Fortnite v5.4 Content Update Adds Suppressed Assault Rifle and Field Agent Rio

Epic has not commented on Rio's sand-dancing capabilities.

Fortnite v5.4's Content Update arrived this morning, and just as was foretold in the ancient texts, it introduced a new gun for Battle Royale, as well as a new hero for Save the World, and yet another week of Challenge the Horde Weekly Horde Challenges (CHWHCs). Epic also used this update to quietly vault Battle Royale's Drum Gun, and while the item's removal was unannounced, we can't say we're surprised to see it go. But we'll get to that.

First up, let's talk about Battle Royale's new Suppressed Assault Rifle, as seen below. The SAR drops from chests and supply drops, and can also be found on the floor, or in vending machines. It comes in Epic and Legendary flavors and does 32/33 base damage per-shot. This gun "rewards trigger discipline," according to the patch notes, perhaps in a bid to quell recent complains that Battle Royale's SMG-heavy meta has become too reliant on "spray and pray" gunfight tactics. Said meta is also likely the reason for our friendly neighborhood Drum Gun's retirement -- it's not accurate enough to be a useful rifle, and it's also not nearly as good at being a machine gun as the SMGs are. Like all items sent to the vault, the Drum Gun may return at a later date, either as it is now, or in some remixed form.

Save the World's new hero, Field Agent Rio, is a port of the "Rook" skin included in this season's Battle Royale Battle Pass. She's a Mythic-level Outlander with a new perk called "Phase Cannon," which super-charges the first shot fired after using dashing with Phase Shift. The charged shot penetrates enemies and does 60 energy damage at minimum, but keep in mind that holstering or switching your weapon before firing will cancel Phase Cannon's buff. Much to the chagrin of the person writing this, who has been diligently saving gold in order to purchase a new wife Outlander, Rio is only available as a reward for completing this week's new Horde Challenge.

Once it unlocks at 8 p.m. Eastern tomorrow night, players must defeat "assassin husks" without protection from their shields. Field Agent Rio is awarded upon first successful completion of the mission, and as always, the challenge can be repeated to earn a grip of event tickets.

And them's the haps! For the nitty-gritty on bug fixes and the like, peep the full patch notes.

Like a regular assault rifle, but with emotional issues it refuses to deal with. Like a regular assault rifle, but with emotional issues it refuses to deal with.