Here Comes the Boom in Creative Mode v8.40

Ready or not!

It's not a video game if there's no red barrel to explode, which means that Fortnite's ever-expanding Creative Mode is now officially considered a video game, thanks to this morning's v8.40 update. Yes, designers can now place up to 100 "Explosive Devices" (read: red barrels) on their island, which can be customized in a wide variety of ways. Variables for barrel health, damage to players, damage to structures, explosion blast radius, player knockback, explosion proximity, team-based settings, and even detonation timers can all be individually fiddled with to create the perfect exploding red barrel for your homebrew level of Half Life, or whatever it is that people with talent do in Creative Mode. We just use the billboards to write big floating poop jokes.

Meanwhile, the post-match scoreboard has been updated with several user-defined options, which not only allow designers to customize the information shown after a match, but to also designate their own tiebreakers. The updated scoreboard has five slots for user-assigned stats, which can be any combination of the following:

  • Eliminations
  • Assists
  • Knocked Down
  • Collected Items
  • Health
  • Creature Eliminations
  • Score
  • Objectives
  • Time

Designers can also adjust how long the scoreboard is shown after a match, and can even disable it entirely, should they fear the power of Big Data. Update v8.40 also introduced a new Battle Royale-esque victory screen for Creative Mode games, which, like the scoreboard, can be adjusted in duration or turned off altogether. 

A few other small additions of note: Creature spawners have been updated to include a "Spawn Through Walls" setting, which tells the spawner whether or not to spawn creatures on the other side of walls that intrude on its spawn radius. Designers can also now designate whether a spawner always makes creatures at its maximum set radius, or at a random value within that radius, which has been the default until now. On the aesthetic side of things, Car Gallery A has been updated with aquatic and aerial vehicles, and Jungle Temple Props Gallery 3 now includes three sizes of Moai statues. 

For more information on bug fixes, UI changes and other ephemera, peep them full patch notes