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Hope you won a few of those games!
Awesome stadium idea!
Oh baby. That's pretty.
Yup! This is something we're looking into. Also, +1: > Go into your storm shield, then drop and pick them back up. They'll all stack together.
One AFK offense should not permanently ban someone's account. However, just like any frowned upon behavior, multiple offenses will have consequences. We're still working to improve the system(s), but any behavior of the sort should be reported via the tool.
Castle Rock is amazing! Great work. Thanks for posting this!
I love it. The question is, will it float? :) Awesome job. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Feel free to message me here on Reddit.
But... where was he going? I NEED TO KNOW.
If there's more work to be done, please share the final product too! Already looks awesome.
Our Executive Producer posted a thread on our forums regarding progression! Highly suggest reading it. :)
Oh! In Canny, which makes it even more awesome! Nice build.
If you encounter people going AFK in your games, please report them via the feedback tool in-game through the main menu (there's a section for "Report player"). We're working on improving and implementing more tools to combat toxicity in our game.
If it's possible to get a screenshot of that happening, please do so and let us know!
Nice work! Very clean looking.
As others have suggested, using the favorite button helps a lot. We're aware that it auto-selects the first item and are currently investigating ways to improve this function.
Support is still catching up from the explosion of tickets from when we went into Early Access. More information on that here: Thanks for bearing with us.
Whoa, negative XP? That sounds bad. Have you reported this issue via the in-game feedback tool (through the main menu)? If not I would highly suggest doing that so we can investigate what may be happening. If you're gaining 0 XP, it could be that you've out leveled the missions you're attempting to gain experience from.
We talked a bit about tutorials and teaching players the game in our Road Ahead blog. [Check it out here](! We also [talked about progression]( in a forum thread with our Executive Producer. Hope this helps. :)
Fortnite Gathering idea
Not a bad idea! Make sure you're also submitting this type of feedback from in-game via the feedback tool (main menu). The devs see this feedback first hand.
Make sure you're submitting any feedback and suggestions you have via the in-game feedback tool through the main menu! Feedback through the game goes straight to the devs.
Any time you experience a crash, please be sure you are reporting it via the feedback tool in game. Best way to let us know! Thanks.
Originally posted by erikkustrife

If you go to the actual fortnight fourms, someone posted that image saying that they have yet to see that. The devlopers then responded that that is not in the game there is no loot explosion like that and the developer's were not even made aware that the marketing team made the trailer like that until the trailer its self was released lol.

I think someone misunderstood, likely because of how I stated it. We were super excited to see the trailer for the first time. We're a pretty big company and we're working on a lot of projects. Not everyone is on Fortnite. When we were all shown the video in our arena, there was a lot of excitement. It was was a "WOW" moment for all of us.

Cara Loft. Awesome find!
Poor wording on my end, but it is any general game feedback/stats/info the community has and will continue to provide. Not in any way questioning the validity of your feedback and as we get those answers, we'll share 'em!