing how Hasbro -- which refused to call its guns anything but "blasters" in the press release -- will handle the toy-ification of Fortnite's real-world armory. Nerf guns have always been inspired by real firearms, but they also have the sort of absurd design extravagences that clearly delineate them as items of fantasy. Fortnite's guns are just real guns though, and to faithfully recreate them would mean introducing a line of toys that accurately model actual weapons that kill real people every day. It's weird, and we don't think we like it, but we're withholding final judgement until we see what they toys actually look like.

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