Storm Shield One DB

Cosmetics: Glider

Standard Battle Glider.
Used to test new gliders
Used to test new gliders
Duo Victory Umbrella.
Standard Battle Glider.
Founder's exclusive!
Founder's exclusive!
A bold addition to your gliding repertoire.
Burn through the clouds with this custom Screaming Skull Hot Rod Glider.
For when you're a pretty flower on a quest for vengeance.
Fly into battle on the wings of victory.
First of his name.
State of the art combat glider.
Can you dig it?
Snuggle up to the firefight in holiday style.
Unleash winter's icy wrath.
Turtles glide with honor.
Glide with style.
Sweet victory!
Forecasting storms all week.
It's so fluffy!
Like a bolt from the blue!
Ride the dragon!
Everything's puppies and rainbows and unicorns and sunshine and...
Precision built carbon fiber glider.
Operating at maximum horsepower.
Get right down to business.
Always in service.
Outmaneuver the competition.
Finely crafted from twisted wreckage.
Dive into the crowd.
From the Emerald Isle to the eye of the storm.
Winged victory.
Cleared for re-entry.
Light-years ahead of the competition.
Scanning the unknown.
Hi guys!
Prehistoric aerodynamics.
Calculating optimal trajectory.
Hit your stride.
Field tested battle standard.
Spread your wings.
Adaptive pivot-wing control prototype.
Don't crash!
Illuminate a path to victory.
Fall out of the battle bus with confidence.
Harness the winds of victory.
Pretty fly.
A masterpiece of flight.
Get air.
Snap into action.
Saur into battle.
It's the end of the line.
Ain't she a beaut?
Amped and aerodynamic.
Row against the tide.
Make waves.
Put it in neutral, and glide easy.
High-flying freedom.
Glide by the seat of your pants.
It's a rush!
Lighter than air.
Glide into gear.
Harness the solar wind.
Prototype compound glider.
Laser-guided. Razor-sharp. Slippery.
Make mine a Royale.
Break the wind.
A whirlwind of fury.
Create a whirlwind.
Keep it fresh.
Glide down in a blaze of glory.
So many colors.
It's the cat's meow.
Flap happy.
Burn down the road.
Play in the light.
Awoken from ageless slumber.
Go for the extra point.
Breaking in was the easy part...
Glide to the rescue.
Cool to the touch.
Calibrated to maximize airflow.
Lighter than air.
Never glide on an empty stomach.
Glide on the dark wings of the nite.
Glide now, picnic later.
Forge a trail through the frontier.
Glider duel at high noon.
Don't just scare crows, give them nightmares.
A light in the darkness.
From beyond the grave!
Along came a glider...
Sail through the clouds, and row toward victory.
Fueled by darkness.
It's a hoot. Reactive: Glows in the dark
Explore the galaxy.
It might just get you where you're going.
Primed to pivot with precision.
Puffed up and ready for landing.
Sharp enough to cut through air.
Soaring and spellbound.
Dive into the sky.
Keep it flappy.
What's up must come down.
Wings a flutter.
Who says penguins can't fly?
No chimney is safe.
Turn and burn.
Dive! Dive! Dive!
Order up!
The turbulence is bearable.
Finely folded flyer.
That's one sweet ride.
Don't forget your lift ticket.
Soar through the soundscape.
The finest coach in the land.
The greatest of all time.
Perfectly balanced.
Ride the reef.
Break away from the pack.
Dual-rotor tactical copter.
Wild and woolly.
Ride out the squall.
Cut through the cold.
Slice through the sky.
Marked for battle.
Fly happier.
A cold wind bellows.
Melty at every altitude.
Rainbow powered.
Soar on the wide wings of love.
Lock in the win.
Slither through the sky.
Calling in air support.
Prepare for the harvest.
Rise up.
Hide your plunder in a parachute.
Harness the all consuming flame.
Cause a commotion.
Distort. Distract. Destroy.
Set sail to plunder!
Soar on the wings of the fabled falcon.
Awoken by a violent eruption.
It's outta here!
Always hit your mark.
Strategic silence.
Classic camo hits the spot.
The world is yours.
Soar on wings of mystery.
Avengers assemble!
Guard the galaxy in style.
No one's out of reach.
Engines ignited.
Fly into the eye.
A sleek and stealthy landing.
Bomb's away!
Adapt and excel.
A new day begins.
Dual-rotor tactical copter.
Harness the storm.
Be afraid, be slightly afraid!
Fly your banner.
Soar with the storm.
Behold the splendor of the sea. From a safe distance.
A megaton of smiles.
Prepare for interdimensional drift.
It's his now.
Glide beyond the edge of science.
No rules.
Battle tested and pleasantly scented.
Grab the battle by the horns.
Mix it up.
Tagged on the fly.
Utterly untamable.
It's sharp. It lands. What else do you want?
Dazzle all the way down.
Cruise the dimensional highway.
From the past, and into the beyond.
Defy all expectations.
Hang on tight.
Signature stripe glider.
On Leather Wings.
Bat Glider
Always land on your feet.
Dark Knight Deployed.
Go ahead. Buzz the tower. You've earned it.
Hit the ground running with the battle tested Warthog Glider.
It's so colorful!
Standard Battle Glider.
Randomly chooses between favorite Gliders (or all owned Gliders if nothing is marked as a favorite)
Never miss a battle snack with the world's first picnic-ready glider.
Standard Battle Glider.
Float like a glider. Sting like a wasp.
Bravely float into the fray aboard the Voyager Glider.
Soar through the air like the mighty shark!
It's all of the colors!
It's all of the colors... but better!
The fabled victory umbrella.
Squad Victory Umbrella.
Assassin's choice
The fabled victory umbrella.
The fabled victory umbrella.
A Season 3 Victory Royale umbrella as delicate as paper.
The fabled victory umbrella.
Represent your Season 4 Victory Royale in style!
Bask in Season 5 Victory Royale, then relax in the shade.
Spun from Victory Royale in Season 6.
The forecast calls for Victory Royale in Season 7.
Kick back and enjoy Victory Royale in Season 8.
Neo Tilted's finest.
Remixed and reimagined.
The fabled victory umbrella.
A Season 2 Victory Royale umbrella handcrafted from locally sourced snowflakes.