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Weekly Sales

Name Price
Character:  Magnus   2000
Pickaxe:  Forebearer   800

Daily Sales

Name Price
Character:  Munitions Expert   1200
Character:  Midnight Ops   1200
Glider:  Wasp   500
Pickaxe:  Ice Breaker   500
Dance:  Hula   800
Dance:  Reanimated   800

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Player W K W%
AlexRamiGaming 3624 40762 49.26%
PierXBL TwitchTV 3373 37982 46.91%
twitchtv_eXzacT7 2729 37256 48.38%
JeDiiiKniiGhT 2634 23600 45.04%
twitch_bogdanakh 2508 39981 38.27%
B4ITY 2436 31254 38.21%
Sevennoss 2412 25956 63.66%
Sp3cialForce21 2215 23465 37.5%
SypherPK 2151 36998 34.53%

Disabled Game Modes

ASIA Duos – No ETA (>8h)

Save the World

It's a Trap! Llama

Daily Llama — x3 @ 200

Hit the llama! How could this possibly go wrong? Contains at least 6 probably-spikey items.

Expires in 19h 43m

Mission Timers

Mission alerts expire in 4h 25m

New missions in 14m

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Epic and above rewards (see all)

52 flash_on Defender: Sniper (Epic)
70 flash_on Hero: Deadly Blade Scorpion (Epic)
76 flash_on Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Epic)
76 flash_on Schematic: Firecracker Pistol (Epic)
100 flash_on Transform Key: Scythe (Legendary)

Hey there! We're aware of this one and working to get a fix in ASAP. Follow the Trello Card to stay up to date on the status of the bug.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
Go with the flow. The new Hula emote is available in the Item Shop now!
Fortnite @DarrenSugg
Shout out to @EpicGames animators ❤️ya! We are a long way from /dance 😊
Fortnite @DarrenSugg
RT @geoffkeighley: The global cultural impact of @FortniteGame cannot be overstated.
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Did you know? Now in Season 5, progressive outfits can continue to be leveled after the season has finished!
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Conquer the storm with the new Magnus Outfit and Norse Gear. Available in the Item Shop now!
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Thanks to all the participants we had out in the first week of #SummerSkirmish! We'll be using different formats ea…
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Fortnite #SummerSkirmish starts... NOW! Tune into to watch all the action and let us know…
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Originally posted by downvots_r_upvotes

is there a reason you arent counting kills in this tournament? sounds like you want to showcase the game (based on trash players like kittyplays being invited) but i think all you will showcase is how much of a shit ass camp fest your game is as there will be 50 players left in the final circle boxed in a 1x1 thanks

Sorry to hear you feel that way.
We support competition based on the game and the win conditions in the game.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
Fortnite #SummerSkirmish begins today! Tune in to our stream for all of the action when it kicks off at 1PM PT / 4P…
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Fortnite #SummerSkirmish begins today! Tune into our stream for all of the action when it kicks off at 1PM PT / 4PM…

The new meta leaked!

Originally posted by whoareyouagain

At least you're able to get into the game. I'm permanently locked out because of a bugged Lvl5 reward chest that has rendered my game unplayable. I remember Epic being more responsive on the forums. But recently I haven't seen much activity from them. I'm assuming they're super busy trying to fix a bunch of issues that were introduced with the recent patch.

Hey there. We're also aware of the issue you described here. I've made a Trello Card so that you can track the status. We're pushing to get this one fixed as soon as we can.

Originally posted by whoareyouagain

If you want to risk playing the mission then by all means do. But several of us have already reported the issue since last night.

We're not sure what triggers the bug but it appears to be after a Horde Bash mission where the Lvl5 chest will prompt an error upon opening it, forcing the game into a semi-locked state where you can't click on most items except for maybe 'Play now'. I can launch another mission in that semi-locked state, but once I complete the mission and return to the screen where you open the chest, it keeps forcing me back to that Lvl5 chest that prompts the error below.

Here is an image of the error I get.

Below are the reports from other users that I was able to gather:

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

My Case

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we're all currently "locked out" of playing.

EDIT: I see a post from another player on their forums claiming that he encountered this same issue from a 4x Hero XP reward mission which wasn't horde bash, of course. So it seems you may encounter this bug in any mission, not just horde bash.

EDIT 2: Now that the daily reset has kicked in, I'm indefinitely locked out because I can't get past the daily reward screen since the bugged chest pops up first, gives me the error, and then forces the game into that semi-locked state with no buttons for me to get past the daily reward.

UPDATE: Epic has listed this issue on their Trello page. You can track the status there.

We are currently running some investigations on what is causing this. We're working on getting this resolved for everyone impacted. You can view the status of the bug on our Official Trello Page.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
Everyone loves a good pool party 🎉 Show off your skills with the new Beach Ball Toy. Available now as part of the…
Originally posted by LightGhillie

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つGIVE COLORS ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ u/EpicEricSW ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

How would you earn/unlock the different colors?

Originally posted by Starscreamz

My Epic account got hacked, they changed my email, password, display name, the works. I had 2 factor authentication on but that didn't seem to make a difference. I don't use the same password for my accounts. I'm just so sad because I was so ready to enjoy Season 5.

I've been playing since season 1 and I have a lot of older items on my account. I just want to get it back as fast as possible before any irreparable damage is done but Epic doesn't seem to have any ways to speed this up like a support number or anything.

So is there any way to get my account back or anything at all that I can do, I'm desperate.

Hey there /u/Starscreamz. Check your messages.

Originally posted by whoareyouagain

I posted all my logs on the forum thread I made for the bug report. Did you want me to send you my stuff as well?

You can DM me the thread. That would be awesome.

Originally posted by FishDics

After beating challenge 11 twice yesterday, Xbone, I wondered why I couldn’t progress to 12. After coming here I read a few others were having the same problem. I just checked again and on the challenge selection screen, there is a scroll bar that you can see to the right of the challenge list. However you can’t scroll down; and if you scroll past 11 it does not let you select anything. Supposedly someone on ps4 got around this by using a mouse attachment to scroll.


Epic please fix ASAP, challenge 11 isn’t challenging enough for some of us. If people could upvote please, I’ve only seen this mentioned in one other post. Surprised it isn’t on the front page.


To be clear this is on pl 76, not sure if the other pl’s are different.

Thanks for letting us know! I'll get some people spun up to take a look at this.

UPDATE: We've created a Trello card on the issue. We are working to get this resolved. If you happen to have a mouse.. try plugging it in and see if you can get past that. We've seen reports that this temporarily solves it.

Battle Royale PS4 Purchase Issues
Originally posted by DankSr

Hello, i have a question, please if someone knows please respond.

I have my PS4 account linked with my PC account. If I buy V-Bucks in my PC account, i will have the V-Bucks also in my PS4 account?

The vbux will only appear when you log in via PC, but anything you buy will be usable with either platform. So you would have to log in via PC to buy a new item from the store.

We are investigating reports that some PlayStation players are having trouble with Fortnite purchases. We'll let you know when we have more information...

We are investigating reports that some PlayStation players are having trouble with Fortnite purchases. We'll let you know when we have more information at

Battle Royale PS4 Purchase Issues

We are investigating reports that some PlayStation players are having trouble with Fortnite purchases. We'll let you know when we have more information at