Battle Royale

Weekly Sales

Name Price
Character:  Rapscallion (4 styles)   1500
Glider:  Feathered Flyer (2 styles)   800
Other:  Battle Stars   900

Daily Sales

Name Price
Character:  Recon Specialist   1200
Dance:  Make it Rain   500
Pickaxe:  Spectre   800
Dance:  Star Power   800

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Leaderboards (solo)

Player W K W%
AlexRamiGaming 3893 42603 50.08%
PierXBL TwitchTV 3780 43003 48.02%
COOLER eXzacT 3052 41052 50.02%
JeDiiiKniiGhT 2879 25147 45.5%
twitch_bogdanakh 2644 42285 38.31%
Sevennoss 2570 28065 62.59%
Sp3cialForce21 2540 25990 38.84%
Twitch MBaty 2529 32467 37.84%
shipings716 2379 36834 37.93%

Disabled Game Modes

BR Duos – No ETA (>10h)
ASIA Duos – No ETA (>10h)

Save the World

Legendary Troll Loot Truck... Llama

Daily Llama — x2 @ 1500

Months worth of troll loot hoarded in one convenient llama! Contains at least 20 items. TWENTY.

Expires in 14h 46m

Mission Timers

Mission alerts expire in 5h 7m

New missions in 17m

Mission Alerts

Epic and above rewards (see all)

34 flash_on Transform Key: Assault Rifle (Epic)
52 flash_on Transform Key: Pistol (Epic)
76 flash_on Transform Key: Hardware Melee Weapon (Epic)
88 flash_on Survivor (Epic)
100 flash_on Transform Key: Hardware Melee Weapon (Legendary)
We have seen reports that some players on 4GB Android devices are encountering an issue causing poor performance. This is due to multiple background applications...

We have seen reports that some players on 4GB Android devices are encountering an issue causing poor performance. This is due to multiple background applications running--leaving the device without enough memory for Fortnite. We are investigating and working on a fix!

Fortnite @fortnitegame
We have seen reports that some players on 4GB Android devices are encountering an issue causing poor performance. T…
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The most rootenist tootinest of cowboys, @CB_Cowboy, is looking for those Victory Royales. Join the chat and cheer…
Originally posted by MichaelNoland

Thanks for the report. We're aware of a bug here and are investigating it.

Cheers, Michael Noland

We deployed a new build of the backend which should have fixed up the counts for everyone today.

Cheers, Michael Noland

Originally posted by MichaelNoland

Hi FeaturedRhino,

Do you mind DMing me with your account name? We'll take a look and figure out what is going on.

Cheers, Michael Noland

We deployed a new build of the backend which should have fixed up the counts for everyone today.

Cheers, Michael Noland

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See what happens with no pony tail! :) Thank you for being so awesome!
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Such calm. Such precision. Come watch @Reverse2k_ as he goes after the Victory Royale on
Originally posted by tiger_boi

So hardcore griefers trolled us for a solid year and all they got was a polite warning but people exploited one of the many ridiculous bugs you guys introduced in 5.2 and even tho they didn't negatively impact anyone they are getting banned?

The system fails again...

The system did not fail, tiger. There is a big different between someone griefing you vs someone actively exploiting and breaking the game. The new system is in place and you need to be using it to report these players. Repeat offenders will have action taken against their account. If they have been griefing you, specifically, for an entire year.. and they keep doing it.. they will be actioned as long as you are reporting them.

This will be fixed in this weeks release. You can monitor the bug on our official trello board. You can do a Deliver the Bomb mission in a slightly higher zone (34) and have this quest completed.

Originally posted by Cahnis

Any updates on the dupe exploit? I see people claiming that people are still doing it even thought some people told me it was patched

Anyone caught duplicating items or trading duplicated items will be subject to an account ban from Epic's products. If you believe that the items you acquired were obtained in a exploitative or suspicious manner, than you should discard them.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
We've got a fresh mid-#SummerSkirmish update looking over some of the interesting stats and learnings from our form…

Hello Fortnite competitors,

We’ve just finished up Summer Skirmish Week 5 and we wanted to give you folks a mid-skirmish update from some of the previous weeks. We’re talkin’ interesting stats, additional info on a few standout performers, and our learnings about formats so far. Here’s a quick breakdown of some fun stats from the past weeks:

  • The longest range elimination was scored by HighDistortion, with a 267m knockout of MoNsTcR with a Scoped Assault Rifle.
  • The longest range sniper elimination was scored by InTheLittleWood on Danzhizzle, with a 247m hunting rifle shot.
  • In Week 3, three pairings were able to dominate the field, topping the group with 24 eliminations
    • SKT Ghoul and Ghost DMO
    • Mickalow and Robi62
    • Greyfox and mouZ Mops.
  • Week 4 saw a sizable gap between the elimination leaders from each region. Day One was very tightly packed at the top.
    • On Friday NotVivid was able to edge out the pack with 16 eliminations.
    • On Saturday, VP Jamside went off, wracking up an impressive 26 eliminations across the 9 games, averaging just short of 3 eliminations per match.

A general note about statistics… it’s really difficult to pull off consistent great placements or high elimination games with a lobby full of some of Fortnite’s best players. We wanted to properly salute the talented players that have participated each week.

Rising Showdown Stand Outs

Showdown players have really been able to make a name for themselves through the Summer Skirmish. One in particular who has quickly risen to the top is NotVivid. He placed 19th and 155th in the two Solo Showdowns, but impressed with consistent performance and high placings during Summer Skirmish. He has bookended the Friday Skirmishes so far, with victories in both Week 1 and Week 4.  In Week 1, NotVivid and his duo partner were able to fight through the masses to remain on top, and in Week 4 pulled off two clutch victories from behind to steal away the top spot.

Atlantis Mitr0 continued to show stellar consistency by topping Saturday Summer Skirmish group in Week 3. The overall winner of the Blitz Showdown LTM and earned the highest score across all regions - nearly 50 points ahead of the next closest finisher. Since battling his way into the Skirmish, Mitr0 has now finished 13th and 1st in his two entrances, with strong individual performances both times.

Another Showdown player who has risen to the occasion is Reverse2k. Reverse2k was able to secure an impressive placement in the Blitz Showdown LTM and he has turned that into three very consistent performances in the Summer Skirmish. He had managed to net himself 13th in the Week 2 High Score format, while he and TSM Daequan were able to secure a 16th place finish the following week. Week 4 Reverse catapulted to the forefront, with an amazing 9 elimination game, thrusting him atop NA throne, earning himself 5th place and a large payout.

Lastly, there was another Showdown participant who caught fire and surged through the competition to win Week 4’s “Hold the Throne” on Saturday. Secret Domentos was able to capture the 58th spot during the July Showdown, but his true potential showed in Week 4 of Summer Skirmish. Domentos was able to win 3 of the 9 matches and racking up an impressive 19 eliminations (3rd highest, behind BlaxTV and Teekzy) storming up the ladder to capture the victory. He’s the only Summer Skirmish competitor to secure three Victory Royales in a single day of competition.

Server Performance and Post-Mortem

Continuing to improve server performance remains a top priority. We’ve integrated a number of improvements over the course of the Summer Skirmish series, however we still aren’t quite where we’d like to be. We're continuing to look hard at server performance with multiple daily playtests where we capture server performance and identify areas for improvement. We'll keep taking the things we learn from playtests, Skirmish events, and live server data to push the envelope for high intensity Battle Royale.

One consistent challenge is the act of transitioning from a participating player to an in-game spectator, watching heavy build fights near the final circles from the Player PoV. So far, we haven’t been able to make use of the Live Spectating functionality that we had available at the Pro-Am available on the live servers. This past weekend was the first time we’ve have a limited version of the Live Spectator tool available on the public servers and we’re excited to begin integrating this into our broadcasts.

We also recognize that the lack of live statistics make it difficult for casters to tell compelling stories during the matches and the for viewers to watch along with high interest levels. Our analytics team is working to solve these problems. We hope to soon be able to deliver information of all kinds to Fortnite viewers more quickly during events.

We’ve had a lot of fun creating new formats each week. There are lots of new learnings that we walk away with after each Summer Skirmish weekend by creating new scoring schemes and incentivizing different win conditions. Some formats have been extremely weighted in one direction over the other in order to observe play behavior and collect statistics over a prolonged series of matches in an isolated, high-stakes environment.

A few of our core values when creating formats are simplicity, match tension and upholding the integrity of Battle Royale. Ultimately, we want to find what gives the competitors the best play experience while maintaining a high level of viewing entertainment.  

Lastly, thanks to the participants and viewers that have been helping us along the way!

Fortnite @fortnitegame
Hey Android owners! We're excited to open up the #FortniteAndroid Beta to more devices starting... TODAY!  Check y…
Originally posted by -_AD-_

So i started playing Fortnite on  09/26/2017 @ 03:08 AM

literally was waiting from two weeks to come out so i started to EVERYDAY from season 1 Till season 5 and bought all the battle passes , bought Save The World (To support the developers) and loved the game BUT epic doesn't care

so i bought 1000 vbucks on ps4 and they were never added in my account i go to there support and send an email after few weeks so guess what i get


Thanks for contacting Epic Games Player Support.

Your account has been disabled and will no longer function with any Epic Games' products or services due to account sharing, which violates our EULA/TOS. Epic Games support is unable to re-enable your account upon request.

the moment i saw that email i started shaking went into complete depression cause i did nothing

so i keep emailing and emailing tweeting everywhere and nothing at all

all i got were automated messages from there support (i know there are limited staff) but what am i supposed to do

like i tried calling messaging tweeting even calling there number and well they say leave a voice message which i did doing everything i really don't understand why i got this BAN i never "account shared" yes i played on multiple ps4 using my account but nothing else yes i changed linked ps4 to another psn to change the ign So what? did i do i really love fortnite but support is not helping i in complete depressed mode just remembering the times played that game makes me shiver so please epic im asking politely HELP ME

then what should i do?! i didn't do anything

i always wanted to support i bought vbucks for the skins but i bought save the world for supporting the staff who were working on the game i would even talk by phone

Can you check your DMs, please. I need some more info from you.

Originally posted by wrotki21


I was casually building and repairing my SSD and a guy I played with ages ago connected to my lobby. He came up to me, game me 3 Gravediggers and started throwing items like honey (I saw it mentioned on this sub before) and things like sunbeam and rainbow crystals (never even heard of these). I have stupidly picked up those items, but I have asked if those were duped. You can see my chat log, the guy was using VOIP.

As stupid as this all may sound, and as stupid I am for picking up those items - I am now worried of getting banned for this simply having that stuff in my inventory. What is the appropriate action now? What should I do? I don't really care about those items, not really sure why I picked that up not thinking about consequences.

I am not releasing the name of the person not to start any sort of witchhunt on this reddit.

Maybe u/Magyst could give some advice, I really don't want any of that if there is the slightest chance that it could get me into trouble. I love this game way too much.

Anyone caught duplicating items or trading duplicated items is subject to an account ban. If you believe that the items you acquired were obtained in a exploitative or suspicious manner, than you should discard them.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
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Just to close the loop here, we have a fix for this coming in our v5.3 update. Appreciate the help tracking this down :)

Originally posted by CoalCo

Thx for the update on that magysy, but I was also wondering if there was anything being done about the deliver the bomb mission? Im currently stick in the story on the deliver the bomb mission😞

Hey there, This will be fixed in our next release. Currently, aimed for middle of the week.

Originally posted by JuhannuksenLumikuuro

Thats great. Havent seen that tho ill go search for it now

Edit: Thanks for the link. Good that they made a post abdressing it but there are still more bugs that people have been complaining about that have not yet been answered. Would like to see what they have to say about them too but its their decision if they want to talk about them.

Hey there, here are few post with information for you:



Comment 2

Comment 3

There are definitely more but these cover a little of everything.

Battle Royale @fortnitegame
Work up a sweat while earning those Victory Royales with the new Work it Out Emote. Get it before it leaves the It…
Originally posted by Potargame

Any update u/magyst ? It has already been 8 hours... We still do not get prizes. I did send 3 support tickets with no answer (starting Friday), I counted 15-20 games where I didn't receive any rewards (randomly happen most likely). I hope the rewards are registered somewhere and we will get them back, it is really depressing losing 5-6h of playing STW for arround 500/600k surv xp and different alert missions rewards (including side quests) and not getting any.

I will update everyone once we have 100% confirmation on the fix and our plans to make this right, I promise.

This one is definitely my favorite out of the ones you have shared so far. Keep it up, these are amazing.

Originally posted by oNemmy

Exactly like this for me to and huge lag spikes when I get on the hoverboard

Can check your DMs.