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Originally posted by Matt_Sterbate710

And it sucked so bad to try and get around the map. Then you made the Hoverboard. Then the new events started getting better. THEN RECOMBOBULATOR.

I was a BR magnate, but now I’m finding myself only ever wanting to play STW.

Thank you Epic for this awesome update!

This is definitely an awesome update.

Regarding the sprinting and stamina.. I do NOT miss those days! I was a huge Ninja main and the stamina changes (No stamina on sprinting and double jump stamina reduction) have been amazing and made Ninja game play super smooth. Enjoy the 4.2 update! We still have plenty of awesome things planned.

Battle Royale Epic pls

Fixed :) Good catch, thanks!

Originally posted by TheInfernoElite

Just played a game and got killed by a crossbow. Probly glitch, or maybe were getting bamboozled

There was an issue yesterday where for a very short time the Crossbow and Guided Missile were available in 50v50. So, no bamboozle. It was corrected as soon as we found out.

We originally debated whether you should be able to drink a Slurp at full health. The argument was we didn't want folks to accidentally waste it. Ultimately we decided to allow it for this very reason - awesome to see it actually play out. Nice!

Hey everyone!


We've removed the vaulted weapons (crossbow, guided missile) and impulse grenades the 50v50 LTM. We've also added the new delicious apples from today's 4.2 update in the LTM!




Originally posted by Chemical-Cat

So this weapon just went from "pretty good stormblade variant" to "absolute garbage". The explosion triggers after 6 hits, and heavily damages player built structures. Bad. Bad bad bad bad bad.

Yeah this one is a bug. It'll get fixed in our next patch.

Originally posted by Wezdor

If you have a full inventory and pick up an instanced drop (like a gift), all the items you can't carry simply vanish.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We threw it on our Trello board so you can follow the progress on it HERE.

Originally posted by ExiledReptile

To change a non elemental roll on a weapon it costs 1000 perk up, alerts only offer 36 in 70 missions.. wtf. If we do the maths just based on the alerts, 1000 divided by 36 = 28 rounded up. I also did a lvl 64 cat 2 where the RE-PERK was one of the main rewards and only got 31 out of a lvl 5 chest, an even lower amount than from the alert. Assuming you only play defense missions, you can also get an extra 25 from killing a chrome husk, if we consider this in the calculation, 25+36 = 66. 1000 divided by 66 = 15.. So on average assuming you only do defense missions, it'll still take you 15 missions to reroll one perk, on one weapon. Am i missing something here? why are these rewards so terrible?

Please keep in mind that the system is still newly released. We'll continue to monitor the feedback around the perk materials and make adjustments as needed. Keep playing / testing!

Originally posted by Borpf

"hi my name is phteven"

LOL! I laughed really hard at this one. Good job :)

Originally posted by BakiMohammed

A door glitch. At times in game, the door appears to be open, but it doesn’t let you through. Happens every now and then. Only way to fix this, is open and close the door again to pass through.

Evidence: Will record a gameplay when it happens

Platform: Mobile

That's not good. We'll look into it, thanks!

Originally posted by JaCrispy115

Explanation: When jumping out of the Battlebus, your screen will turn around about 180 degrees

Evidence: None from me, but it's been posted on reddit before

If replicable, how: Just play a few matches, you'll notice it

Platforms: All

Sorry, this is a known issue. It will be fixed in the next major update.

Battle Royale Patch v4.2 Information
Originally posted by TMillo

You are now my favourite human being. Think this will make 5.0?

I don't think we have announced the timing yet, sorry no info here :)

Originally posted by SaviorSelf30

Explanation:A skinny black line crosses the screen (I have a new GTX 1050ti, so don't think it's a gpu issue) sometimes coming from a mountain/hill and going across the sky

Evidence: I'll check replay to record

If replicable, how: Not sure, appears randomly and lasts for a second or two, disappears if I turn away and look back.

Platform: PC

If this happens again could you do us a favor and send your logs by clicking the "Feedback" button in the Menu and then reporting it as a bug.

Also, can you send us your Dx.Diag as well? I sent you an email in your DM's as to where to send this info. Any additional screenshots/video would also be helpful!

Battle Royale That's Cool
Originally posted by kydajane97

Hope this wasn't just a one game glitch cos I want to so try it 😂

Nope, I checked - it's a bad entry in the data. Have fun for a little bit, we're going to fix it shortly :-)

Battle Royale Fortnite Heroes Trailer

I actually got chills. Incredible.

Originally posted by its_a_me_SPAGHETTI

No matter what game mode you play,it will always say "Level 0 MAX" And you wont get any XP to your season level.

We need Epic's attention for this bug.

Just want to thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've reported it to our QA team and we're looking into these reports.

UPDATE: We're still investigating this but don't worry, it's just a visual bug that happens at endgame for some players. All of your experience is still granted but your tier may sometimes appear as 0 even though you are a different level. Continue to follow the issue on Trello here.

Battle Royale Patch v4.2 Information
Originally posted by TMillo

Hey u/mrpopotfs u/EpicDustyDevo with the renaming of standard to old school is that basically saying we won't be getting an option for builder pro builds with that controller layout?

While I imagine were a lower portion of the community, standard (now old school) is what we want to play but we would love the option to build like combat pro too!

The plan is to develop a customizable control scheme so you can tailor the layout to suit your needs. The renaming is just a hint that we don't recommend this control scheme for optimal play.

Hungry for Apples?

Battle Royale Black Knight drawing

Absolutely incredible work, keep it up!

Originally posted by Anthonyz09

Hopefully not because I love the burst, it deserves an upgrade

The issue that caused the delay is unrelated, the Burst Assault Rifle is still coming in the next update.

Originally posted by Anthonyz09

Hopefully not because I love the burst, it deserves an upgrade

The issue that caused the delay is unrelated, the Burst Assault Rifle is still coming in the next update.

We're back!

Recombobulate your gear in Save the World or check out other changes now!

Note: Perk Recombobulator - Please check the preview for each of your items before confirming the change.

Set your sights on this weeks patch notes here:

Downtime has started for the v4.2 update.

v4.2 is releasing tomorrow, May 16. Downtime begins at 4am ET (08:00 GMT).

Patch notes will be released once downtime begins.

Battle Royale Patch v4.2 Information

We're back!

Hungry for apples? Find them near trees or Burst into action with the newest weapon in Battle Royale.

Set your sights on this weeks patch notes here:

Downtime has started for the v4.2 update.

v4.2 is releasing tomorrow, May 16. Downtime begins at 4am ET (08:00 GMT).

Patch notes will be released once downtime begins.

Originally posted by soildpantaloons

Lol there may be no "scripted responses" but somebody is your boss and somebody gave you guidelines of what's ok to say, and whats not. The last event did give a choice for a specific hero, it also actually gave the heros in the lamas, not just guns.which seems to be a common issue with this event. (I know its not over yet blah blah blah) doesn't change the reality of what everyone talking about it is expirencing.

Rerolls were and are a highly requested feature, but being able to actually play the game the way it was designed and intended to be played, is a much larger request. Sort this sub by new, count how many posts are about afk and leeching. And then tell me re rolls are more requested. They arent. Far as i can tell yall are prioritizing rerolls cause there is monitary gain in it for you. Unlike an actual functioning reporting feature. This is literally the only game ive ever played online, that has no repercussions for people doing everything they can against the tos. I've heard from you "the banning feature works" yet the only people I've known to get banned were people who hacked the game and posted videos and a guy who named his stormsheild something explicit.

I absolutely love this game, I've dumped more time and money into this than any other game ive played. But these stupid ass "we here you" comments and "were working on it" is damn near patronizing, because yall keep saying it yet absolutely nothing comes of it. The day i can report someone and know something will come lf it will be the day i apologize to you for being a pain in the ass. Until then your the public face for a company that wants little more than money.

I'm going to have to disagree with a lot of the points you are making here. We've run several test on opening llamas since this event has gone live based on the feedback of what feels like lower drop rates. We compared the drops from the last event to this event and the outcomes are within a very small percent of each other. There have been no changes to drop rates for heroes / weapons. Again, when the quest line continues.. players will have the option to choose that specific reward they are chasing... we just aren't on that quest line yet.


Re-rolls have been the most requested feature since Fortnite launched and we are finally able to bring this system into the game and there is no incentive to prioritize re-rolls over anything else. We feel like it's time to add it and we've spent a lot of time getting the system right. AFK / Player reporting is something that is actively being worked on as we speak. Different features require different amounts of development time and we aren't going to rush a feature into the game before it's ready.