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Character: Sky Stalker 2000v
Pickaxe: Propeller Axe 800v

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Glider: Cloud Strike 1200v
Character: Highland Warrior 1500v
Dance: Wiggle 500v
Dance: Pop Lock 800v
Pickaxe: Plunja 800v
Character: Scarlet Defender 800v

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Daily Llama — x20 @ 120v

It's like three Upgrade Llamas in one!

Upgrade Llama (Seasonal Sale Freebie!)

Daily Llama — x2 @ 0v

The old faithful llama, packed with a variety of goodies and upgrade materials. Contains at least 4 items, including a rare item or a hero! Has a high chance to upgrade.

Expires in 6h 34m

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9 flash_on vBucks (Legendary) (x25)
15 flash_on Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Epic)
23 flash_on vBucks (Legendary) (x30)
28 flash_on Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Epic)
46 flash_on Transform Key: Assault Rifle (Legendary)
52 flash_on Schematic: Medium Sword (Epic)
64 flash_on Schematic: Laserblade (Epic)
76 flash_on Transform Key: Hardware Melee Weapon (Epic)
82 flash_on Transform Key: Axe (Legendary)
82 flash_on Transform Key: Trap (Epic)
88 flash_on Schematic: Ceiling Electric Field (Epic)
94 flash_on Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Epic)
100 flash_on Transform Key: Pistol (Epic)
100 flash_on vBucks (Legendary) (x40)
Originally posted by Arman276

I love the blog

But is there anything in the near future in terms of hero balancing?

There are heroes that are unused because they’re secretly really good (like shock trooper remegade)

And heroes that are unused because they’re actually just not good (a lot of constructors and ninjas and outlanders)

I can't really get into details but we have folks that are actively looking into hero balance and developing heros. Ultimately our goal is to make having a collection of heros, even ones that aren't your favorite, useful to have in your collection. Everyone has their favorite play style that we want to support.

Originally posted by Birrihappyface

I think this makes it official.

I had my doubts over the past few months over wether or not StW was going to be killed off like Paragon, but if this roadmap is implemented, there’s no doubt in my mind that they have no intentions of abandoning this game. The changes over the past few months have been incredible, and I’m happy to say I never gave up hope.

StW has always been a pillar for Epic. :). We're here for years to come.

Originally posted by Make_Iggy_GreatAgain

Stupid question: challenge the horde is rensmed horde bash right?


Originally posted by Dont_do_dat

I slotted a dragon's roar that I'd love to have back. Will I not be able to remove it due to it being an event item, or does that only cover items/heroes you haven't yet obtained?

If you slotted it you'll be able to unslot it.

Originally posted by NicoThePillow

What about the controls on STW ? Will we have specific controls ? Choose what we want ? Also will it be available on PS4 ? I didn’t understand this part Thanks for the good news!

All our changed apply to all platforms that we're on including ps4

Originally posted by DasBrandon

It’s not three people working at the same desk. They have to communicate and compile everything correctly, so the community doesn’t flip out when something is wrong.

This guy. He gets it.

Originally posted by Narapoia

I take back every comment I've made on Reddit doubting Epic's commitment to StW. I also promise to never say "Paragon 2" again.

Thank you Epic for restoring some faith. StW has amazing potential in it's uniqueness and we're glad to see you cherish it as much as we do.

Aww, that's nice to hear. We're definitely not going anywhere.

Originally posted by JohnStamosBRAH

600 comments and no one's hyped about hearing more from Steel Wool?!

We recorded some Steel Wool this week. You just wait!

Originally posted by TheInvisiNinja

Damn. All that looks great. Can't believe it's been almost a year!


Originally posted by pszabifero

I can't wait for the "buying skull trooper for 20vbucks" video titles.

Only if you slotted him can you unslot him.

Originally posted by JxLegend

What exactly is builder pro?

Control scheme that's meant to help make building easier on controller. First seen in BR, we've brought it over to StW.

Originally posted by La-Shangria

im really gratefull for answer,i hope that new rewards,wont include any of old guns from that event mixed with new stuff. Im playing game since day 1 and it would be punch for us old players...

Challenge the Horde will have all new rewards.

Originally posted by arsehole-o-matic

Yay controls improvements!

...and no mention whatsoever about aimed/scoped sensitivity in StW.

Hopefully they just forgot to mention it, though u/arsehole-o-matic isn't counting on it.

ADS improvements are on our list of things to do. The work is assigned out. Hopefully in a few builds, but I can't promise anything.

Originally posted by oddvenus

Wtf i love epic now

We love you too.

Originally posted by Kangarou

Great plans, and I'm happy you guys aren't abandoning the game.

One thing with the recruitment: could you add the ability to recruit from events you participated in? There's a few items I tried to get over the lifespan of the game, but despite playing the game, earning the tickets, and crushing the llamas, RNG flipped me a middle finger.

I wouldn't even care if the price was high for event heroes/schematics (10K Research points, 10K XP, 100 Manuals, and 100 VBucks, I would gladly pay), I just want to play as the classes that eluded me all this time.

Abandoning the game isn't remotely close on the radar. Save the World is alive and well. Lots more things to come in the months and years to come.

Originally posted by La-Shangria

i hope ao horde bash is back but NOT WITH SAME WEAPONS. if that happens im leaving game.

New rewards will be part of the improved Horde Bash.

Originally posted by mollzayyy



Originally posted by matoforpresident

Will we get a biome for plankerton too since the blogpost says nothing about that.

cough cough

Originally posted by Joseph421

What about level gating the lower people from joining high PL missions? And also, when is CV update due and how will players in TP access the quests/story?

We know it's a problem. We didn't want to mention it because we don't have a timetable nor a design we're fully happy with. Although there seems to be 'obvious' solutions, all obvious solutions actually require a lot of work because of the way our game is architected. It's definitely on our list of things to do, when we know more we'll share. We don't want to promise anything we don't feel confident we can deliver in a timely way. dev blogs excluded

Originally posted by sha3bolly

Have i read that right? I can get Megabase now by spending Legendary Flux and Training manuals ?! or only Legendary and below not mythics?

Most collection book items will be attainable in the first version of the feature (heroes, weapons, etc). Not everything, survivors for example. Things we won't include are event items and quest items because those items need to be earned by participating in our events or quests.

Originally posted by TriquetraPony


Will veterans be able to experience the questline coming with new Canny Valley biome since everyone in twine peaks has completed the mockup questline thats in current PH Canny Valley?

Yup, you won't be blocked from story quests or anything. Doesn't matter if you're hanging out in Twine.

Originally posted by Swaggerman2785

Is “Challenge the Horde” basically Horde Bash?


Originally posted by redditxboxplayer

Some good news, thank god :)

Glad they made this.

Time to get off till new stuff.

But one more question.

How will the quest line be if you are past canny?

Will they're be a way to go back and explore?

There will be a way to do the canny quest line if you're beyond natural progression. We won't hurt your current progression and everyone will be able to enjoy the story!

Originally posted by thetiltedtowers

I am extremely, extremely curious about what we have in store for the future of STW. It's my favorite game and I just hope for the best.

Here it is Fortnite Fam! State of Development - June 2018

Annnnd here it is folks! State of Development - June 2018