Fortnite Save the World v7.00: Canny Valley Climax

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

Canny Valley Act 3 -- the final conclusion to Save the World's first story arc -- was released this morning in Fortnite update v7.00. If this comes to you as a surprise, you're not alone -- Epic first announced the release of Act 3 just two days ago, in the Dev Update video embedded below. It's only been a week and change since Act 2 was introduced in update v6.31, and considering that several months passed between the releases of Act 1 and Act 2, that's crazy.

Act 3 introduces 20 new quests and two new landmark zones, which players will surely have to discover over the course of those 20 quests. The final member of Lars' band, Steel Wool Anthony, is a Mythic hero and the primary reward for completing Act 3, though the full patch notes do say that "a very special reward" awaits players who beat Act 3 before year's end. What that reward could be is anyone's guess, but STW community liaison u/Magyst said that we'll know it when we see it.

Epic also boosted the occurrence of Mutant Storm mission alerts in v7.00, and upped the amount of Hero/Survivor/Schematic XP that those alerts grant. Mutant Storms also now grant Snowflake tickets, which can used to buy Legendary Troll Stash Llamas from the loot tab. It is unclear if Snowflake tickets will also be used during Frostnite, an upcoming holiday event that was announced in this week's Dev Update video.

On the item side of things, this morning's update brought the Frostbite Sniper Rifle to the weekly store, which can be seen below. This gun was originally introduced during last year's Survive the Holiday event, and it's great that it's back and all, but we've got our fingers crossed for the return of Ralphie's Revenge. Additionally, Epic has made Airheart available for the duration of Season 7, which we're sure /r/shrineofwildcat will be very excited about. For everything else that happened in this morning's patch, peep that full patch note link above. Happy Hanukkah everybody!

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