Fortnite Save the World v6.31: Canny Valley Act 2, Airheart, and a Shovel

But it's a LEGENDARY shovel.

As of this morning's v6.31 update, Fortnite Save the World players now have a breadth of new content to go along with that shiny new front-end we got a couple weeks back. Not only is there a new hero and a new shovel weapon, but we've also got an entire new act of the main story, which only happens once in a blue moon 'round these parts.

Canny Valley Act 2 is now live, bringing 21 new quests, a new unlockable hero, and a brand-new "Ghost Town" zone type, which takes the Wild West aesthetic of Canny Valley Act 1's biome and spookifies it. We also get to meet someone called the "Global Storming Denier," as well as learn more about our beloved Rey's life before the storm. Will Lars finally be reunited with his long-lost bassist? Yes, according to the patch notes. Spoilers, guys! Gosh!!

This week's new hero is Airheart, seen below, who is honestly one of our very favorite skins to date. We don't even play constructors really (#OutlanderLife), but her look is such a look that we can't resist. She's got a brand new ability called R.O.S.I.E., which astute eyes may recognize as the turret from Battle Royale. Unlike T.E.D.D.Y., which is an automated turret with a limited life span, R.O.S.I.E. is a player-operated armament that can fire for as long as it has ammo. Once ammo has been depleted, the turret goes back on cooldown. Any player character can use R.O.S.I.E. once she's been placed, so Airheart can continue her constructor duties while someone else focuses on DPS, if need be. Airheart goes on sale in the Event Store tomorrow night (Nov. 28) at 7 p.m. Eastern, and she'll be available until the launch of v7.00, which is probably about a couple weeks away.

Also, hey, there's a shovel in the weekly store. It's called Six Feet Under, and it's basically a sledgehammer that does more damage but with less impact. We figured that a sharpened shovel would handle more like an axe than a sledgehammer, but you do you Epic. Six Feet Under goes live at the same time as Airheart, and is available until next Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Hold on, next week is December? Uh oh.

Queen of the skies and our hearts. Queen of the skies and our hearts.