STW v8.01 Poops on Mantis Leap's Party

Only Epic-approved fun allowed, sorry.

There is no brand-new content in today's v8.01 update to Fortnite Save the World, which isn't a huge surprise considering that last week's patch completely overhauled the game's hero ability system. There is, however, a returning event hero in the gold store. Her name is Highland Warrior Wildcat, and as you can see in the image above, she's a Scotland-inspired ninja with some pretty cute freckles. She's also a legendary Soldier-class hero, originally gained by completing a quest during last year's "Spring It On!" event. She's likely to only be available until next week's update, whenever that is, so if you're a fan of Scotland, immortality, ninjas, or all of the above, consider Highland Warrior Wildcat.

In addition to other bug fixes, which you can read about in the full patch notes, v8.01 also squashed a glitch that allowed ninja heroes with Mantis Leap to stay airborne for extended periods. By all accounts, this glitch was a tremendously good time that didn't break anything, and Reddit is predictably angry about its removal. For its part, Epic has conceded that doing cool ninja stuff is fun, and will return in some fashion under Epic's own terms. 

"Staying airborne for minutes at time is fun, however,  this was an unintended interaction," the patch notes read. "We want to make sure we're responsible about how we implement vertical gameplay and after seeing such a strong positive response we'll be looking for more ways to introduce this type of gameplay in the future."

Meanwhile, Reddit users are upset that Epic would fix this seemingly-harmless bug almost immediately, while other, more severe problems have existed for months without resolution. Likewise, issues introduced in v8.00 are still causing players to sometimes enter matches without abilities, or with a level 1 pickaxe. There have even been reports of players entering matches as the wrong hero entirely, or as bizarre mixes of heroes that do not function. Save the World community liaison u/Magyst has said that some of these issues will be fixed in v8.10, which may arrive next week.