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Character:  Raven (2 styles)   2000
Character:  Whiplash (3 styles)   800
Other:  Battle Stars (1 styles)   900

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Dance:  Zany   500
Dance:  Rocket Rodeo   800
Character:  Jungle Scout   800
Pickaxe:  Batsickle   800

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AlexRamiGaming 4238 44768 51.05%
PierXBL TwitchTV 4186 48358 47.69%
COOLER eXzacT 3274 43568 50.67%
JeDiiiKniiGhT 3118 26657 45.77%
shipings716 2997 46340 37.91%
twitch_bogdanakh 2819 45666 37.2%
Sp3cialForce21 2818 28040 39.71%
Sevennoss 2717 30317 60.12%
mBaited 2580 33261 37.47%
ComradeDurachek 2362 35869 48.53%
Aêrøeu 2314 24559 55.29%
B站 Xiao_512 2140 24460 37.06%
AlmightySneaky 2070 36421 34.34%

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ASIA Duos – No ETA (>18h)

Save the World

People Llama

Daily Llama — x7 @ 150

Yes, it's a people delivery llama. Just make your purchase and move along. Contains at least 7 people. Somehow.

Expires in 44m

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New missions in 29m

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46 flash_on Transform Key: Club (Epic)
52 flash_on Epic Trap Schematic (Epic)
64 flash_on Transform Key: Pistol (Legendary)
82 flash_on Transform Key: Shotgun (Epic)
82 flash_on Epic Trap Schematic (Epic)
88 flash_on Hero: Skirmisher Edge (Epic)
88 flash_on Transform Key: Scythe (Epic)
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Originally posted by killerfudge9999

I had bought the ultimate deluxe edition or whatever when the game first came out which was 130 dollars. I had stopped playing a for a long time, but have just recently gotten back into the game, but I have none of the founder items now. It's a little sad, but there's nothing I can do, so oh well I guess. 🙃🙃

Edit: would buying it on ps4, and then playing on pc affect this?

Edit: I do have the founder's revolt, but that's all.

Edit: would buying it on ps4, and then playing on pc affect this?'

No, that shouldn't impact this. What it sounds like happened is you may have linked it to the wrong Epic account or there is no account linked at all.

Please use THIS LINK to submit a request to player support.

Originally posted by LCTC

1 rocket/ wall is one hell of a cost considering the materials to make the launcher

Any type of launcher works. I would suggest using a copper version until we can get this bug resolved.

Hey there, can you check your DMs? I need some information from you about your account.

Anyone impacted by issues like this should please use the in-game feedback report option as it sends us your client logs. This helps us pinpoint what is happening on the backend of your client.

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Hey there!

Thanks for the video. It seems this stems primarily from a fix that was applied to prevent "ghost peeking" that happened earlier this season. Fallout from that solution caused some camera issues while aiming down sights. We then fixed those camera issues shortly after but some remaining Outfits were still affected by loss of vision while in ADS mode. I've gone ahead and made a Trello card. I wanted to drop in and let you know we are aware of this issue and are working towards a fix for all remaining Outfits affected by this.

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Originally posted by LordNighthawk4

Nothing about the still insane long loading times for some players (and i already did so much research including results and findings in your own forums, see here and the following posts: ).

edit: report part for ffj removed.

Hey there /u/LordNighthawk4 can you check your messages.

Hey everyone, we're sorry about the Weekly Challenge 7 start dates. This was supposed to go live when the patch went out, however, it it actually tied to the store rotation. Weekly Horde Challenge 7 will be available tomorrow (19th, at 8pm est)

Originally posted by rkel76
  • Explanation: Legendary and Epic Trap Schematics awarded for successful alert/mega missions are not being rewarded to anyone, ever.
  • Evidence:

  • If replicable, how: Play any mission with an alert reward for Legendary Trap Schematic or Epic Trap Schematic
  • Platform: PC, PS4

Thank you for the report!

Originally posted by bixelbg

This is incredibly frustrating, used to be able to upgrade them few months back when i shoot at the building but now not at all, LIKE AT ALL. No way to upgrade any wall built when megabase is placed, even when not connected. Please upvote, because us constructors are heavily affected and I basicaly can't play the game anymore :\

We're working on this bug. My best advice is to upgrade the walls fully before dropping a base. Also, you can upgrade the walls by first shooting them when an explosive weapon first and then upgrading. We know it's no ideal and are trying to get this resolved. This has been a tricky bug. Here is a link to the Trello Card

Originally posted by Cheatyx

Explanation: Survivors on Relays/Antenna don't spawn always.

Evidence: If Relay is activated, sometimes the Survivor don't spawn, on normal Mission the Reward Box appears, but not the survivors. This Bug was tried to fix ~6 month ago, but never worked.

If replicable, how: Just Build Relays, sometimes 6x in a row he don't spawn, sometimes the survivor spawn 20x in a row.

Platform: PC

Great, thank you for the report.

Originally posted by matheusvs

Reported both times it happened to me but noone seems to care, also messaged u/Magyst on discord with this videos and files and he didn't seem to notice.

Explanation: Building is blocked in some sidewalks on city missions, and sometimes it coincides with the defeses, making impossible to build a proper defense;build the radar

Evidence: (my logs in case it helps, after the RlT one I closed the client and got the logs)

If Replicable, how: This one is tough. It seems to be a problem with the map so reproduce it would be needed to do multiple missions in cities and actively search for the no build spot. Most of the times it doesn't coincide with the defenses so it might pass unnoticed.

Platform: PC but it seems other platforms too, as it seems like a map problem.

Nope, I got them. Thank you! We're working on trying to get this to reproduce (haven't been able to yet). This bug is a bit tricky, as you mentioned, because it doesn't happen 100% of the time. Once we can reliably get it to happen internally, we will be able to fix it.


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Battle Royale v5.41 Patch Notes
Originally posted by Sasqwatch_

Well I guess the storm destroying structures didn’t work out....

Yes and no - we're looking at ways to shake up late game circles and got a lot of great data from the feature. We'll be evaluating what worked (and what didn't) and may bring parts of it back in the future.

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Downtime for patch v5.41 has begun. Find out what you can expect once we come back online in this week’s Patch Note…
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Upgrade your Fort in patch v5.41! This update is dropping in tomorrow, September 18 with downtime beginning at 4 AM ET (0800 GMT). The Getaway...