Multi-Select Finally Comes to Creative Mode in v8.30

Leeloo Dallas Multi-Select

Fellow artists, our long national nightmare is one step closer to its end, as today's v8.30 update introduced multi-select to Fortnite Creative Mode. No longer will we have to copy and paste each individual item in order to duplicate one of our creations! Truly, this is a blessed day. Epic even made a weirdly silent, 17-second-long video showcasing the phone's new functionality, which we've embedded below. Beware, this video contains footage of items being placed at angles that do not match those of their surrounding items. Viewer discretion is advised. 

This morning's update also brought the military industrial complex to Creative Mode, in the form of six new Military Prefabs and 11 Military Galleries of varying contents, most of which is color-coded to provide for better zone delineation in team games. A new pre-made island, Rivers Edge, showcases the potential of these new pieces and can be seen above, albeit with some slight alterations from our design team. A second new island, Tropical Island, is symmetrical and was designed with team modes in mind. 

To help out players looking to implement cool team modes, a new "Capture Area" device has been added to the devices menu. Like it sounds, the Capture Area serves as a sort of home base for teams to deposit designated items, ala Capture the Flag. Designers drop an object onto the Capture Area while designing in order to assign that item to that capture area, kind of like how items are dropped onto the team inventory device. The active zone of the Capture Area can be adjusted from 1/16 of a tile up to five tiles, and values can be set on a per-item basis for how much score is granted when an item is deposited. It's worth mentioning that items do not automatically deposit themselves -- the player must open their inventory and drop the required item into the Capture Area. 

On the item side of things, designers now have access to the Jetpack, which is excellent news for anyone that wishes to achieve maximum tom-foolery in their games. The Consumables Gallery has also been enhanced, and now includes mushrooms, apples, bananas, peppers, and the long-missing Hop Rocks from Battle Royale Season 4.

While we work on finding out what happens when four players have jetpacks and the fifth player has a sniper rifle, you can treat yourself to the full patch notes for information on Creative Mode bug fixes and known issues.