Save the World v7.10: Frostnite, 14 Days of Free Upgrade Llamas and More

How are we possibly going to feed 14 llamas ...

Fortnite Save the World's brand-new winter event, Frostnite, has arrived as of Tuesday morning's beleaguered v7.10 update. This substantial patch introduces a new mission type, new quests, new weapons, new heroes, and a series of 14 free upgrade llamas, so let's not waste any time:

Frostnite's primary mode is a new type of walled-off defense mission, wherein players must scavenge for BluGlo in order to fuel a furnace and survive oncoming waves of enemies. Players enter the mission with no items or resources, and are initially limited to basic weapons. While scavenging for BluGlo, players must procure enough equipment to make use of their schematics and fight back the Horde, while pillaging vital air drops between waves. Items/resources received during the mission are lost at its conclusion, as are any weapons or traps that were built during the match.

Players are rewarded with Snowflake Tickets based on how long they were able to survive the harsh night, as well as some one-off rewards for hitting specific milestones. Jingle Jess Outlander is granted the first time players survive for 15 minutes, for instance -- last 30 minutes to earn the Ginger Blaster Pistol, and unlock Sentry Gunner Krampus Constructor for surviving a full 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, Jolly Headhunter Soldier and Sgt. Winter Soldier are now available as drops from Winter Llamas, which can be purchased with Snowflake tickets. Said llamas are also the source of Save the World's new Medieval weapon set, which includes the Hemlock Assault Rifle, Basilisk Pistol, Stalwart Squire Shotgun, and Wicked Wind Axe. Nothing says "holiday season" like the weathering the Black Death and sniffing an orange at the theater, eh?

And as if that weren't already more than anyone expected in a Save the World patch, Epic is also giving us free upgrade llamas every day between now and the new year. Here's how it all breaks down:

  • Dec. 19: Triple Llama
  • Dec. 20: Troll Stash
  • Dec. 21: Super People
  • Dec. 22: Super Ranged
  • Dec. 23 - Dec 25: Free Smorgasbord (Limit: 1)
  • Dec. 23: Smorgasbord
  • Dec. 24: Super Heroes
  • Dec. 25: Super Melee
  • Dec. 26: Troll Truck
  • Dec. 27: All the Llamas
  • Dec. 28: Super Ranged
  • Dec. 29: Super People
  • Dec. 30: Troll Stash
  • Dec. 31: All the Llamas
  • Jan. 1: Smorgasbord

We're not entirely sure what "All the Llamas" entails, but hot dang do we like the sound of it. This is an unbelievable embarrassment of llama riches, the likes of which Save the World has never seen before. If you were to buy all of these llamas with v-bucks, you could easily set yourself back several hundred dollars. Epic, really and truly, from one Save the World player to another -- thank you for this excellent gift.

And that's it! For information on bug fixes, UI tweaks, and changes to the armor system, check out the full patch notes. Stay warm, everybody!