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Glider:  Planetary Probe (3 styles)   1200
Pickaxe:  Tendril (3 styles)   800
Other:  Battle Stars   900

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Dance:  Wiggle   500
Pickaxe:  Empire Axe   800
Dance:  Squat Kick   800
Character:  Scarlet Defender   800

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52 flash_on Schematic: Heavy Automatic Pistol (Epic)
58 flash_on Schematic: Crowbar (Epic)
58 flash_on Transform Key: Sword (Epic)
82 flash_on vBucks (x40)
82 flash_on Transform Key: Trap (Epic)
88 flash_on Schematic: Semi-Auto Shotgun (Epic)
88 flash_on Transform Key: Club (Legendary)
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Gliders beware! The Flytrap and Leviathan Outfits are in the Item Shop now.
Originally posted by HypeFolk

Oh! This is what happened. u/epicdustydevo said that we should have it in game before the sun explodes, so I guess we’ve got that going for us!

tldr: it’s u/justmooney1 ‘s fault ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Goes outside, checks sun]

Looking good still.

Originally posted by St1kyf1ngrz

230/425. I've figured out that it will let me play challenge the horde. Just not any missions in canney or below

Yeah, that's no common in what I'm seeing. Check your Dms please!

Originally posted by catsnbikess

Well I messaged magyst about not receiving rewards and had no response so I wonder if they marked me down as one of them

Please understand that I get (especially lately) at least 500 messages a day. Don't take it personal if I don't send a response. Rest assured.. I am reading each and everyone of them for outliers on these bugs. <3

Fortnite @fortnitegame
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Originally posted by [deleted]


This will be fixed in the next release. Visit our Trello Board for more updates. This will be fixed in this week's patch.

Originally posted by St1kyf1ngrz

What about people who cant even load into a match? I get stuck in the loading screen for 15+ minutes every time, just to get disconnected and sent back to the homescreen. I have sent countless feedback, through the game, about this over the past 2 weeks. Please address this, I want to play the game I paid for!

Just curious, does your inventory happen to be extremely full / overloaded?

Originally posted by Lewzephyr

/u/Magyst , this is great to hear.

But, I have tried to PM you on another issue, and posted in almost every thread you have made about bugs in the game, but gotten no response back. Starting to think you have me blocked lol.

Is it on any know list for the below bug:

  • Remember Building Selection Broken since 5.0 - Select floor, build it, leave build mode and come back and now your building roof. an example of it: Or a variant on it More detail: enter build mode, select floor, edit floor and confirm. The wall piece pops up as the selected building piece instead of the edited floor piece. - ref:

Hey there, I'm not blocking you :D. These have been sent over for the QA team to look into.

Originally posted by [deleted]


Not once did I tell players to contact me to for reward or compensation tracking. Every player that I've told to contact me is for additional information regarding the bug.. client logs, account information, what zone, etc. This is to pinpoint where the bug appears the most.

Originally posted by peloponezul

/u/Magyst - the fix should have been released right? because i just did a cat4 4man pl76 and didnt get any rewards or quest progress (at least one more player in my mission didnt receive rewards as well) - i just sent feedback in game regarding this.

Check your DMs please

Originally posted by xViiPeRxl

/u/magyst never got the rewards at the end of the mission..real sad, again, not this again :(

Hey there, please check your DMs

Originally posted by woolehhhh

Just completed a fight the cat 4 storm level 76 4 player, no rewards, I have also resarted the app since the patch was released :/

Obv not completely fixed in some regards, if you want information regarding I can give to show for the logs

I have now just put in a lengthy feedback on the game to hopefully have this seen, getting rather annoying considering it’s about the 10th-15th mission I’ve lost items now Ol well

Check your DM's please.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
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Originally posted by trankimacin

If you want we can speak in spanish? Maybe you have better grammar than me :)

Maybe you have 9 years old when need to insult people via inet.

There is a big different between the backends of STW vs BR. This particular bug took a lot of digging and investigation to find out what was actually causing it. Unfortunately, some bugs have easier fixes than others.

Originally posted by disfunctionaltyper

I've played for just under a year now, i would nice to understand what we are sending as information in the logs in-game, for me, it was just another tool to send a message to /dev/null

If i would have known it was useful and included logs etc, i would have sent multiple "bug" reports.

I'm happy it's sorted out but for the love of God in the UI is full of none-useful info and what is useful... well... i have to find it on a third party website.

Nope, that feedback option is very important to in-game issues. PC has a direct location to client logs.. but consoles do not. This feature is a sure fire way to get client logs to us for any bugs that you are having.

Originally posted by Mustard_s

Is it normal to wait for more than 10 minutes though? Maybe I'm just too impatient, but it doesn't seem right that it should take that long?

Definitely shouldn't take that long.. you may encounter a small hitch with a little bit of delay as it's capturing everything in your client. 10 minutes is definitely a no go.

Originally posted by woobzy

Glad it's finally fixed !

Btw evacuate the shelter is still bugged, infinite husk wave at the begining.

We're looking at that one. I believe if the objective is destroyed when no one is in the game.. they keep spawning. Now these other bugs are corrected.. we can look into this one.

Originally posted by trixtar

Maybe y’all can fix the Evacuate The Shelter glitch too... you know, the one where you load in and it fails to give you an enemy counter, so your just killing and killing and killing and killing and killing with no end in sight

We're working on that one :) We addressed the crashing first, now the mission rewards, and now focusing on the other mission bugs as well as performance.

Originally posted by Xavindo

did you notice the bug with evac the shelter initial assault being neverending? the kill x amount gets removed sometimes. and you end up in a infinite defence untill you slowly die and watch the shelter get destroyed.

Hey there, we're aware of that one. We are trying to resolve that one as well.

Originally posted by Booshambles

Is there a fix for evacuate the shelter? Several times the kill counter at the start will disappear if a second player loads in. This means you can't finish the initial attack stage.

Hey there, we're working on a fix for the Evacuate the Shelter missions as well.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
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Hey everyone, We've released a fix for the bug where you were receiving no rewards at the end of mission and will be addressing the Deliver...
Originally posted by [deleted]


That's not true. I've requested several logs and information from several players across multiple threads. While the sentiment has been negative, the amount of help that I've received was amazing. We were able to pinpoint exactly what was causing this because of player logs that I was sent.

Hey everyone,


We've released a fix for the bug where you were receiving no rewards at the end of mission and will be addressing the Deliver the Bomb mission activation bug with the next update (This week). Please let us know if you complete a mission and do not receive rewards.


Finding the causes of these bugs wouldn’t have been possible without all of the help from the Community and we appreciate all of the logs and information that you’ve provided. We will be releasing a post-mortem breaking down the release of v5.20 along with our plans to make this right for everyone impacted by these bugs.


*Report this using the in-game tool as it allows us to review your logs if this is still occurring.


Thanks for sticking with us.


UPDATE There are still some reports of this happening on the thread and it doesn't appear to be impacting as many people. If this has happened to you.. and you are playing on console.. use the in-game report feature. This is NOT for compensation tracking.. this is for more information on the bug itself. If you are playing on PC, then please do the following:

  • Experience the no rewards issue
  • Close your client
  • Navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\FortniteGame\Saved\Logs
  • Send the FortniteGame.log text file to me on discord (Magyst #8046). It will be time stamped for when you closed your client.

Thanks for pointing this out again - this is something we would like to see improved as well.

TLDR - There are a few things we can try to make this better, making sure this gets tracked for us to look at again internally.

As for the more detailed how and why - technically there is no structural support for the building grid in that spot because it is made up of static geometry that was built with specific dimensions to fit behind building pieces (I.e. you still need to be able to build walls flat against this piece without clipping), not support it, and therefore doesn't extend far enough to register a connection based on collision overlapping into the neighboring grid tile.

The railing is a decorative prop and does not count as a wall piece.

For optimization reasons we avoid filling spaces like this with additional wall pieces that could otherwise count as supports.