Storm Shield One DB

Cosmetics: Emote

Soak it all in.
Take it for a spin.
Break a sweat.
Step up and show 'em what you've got.
Interplanetary groove.
Put your back into it.
A deadly dance.
A perfect distraction.
Not if I see you first.
Brush it off.
Flip on 'em. Flex on 'em.
Have a bunch of fun!
Show off your moves.
Go ahead, get weird with it.
Who's your best mate?
You do you.
Whip up some action.
Did somebody order a Batman?
Get poppin.
Beyond bendy.
Boogie Down with Populotus.
Bust a move!
Give 'em a break.
Switch it up.
Break it down, just don't break your neck.
Let's see what you've got.
Put all your eggs in one basket.
Flip with flavor.
Set a new personal best.
Completely inconspicuous.
Think about it.
Shake it til you crash.
Are you ready to dance with danger?
Head over heels.
A heaping helping of happiness!
Be aggressive. B-E aggressive.
Top of the pecking order.
Who're you calling chicken?
Plan of attack... entirely forgotten.
You can do it!
...and action!
Seriously. What happened?
Get in line.
Push it past the limit.
Rustle up the rhythm.
Ready in a pinch.
Go nuts.
Wild and crazy feet!
Get your point across.
Show 'em your battle cry.
Wait for it...
Express yourself on the battlefield.
Express yourself on the battlefield.
Bring 'em down to your level.
Tyrannosaurus royale.
Not this time.
Heat up the dance floor.
Nothing wrong with a little celebration.
Get some boogie in your boots.
Lead the line, and step in time.
Do you even lift?
Own the game.
Get that dirt off your shoulder.
That's that.
Don't skip leg day.
Express yourself on the battlefield.
Show off your signature moves.
Brand new groove, old school swing.
Never stop dancing.
The cringe is real.
Show off that footwork.
Just a little dance to get the heartrate going.
Express yourself on the battlefield.
Heat it up.
Don't try this at home!
Emphatically flailing fists.
Clap it up.
It's the bee's knees!
Express yourself on the battlefield.
Let them know.
Loosen up and prepare for nonsense.
Express yourself on the battlefield.
Express yourself on the battlefield.
It's all in the legs.
Find your groove.
Make it glow.
Good show. Good show.
It's also a great exercise move.
Let it take over.
Untamed groove.
Find your flow.
Play on.
Go ahead and take two... or the entire bucket.
All signals go?
Get a leg up on the competition.
Sometimes you just need to skip the battle.
Hi there!
Bang your head against the air.
Really get into it.
Jump for joy.
Dance the day away.
Tear up the dance floor.
Break it down.
Feel the flow.
Put some swivel in your step.
Take a hike.
Let's just talk this out...
Hop on.
Get the luau started!
Round and round.
Get hyped.
Don't ask me.
You've been warned.
Join in the celebration.
Can't stop, won't stop.
Dance like you mean it.
Do a little jig.
Dust off your best moves.
Don't just walk the line.
Makin' it look easy.
Get jazzy.
Pure concentration.
Get jacked!
Believe you can fly.
Make them swoon.
Make it happen.
Show some love.
Show your catlike reflexes.
Show your sparkle.
For worthy combatants.
Major moves.
Armed and dangerous.
What's so funny?
Keep it lazy.
Life is good.
Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!
Trot on.
What a sparkly mess!
Snap into place.
Look at this!
It's bananas.
Better grab an umbrella!
Make it rain gold.
Feel the rhythm.
Show off your form.
We're done here.
Please take me seriously!
Rethink everything you know.
Gravity can't hold you down.
...in the presence of a legend.
It's now or right now!
Not today, my friend.
Never out of style.
Undeniably hypnotic.
Reel in a prize catch.
With one hand tied behind your back.
Mecha flex on 'em.
Don't try this at home!
The sea delivers.
No autographs please.
Lock it down.
This is gettin' good.
Respect the storm.
Splatter unto thee.
What did you get me?
Get pumped.
All-purpose seasoning.
Celebrate anything and everything.
I'm out.
Foul play!
Greetings royale.
Express yourself on the battlefield.
Execute dance sequence.
Are you ready to rock?!
Best out of three.
Hang on tight!
Lift with your legs.
The challenge is to never stop running.
Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!
Womp womp.
At ease!
Lay down a saxy groove.
Consider yourself judged.
Be beefy.
Stay saucy.
Split the dancefloor.
Flip out!
Stick and move.
Take it easy.
Mind over body.
Form of the dragon.
Utterly dominated.
Pull out all the stops.
In it to spin it.
Express yourself on the battlefield.
Beguile your enemies in a cloud smoke.
Stay smooth.
Make it snappy.
Stealth mode engaged!
Look, no hands.
Whoever smelt it...
So sparkly!
Sprinkled with style.
Land ho!
Keep it mello.
Join in the fun.
Salutations good sir!
So lifelike!
Keep It Positive.
Wind up and let em have it.
Dive in.
We're buggin' out!
Swipe it over and over again.
Chin up, arms straight!
Set your tacos free.
Find your balance.
Break out the mistletoe.
Savor the W.
This is what winning looks like.
Yee haw!
You monster!
Mecha Team Leader Forever!
I'll be with you in just a moment.
Stop hitting yourself.
Keep it tidy.
Stop the clock.
Handspring into action.
Your time here is done.
Celebrate a big play.
Find a groove, and hit your stride.
Relish your victories.
Get Romantic.
It's all in the hips.
Heed the call.
Wreck the dance floor.
Any way the wind blows.
Let it all out.
Express yourself on the battlefield.
Stay in the flow.
Show the world your moves.
Around and around abound.
Never stop wigglin'.
Take it all the way around.
Don't forget the magic word.
Stand in front of a moon for maximum effect.
Express yourself on the battlefield.
Bordering on excessive levels of sass.
So excited!
Take a dip.
Seriously. We all think so.
The embodiment of boundless energy.
From beyond the rave!