Battle Royale

Weekly Sales

Name Price
Pickaxe: Bitemark (4 styles) 1200v
Glider: Pterodactyl 1200v

Daily Sales

Name Price
Pickaxe: Pink Flamingo 1500v
Dance: Rawr 500v
Character: Whiplash 800v
Glider: Prismatic 800v
Dance: Star Power 800v
Character: Highrise Assault Trooper 800v

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Leaderboards (solo)

Player W K W%
AlexRamiGaming 3500 39734 49.01%
PierXBL TwitchTV 2933 33114 45.62%
JeDiiiKniiGhT 2503 22844 44.64%
TTV_MBaty 2403 30822 38.33%
twitch_bogdanakh 2359 37536 38.16%
Twitch_Svennoss 2330 24887 64.19%
twitchtv_eXzacT7 2286 32621 45.31%
Sp3cialForce21 2028 21927 36.66%
TSM_Hamlinz 1753 26624 44.51%

Disabled Game Modes

BR Duos – No ETA (>9h)
ASIA Duos – No ETA (>9h)

Save the World

11x Upgrade Llama Bundle

Daily Llama — x3 @ 500v

The old faithful llama, packed with a variety of goodies and upgrade materials. Contains at least 4 items, including a rare item or a hero! Has a high chance to upgrade.

Expires in 13h 36m

Mission Timers

Mission alerts expire in 4h 16s

New missions in 16s

Mission Alerts

Epic and above rewards (see all)

23 flash_on vBucks (Legendary) (x30)
34 flash_on vBucks (Legendary) (x30)
46 flash_on Transform Key: Trap (Legendary)
46 flash_on Transform Key: Trap (Legendary)
58 flash_on vBucks (Legendary) (x35)
58 flash_on Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Legendary)
58 flash_on Transform Key: Trap (Legendary)
70 flash_on Transform Key: Shotgun (Epic)
70 flash_on Transform Key: Trap (Legendary)
76 flash_on Transform Key: Trap (Epic)
82 flash_on vBucks (Legendary) (x40)
82 flash_on Transform Key: Assault Rifle (Epic)
82 flash_on Defender: Sniper (Epic)
88 flash_on Transform Key: Club (Epic)
88 flash_on Transform Key: Trap (Epic)
88 flash_on Transform Key: Assault Rifle (Legendary)
94 flash_on Transform Key: Axe (Legendary)
100 flash_on Transform Key: Assault Rifle (Legendary)
100 flash_on Transform Key: Trap (Epic)
Fortnite @DarrenSugg
So @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN has me watching the Bionic Woman since he mentioned how influential it and @mslindsaywagner was…
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Make your enemies tremble in fear with the new Rawr Emote. Available now!
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Saur into battle with the new Pterodactyl Glider and Dino Guard Gear. Available now!
Fortnite @DarrenSugg
Apparently @alessiacara is dropping a song on the spot @ZakBelica @GeneSemel @pinartoprak
Fortnite @DarrenSugg
RT @Rogopotamus: It's taking all of me to not A) get on it and B) hit it with something. #Fortnite
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Due to ongoing issues, we'll be disabling Shopping Carts again. We'll update you when this issue is resolved.
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Ramp up and roll down, Shopping Carts are back. Video Credit: u/MarleyLo
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Quarantine the winner's circle. The Toxic Trooper and Hazard Agent Outfits are available now!
Fortnite @DarrenSugg
RT @ikbenben: Back before GDC I talked to the nice folks at @gamasutra about #gamesUR and #UX
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Pass the gas! The Stink Bomb is now live, find it in-game!
Fortnite @fortnitegame
The v4.4 Content Update is available now! Check the patch notes for the details.
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Downtime for the v4.4 Content Update has begun. Find out what’s on the way in the Patch Notes:
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Aim for the heart! The Cuddle Team Leader and Love Ranger Outfits are available now.
Fortnite @DarrenSugg
I feel like they really captured the twinkle in the eyes of that llama...
Fortnite @fortnitegame
3, 2, 1... Oh oh oh! Nice shot, @MonsterDface.
Fortnite @fortnitegame
The v4.4 Content Update will be available tomorrow, June 19. Downtime begins at 4am ET (0800 GMT).
Fortnite @fortnitegame
RT @gyal73: Just finished making this Rabbit Raider out of Polymer clay, hope you like it! @FortniteGame #fortnite #fortniteart…
Fortnite @fortnitegame
For when that play doesn't quite work out. The new Waterworks Emote is available now!
Fortnite @fortnitegame
RT @BlondynkiGraja: Raptor skin drawing from @FortniteGame finished <3 What do You think ? #fortnite #game #art #drawing
Fortnite @fortnitegame
RT @gyal73: Better pic of the Bunny Brawler that i made yesterday! @FortniteGame #fortnite #fanart #polymerclay
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Due to a bug with the Shopping Cart, we’re temporarily disabling it until we have a fix. We’ll update you once the issue is resolved. 🛠️
Fortnite @DarrenSugg
The @iam8bit and @hofftv running their real world AR game... 😊Let him know if you rescued one of these little frien…
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Show off your skills and juggle like the pros with the new Kick Ups Emote. Available now!