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Poor wording on my end, but it is any general game feedback/stats/info the community has and will continue to provide. Not in any way questioning the validity of your feedback and as we get those answers, we'll share 'em!
It's also a good way to make friends in the game. I like hopping in and making stuff for other players.
I do this sometimes. Of course, it does mean I have to spend more time gathering resources when I want to play that way. There are definitely multiple ways to play and I think that's OK. I see a lot of different opinions in this thread that reflect different approaches, and that's cool too. Dig that we're seeing some good suggestions here to help OP play the way they most enjoy.
Hey, Definitely not ignoring the constructive criticism, and getting the anecdotal play experience from you folks helps us help the game evolve. Lots of stuff is new and we are committed to iterating/building upon Fortnite which is something that will continue! Passion exists in multiple forms and we are accepting of all of them. Keep that feedback constructive and keep it coming! :D
Keep sending it our way. We have a lot of work to do as we move through Early Access!
Appreciate you sharing these suggestions. If you haven't already, make sure to send it to us via the in game feedback tool as well!
Hit escape and you should see it in the menu. If you're in console it would be the Options button on a PS4 controller and the Menu button on and Xbox One controller.
Heya my Fortnite Friends,   We are now about a week from when we officially launched into Early Access, and we have seen a ton of passion for Fortnite so far! Its honestly amazing and inspiring to see the creations you folks have already made within the week.   Sharing the Art/Cosplays/Videos etc. that the community creates is something we can all benefit from, whether it is learning more about Fortnite or that one fantastic fort layout (P.S. I could use a couple of these :P).   How do you plan to share your passion for Fortnite? Show us your favorite ways that people have shown their love of Fortnite!   You can always send us your Art/Video/Screenshots or cool Cosplays on [Twitter]( using the #FortniteCommunity or by emailing us [email protected]
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. We're super early on in this iteration in this implementation of the UI. If you see something that is confusing or doesn't make sense to you, be sure to hit the feedback button in game and let us know. That feedback goes directly to the team.
Awesome find! Enjoy.
Nice work! It's awesome.
In the Constructor section of skill tree one, there is a node that looks like a hammer and a wrench in the shape of a cross. "Building Upgrade Level - Improves Building Upgrade Level"
Be sure to use the in-game feedback tool to submit your suggestions and feedback there as well. :)
So pretty, oh so pretty! :D
We are currently developing and refining a number of toxicity features for the future. Keep the feedback coming!
Fortnite PS4 Game Access
So you purchased a Founder's Pack on the PSN store, linked your Epic account and are trying to download and play on PC?
The mission will usually specify which structure is being attacked and the direction monsters are coming from. Use this info to plan out your defense.
Fortnite is currently in the paid Early Access phase. During this time, we are working on improving core game systems and fleshing out a number of features. Fortnite will transition to Free to Play in 2018. Let me know if you have any more questions :)
I believe you can shoot down the balloon at 8 min, which will reduce the timer to 0
Yes you can! All of these upgrade are seperate, and are available in the in-game store. You will only pay the difference between each pack as you upgrade, and only receive the difference in rewards respectively. Hope this helps!
Not at all. I was referring specifically to progression and some challenges/confusion players have shared with us relating to Plankerton and above.
Definitely a worthy suggestion. Have an upvote! Please use the feedback tool in the Main Menu to submit feedback as well. Cheers!
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I hate bees...

This is the feedback we are looking for. I think these are all good suggestions. Have an upvote.
As Zak said on the most recent dev stream, we are working on improving a number of things during Fortnite's Early Access phase. Thanks for voicing your feedback/suggestion. Inventory/Menu are definitely on the list!