Fortnite Update v7.10 Brings '14 Days of Fortnite' to Battle Royale

Oooh, because 14 days is a fortnight. We get it!

After a brief cancellation yesterday morning, Fortnite Battle Royale v7.10 found its moorings and released on schedule, paving the way for Epic's 14 Nights of Fortnite event.

Starting today, 14 Days of Fortnite adds an additional set of challenges to Battle Royale, at a rate of one per day for 14 days. Today's challenge asks players to simply log into an island in Fortnite's Creative mode, after which they are granted a new spray. We assume these new event challenges will escalate both in difficult and in reward quality as the holiday progresses. The Battle Royale island itself has also been made over for the event, as has the Battle Bus and a couple of items -- Rocket Launchers now shoot snowballs, and the camouflage bush has been adorned with festive lighting, somewhat defeating its purpose.

Limited time modes will rotate in/out at a rapid pace during the 14 Nights of Fortnite, giving players a mix of new and old LTMs for the duration of the holiday. The first new LTM, available right now, pits three teams of 33 players against each other on an island with increased item spawn rates. This is the first time that Epic has experimented with more than two teams (at least publicly), so we're eager to see how the LTM plays out, and what other ideas Epic may have for multi-team modes.

Meanwhile, the Heavy Assault Rifle has received a nerf to its hip-fired stats: Base accuracy has been reduced by 30 percent, and accuracy while jumping or falling has been lowered by 60 percent. Down-sights accuracy has been boosted 10 percent, as has overall standing accuracy -- Epic says that these changes will leave the Heavy Assault Rifle's ADS performance "roughly the same" as it was prior to v7.10.

The days of boosting a Stormwing through structures all willy-nilly have come to an end, as v7.10 has made it so that boosting through a structure simply reduces damage, rather than negating all of it. Additionally, un-boosted structure impacts now deal 50 percent more damage to Stormwings, so daredevil pilots will have to be a bit more careful with their Kessel Runs from now on.

And that's mostly it! For complete information on bug fixes and UI optimizations, peep them full patch notes.