Battle Royale

Weekly Sales

  • Character: Raptor (2000v)
  • : Battle Stars (900v)
  • Glider: Cloud Strike (1200v)

Daily Sales

  • Dance: Electro Shuffle (800v)
  • Character: Brite Bomber (1200v)
  • Pickaxe: Death Valley (1500v)
  • Glider: Stealth (500v)

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Disabled Game Modes

BR Duos – No ETA (>11h)
OCE Duos – No ETA (>11h)
ASIA Duos – No ETA (>11h)

Leaderboards (solo)

Name W K W%
ps4 AlexRamiGaming 1517 21953 39.3%
ps4 JeDiiiKniiGhT 975 11791 33.75%
pc TSM_Myth 952 14543 32.86%
pc JonjonUzumaki 871 16342 24.17%
pc Twitch_Svennoss 867 9272 60.21%
ps4 Jayvz1 798 9140 29.58%
pc VapeJesus 771 11255 34.57%
ps4 Girly_Face 751 6662 51.69%
ps4 TTV_MBaty 728 11506 28.71%
pc Impact Jaomock 680 15149 24.79%

Save the World

Daily Llama

11x Upgrade Llama Bundle

x5 @ 1000v

The old faithful llama, packed with a variety of goodies and upgrade materials. Contains at least 4 items, including a rare item or a hero! Has a high chance to upgrade.

Expires in 17h 6m

Mission Timers

Mission alerts expire in 5h 37m

New missions in 7m

Mission Alerts

5 flash_on Hero XP (x600)
15 flash_on Hero XP (x600)
19 flash_on Survivor (Uncommon)
34 flash_on Schematic XP (x1900)
40 flash_on Ingredient: Rotating Gizmo (x2)
40 flash_on Hero: Tank Penny (Uncommon)
58 flash_on Pure Drop of Rain (x13)
64 flash_on Schematic XP (x3700)
64 flash_on Hero XP (x3700)
88 flash_on Survivor XP (x3700)
94 flash_on Lead Survivor (Gadgeteer) (Uncommon)
94 flash_on Pure Drop of Rain (x30)

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Originally posted by cwsker

How big will the patch be?

Bigger than we would like, but not huge. Estimated patch deltas: PC: 308 MB PS4: 390 MB Xbox: 1.7 GB

We are actively working on driving down patch sizes in general and especially digging into whatever is causing our Xbox patches to be so much larger atm. In the meantime, very sorry to our Xbox players for the larger-than-expected patch, but we do believe the stability gains are still worth the patch size here.

Originally posted by Healer11

now-ish...? Please dont be like that.

Edit: You even used "small-ish". Why?

Well you see... the new server is now live, but I wasn't sure at the time if the operation had actually started yet. And the patch sizes should be small, but I wasn't sure how small yet. You could say I was being unclear-ish, and that would probably be fair. I'm sorry-ish.

Originally posted by sebavee

I’m having the same issue. I also sent you a private message hoping you can help me. Not asking for too much but just a chance to talk to someone who knows what theyre doing. Thanks i appreciate it

I got you, buddy! I sent you a reply. :)

Originally posted by mys3lfHere

Short story to progress ive played STW over 150 days, spent well over $100 in game etc, im power level 63 and spent the majority of my time helping lower players trying to find friends that one day may advance with me beyond Canny. Then Monday this week i was broswing forums on fortnites website and wanted to answer a post where i knew the answer to help someone out. unable to post i quickly found which wanted me to link my epic account with my PSN tag, something i skipped at the start because my brother was too excited to play with me (fair enough). i did not believe and still can not believe that this would effect my unlinked game. It did. That night i got on to play just as excited as ever, i had some friends in my level range for once! and the game asked me to purchase Save The World content, even BR content was gone(not a BR post, just relevant). I have a fair background in programming and IT so i unlinked my profile on Epics site to see if it would let me in that way. It did not. (i did close app on PS4, unlink, reopen) it did act like a new account in terms of agreeing to TOS so it counted as yet another account i assume. i immediately opened a ticket with fortnite support and have heard nothing back. I understand tickets come and go and some things take time, but how many days is truly reasonable to be completely removed from content that i have paid for access to at this time? If i was banned or knowingly messed up my account i understand those would be my fault. but this was something they not only wanted players to do, but had it pinned as a important must read. how is this not a bigger issue. also it never let me post anyway, so my goal to help someone still failed. I understand we should all be respecting any rep from fortnite, its not one person causing issues it a company and each person is a human that deserves respect. im a human also and while i might be unhappy my purchases have been taken away because i followed instructions, isnt a ticket priority or some response on timeline reasonable?

Does anyone else find the setup STW has where every player on a single console has to purchase the game is a little off? I accepted it, assuming that at a minimum i would retain that purchase on the account that it was bought. that system has failed me and im sure many others. Is this fraud or a scam, or when is it getting fixed.

I was devistated on Monday, a nice sucker punch. Tuesday and Wednesday I was in disbelief. Now its Friday and This Post, is my last hope i have. I dont care if STW gets all the attention or barely any, ive been happy with it when i can play with friends. Will i have friends to play with when this finally gets back up? i dont think so, too many players leave STW when their issues dont get addressed. i just glanced at my bank account, looks like more than $240 ive soent

Hey there, so sorry this happened to you. Do me a favor and create a support ticket here about this happening to you. Once you do, send me a private message with the Ticket ID#, which you can find at the bottom of the email you'll get after making the ticket. Thanks!

Originally posted by Unix33

Wait client stability? Is there any way you can elaborate on how this could affect us?

Crash rates have increased a bit on this patch on all client platforms and server. Not catastrophic rates of crashing but we have definitely regressed more than we are comfortable letting sit without a quick fix.

The server we are deploying now-ish should significantly decrease server crashes. Client patches tomorrow morning should significantly decrease client crashes.

Server update should be totally invisible to players. Client update should be small-ish download tomorrow. Dudes are working on gathering actual patch sizes atm, but I expect a few hundred MB patch size.

Tangent = we are actively working to drive down patch sizes so these emergent updates are less disruptive.

You'll need to contact support about this. You can do that by opening up a ticket here. :)

Originally posted by freddled_gruntbuggly

My transform screen had two legendary transforms that appeared first on the list, one hero and one melee weapon.
I then got an epic survivor transform from a mission. I went to the transform area and it showed me the epic survivor symbol on the right, I gave it 76 points of cards, it said "MAX", turned pink and I went ahead. Instead, this used up my legendary hero card!
I then got a rare survivor transform from a mission, this time I was paranoid, I made sure I clicked on the right card, I double checked the confirm screen, made sure I did it all correctly, it even showed me "using 5 people". But it used my legendary melee weapon card (which was now first in the list).
Gutted, was so close to having enough disposable event legendaries to afford my first legendary hero.
Someone else in global chat said it happened to them as well, so just wanted to warn people.

Keep your eyes open for next weeks patch notes! :)

Originally posted by DoomsFX

This is already a known bug, but I wouldn't hope for a compensation... I send a support ticket 2 weeks ago and I said that I lost my Legendary Ninja Transform because of this bug. After I got a message, they explained to me how transforms work. I was really pissed of about that so I decided to ignore it.

Howdy! Do you mind sending me that Ticket ID# so I can look into that, please? Also, OP did you yourself open up a support ticket after this happened? If so do me a favor and send me your Ticket ID# as well, thank you. :)

Hey there, this is a bug that was introduced with V.2.2.0 that we're aware of. It's being worked on now. :)

Fortnite @fortnitegame
Incoming! A small update is about to drop to improve server stability. Another one will arrive tomorrow morning for…

We are preparing to deploy a small update to improve server stability. Also, we will sending out a patch to improve client stability tomorrow morning, Eastern time. Stay tuned for more information on when these updates will land.

We are preparing to deploy a small update to improve server stability. Also, we will sending out a patch to improve client stability tomorrow morning, Eastern time. Stay tuned for more information on when these updates will land.

We are preparing to deploy a small update to improve server stability. Also, we will sending out a patch to improve client stability tomorrow morning,...
Originally posted by DarkenMoon97

Do you have any ETA? My buddies are having to play with 80 - 100 ping, and that's not fun at all. I'm personally sitting at 65 - 70 ping.

Week after next with a stretch goal of next week. Lots of stuff happening infrastructure wise right now keeping us busy :-/

Originally posted by kreedzsenpai

btw i get 45-55 ms in Overwatch, and i have no other downloads in the background, why is that ? i also have Europe selected and i am using google's dns

Blizzard might run data centers closer to you. Where are you located?

Fortnite @DarrenSugg
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Fortnite @fortnitegame
The Raptor Outfit will be leaving the store tomorrow! Pick it up while you still can, and maybe a stylish Victory R…
Battle Royale @fortnitegame
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Originally posted by iFlak

Players may notice intermittent issues with VOIP. We are aware of these issues and we're working to correct them. We hope to have you back giving out those voice commands ASAP.

Not yet, they are still working on it.

Originally posted by Seditian

Apologies, we've had a recent snow storm which prevented me from being able to provide that information earlier in the week. Hope you've had a chance to check out the new Dev Update video. :)

Originally posted by DaLexy

Am i the only one who thinks that this video is a joke ? I got what he said about the weather issue but still ...

There needs to be more, way more as this to turn the community back to the bright side.

We definitely hear you and get it. This represents a move in that direction and we have no intention of going backwards.

Originally posted by Piratebobbert

Summary of video: "We are doing stuff that will be released... eventually."

We want to make sure we have all the info before we pass it along, next week we plan to get more specific!

Just our first step! Look for more consistent communications over the coming weeks :D

Fortnite @fortnitegame
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