'Stars and Stripes' Heroes Headline Hearty v4.5 Save the World Update

The safety lable says "download quickly and build away."

Don't worry, Save the World fans, this morning's v4.5 update has plenty of goodies for your PvE mode of choice. While that new biome and everything are still a month or more away, v4.5 does bring with it a lot of quality of life improvements, as well as the rousing conclusion of the Blockbuster arc and few patriotic heroes.

Blockbuster Part 4: The Finale is now available to builders that've made it that far in the questline, and upon completion, said players will get to choose the Shadow Ops hero of their choice as a reward. They will also be awarded new "Stars and Stripes" Jonesy and Headhunter heroes, after completing the mission "Independence Day," which is part of The Finale. Hats and backpacks for these heroes will be coming at a later date, says Epic: "Players that own these heroes will automatically get corresponding hats and backpacks once released, at the appropriate and usual evolution levels."

The overhaul of the Collection Book first announced earlier this month made it into v4.5 as planned, which means that players can now acquire heroes and items directly from the book. Flux, training manuals, weapon designs, and trap designs are the currencies of choice in the Collection Book. New items start at level 1, and items/survivors/etc attached to limited-time events are ineligible for creation. Players can also remove items from the Collection Book, for what Epic originally called a "nominal" fee of 20 v-bucks. Removing an item returns it to you in the same condition it was in when slotted, but also removes the Collection Book XP granted by that item. The book will not lose levels when this happens, but the XP deficit created must be paid back before further advancement can be made.

But what about the items and weapons themselves? Well, cozy campfires now heal through walls, which we appreciate. Coziness is a state of mind, you know? Epic also increased the maximum carrying capacities for light bullets, medium bullets, and shells/slugs, from 5,000 to 6,000, 3,000 to 4,000, and 1,000 to 1,200, respectively. Melee weapon schematics can now slot in life leech, fire rate, and heavy attack stamina cost reduction, while ranged weapon schematics received reload speed and magazine size perks. Speaking of perks, lifesteal perks in general are now 50% better at stealin' life. Pistols that fire explosives, like the Firecracker and Zapper, received enormous buffs normal damage, environment damage, and impact, with damage increased by as much as 90% on some weapons. Peep the full patch notes for a per-gun breakdown of the buffs.

We figure the boosted boom of those pistols has a little to do with the Super Shielder, Save the World's newest enemy. Super Shielders are like regular Shielders -- they attach themselves to other enemies and project a bubble of protection, only this time the bubble is much larger. Once you're inside the bubble, of course, it's business as usual.

Beyond all that, Save the World players can now make use of the Builder Pro control setup that Battle Royale users have enjoyed for a while, and folk who float between both modes can finally set up independent key bindings for each.