New Events and Second Chances in Battle Royale v8.30

"All that glitters is gold." - Shrek, 1998

We spent all night thinking about it, and we've finally figured out why this morning's v8.30 Fortnite Battle Royale update was so large. It's the new Reboot Vans! Vans are heavy! And this patch contains multiple vans, so of course that's going to take up some space. Mystery solved! 

As explained previously by a talking banana, Reboot Vans allow players in squad-type modes to revive teammates that have been eliminated. Players drop a Reboot Card upon death, which can be taken to a Reboot Van to bring that player back into the match. Just make sure you actually pick up the Reboot Cards when they drop! If you don't get to 'em within 90 seconds, that player is dead for good. Rebooted players return to the island with 100 health, a common pistol, 36 light ammo, and 100 wood, and after summoning has been completed, the van goes on cooldown for 120 seconds. So! Sort of a halfway point between Apex Legends and Dragon Ball Z. The vans are disabled in solo mode, LTMs with large teams, and any mode where normal respawns are enabled, which all makes sense.

Meanwhile, a new event called "Buccaneer's Bounty" is live for an extended weekend, running between now and April 15. This easily could have been called Buccaneer's Booty, and we feel like Epic passed on an important opportunity here, but that's a subject for another post. Four challenges will unlock over the weekend, each of which grant individual prizes, from a pirate-themed glider to bonus XP and a parrot spray. The real star of the event, however, is the "Boobytrap" emote, which is granted for completing all four challenges. Epic has increased the spawn rate for Treasure Maps during the duration of the event, so presumably one of those challenges will require digging up some buried treasure. 

Today's update also made some significant changed so Team Rumble, Fortnite's mainstay large team mode. Teams now have to amass 150 eliminations to win, up from 100. The final circle is also smaller, in order to "promote a more chaotic late game," according to Epic, and the first circle is now a full minute shorter. Chest and floor loot spawn rates have been increased to 100 percent, which is great news for everyone using Team Rumble to get their weekly Battle Pass challenges done. Finally, Team Rumble's copious Supply Drops are now guaranteed to contain two Legendary weapons. 

And them's the primary haps! For complete details on bug fixes, performance improvements, and the like, peep them full patch notes