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Dance:  Make it Rain   500
Pickaxe:  Spectre   800
Dance:  Star Power   800

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Expires in 14h 47m

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34 flash_on Transform Key: Assault Rifle (Epic)
52 flash_on Transform Key: Pistol (Epic)
76 flash_on Transform Key: Hardware Melee Weapon (Epic)
88 flash_on Survivor (Epic)
100 flash_on Transform Key: Hardware Melee Weapon (Legendary)
We have seen reports that some players on 4GB Android devices are encountering an issue causing poor performance. This is due to multiple background applications...
Originally posted by tiger_boi

So hardcore griefers trolled us for a solid year and all they got was a polite warning but people exploited one of the many ridiculous bugs you guys introduced in 5.2 and even tho they didn't negatively impact anyone they are getting banned?

The system fails again...

The system did not fail, tiger. There is a big different between someone griefing you vs someone actively exploiting and breaking the game. The new system is in place and you need to be using it to report these players. Repeat offenders will have action taken against their account. If they have been griefing you, specifically, for an entire year.. and they keep doing it.. they will be actioned as long as you are reporting them.

This will be fixed in this weeks release. You can monitor the bug on our official trello board. You can do a Deliver the Bomb mission in a slightly higher zone (34) and have this quest completed.

Originally posted by Cahnis

Any updates on the dupe exploit? I see people claiming that people are still doing it even thought some people told me it was patched

Anyone caught duplicating items or trading duplicated items will be subject to an account ban from Epic's products. If you believe that the items you acquired were obtained in a exploitative or suspicious manner, than you should discard them.

Originally posted by -_AD-_

So i started playing Fortnite on  09/26/2017 @ 03:08 AM

literally was waiting from two weeks to come out so i started to EVERYDAY from season 1 Till season 5 and bought all the battle passes , bought Save The World (To support the developers) and loved the game BUT epic doesn't care

so i bought 1000 vbucks on ps4 and they were never added in my account i go to there support and send an email after few weeks so guess what i get


Thanks for contacting Epic Games Player Support.

Your account has been disabled and will no longer function with any Epic Games' products or services due to account sharing, which violates our EULA/TOS. Epic Games support is unable to re-enable your account upon request.

the moment i saw that email i started shaking went into complete depression cause i did nothing

so i keep emailing and emailing tweeting everywhere and nothing at all

all i got were automated messages from there support (i know there are limited staff) but what am i supposed to do

like i tried calling messaging tweeting even calling there number and well they say leave a voice message which i did doing everything i really don't understand why i got this BAN i never "account shared" yes i played on multiple ps4 using my account but nothing else yes i changed linked ps4 to another psn to change the ign So what? did i do i really love fortnite but support is not helping i in complete depressed mode just remembering the times played that game makes me shiver so please epic im asking politely HELP ME

then what should i do?! i didn't do anything

i always wanted to support i bought vbucks for the skins but i bought save the world for supporting the staff who were working on the game i would even talk by phone

Can you check your DMs, please. I need some more info from you.

Originally posted by wrotki21


I was casually building and repairing my SSD and a guy I played with ages ago connected to my lobby. He came up to me, game me 3 Gravediggers and started throwing items like honey (I saw it mentioned on this sub before) and things like sunbeam and rainbow crystals (never even heard of these). I have stupidly picked up those items, but I have asked if those were duped. You can see my chat log, the guy was using VOIP.

As stupid as this all may sound, and as stupid I am for picking up those items - I am now worried of getting banned for this simply having that stuff in my inventory. What is the appropriate action now? What should I do? I don't really care about those items, not really sure why I picked that up not thinking about consequences.

I am not releasing the name of the person not to start any sort of witchhunt on this reddit.

Maybe u/Magyst could give some advice, I really don't want any of that if there is the slightest chance that it could get me into trouble. I love this game way too much.

Anyone caught duplicating items or trading duplicated items is subject to an account ban. If you believe that the items you acquired were obtained in a exploitative or suspicious manner, than you should discard them.

Originally posted by CoalCo

Thx for the update on that magysy, but I was also wondering if there was anything being done about the deliver the bomb mission? Im currently stick in the story on the deliver the bomb mission😞

Hey there, This will be fixed in our next release. Currently, aimed for middle of the week.

Originally posted by JuhannuksenLumikuuro

Thats great. Havent seen that tho ill go search for it now

Edit: Thanks for the link. Good that they made a post abdressing it but there are still more bugs that people have been complaining about that have not yet been answered. Would like to see what they have to say about them too but its their decision if they want to talk about them.

Hey there, here are few post with information for you:



Comment 2

Comment 3

There are definitely more but these cover a little of everything.

Originally posted by Potargame

Any update u/magyst ? It has already been 8 hours... We still do not get prizes. I did send 3 support tickets with no answer (starting Friday), I counted 15-20 games where I didn't receive any rewards (randomly happen most likely). I hope the rewards are registered somewhere and we will get them back, it is really depressing losing 5-6h of playing STW for arround 500/600k surv xp and different alert missions rewards (including side quests) and not getting any.

I will update everyone once we have 100% confirmation on the fix and our plans to make this right, I promise.

This one is definitely my favorite out of the ones you have shared so far. Keep it up, these are amazing.

Originally posted by oNemmy

Exactly like this for me to and huge lag spikes when I get on the hoverboard

Can check your DMs.

Does anyone else on Xbox have performance similar to this? If so, please let me know!

Hey /u/Hydro170,

Can you check your DMs? I need some more information from you!

Cute boi

Hey everyone, I know a lot of you are curious as to where we are with the no rewards at the end of missions bug. We want you to know that...

Hey everyone,


I know a lot of you are curious as to where we are with the no rewards at the end of missions bug. We want you to know that we're aware of it and are working to resolve it as soon as possible.


We've released a server that corrects the most frequent crashes that you have been experiencing and now we're going full force to get this mission rewards bug addressed. We've been gathering client logs, server logs, and as much information as we can from you to pinpoint where the issue is.. and we've discovered a major outlier based on the logs and information that you have provided.


I will provide updates as we get closer to solving this bug.

Thanks for sticking with us.


UPDATE 4:55pm We are currently testing a speculative fix for this bug. I'll give you more updates on when we deploy the fix.

Originally posted by sonicsonic3

Well guess what? Your """"new"""" servers aren't really working properly and tons of people are still getting no rewards. You claim you fixed the dupe glitch but it still works because the dupe happens due to the lag from your servers. I love this game and I hate to see it in this state but I can't even trust your word anymore. Nothing is improving.

Sorry you feel that way, Sonic. Unfortunately, this issue doesn't have an easy fix. We have a lead and we're working towards getting it fixed. That is as much information as I have for you right now.

Originally posted by FuriousDemon

Have you seen my DM yet? I gave you my account info after I missed out on multiple rewards from the game crashing/booting me out.

Yes, please understand that I have received around 2,500 responses from this awesome community when I asked for help. Please don't take it personal if I wasn't able to respond. Rest assured, I'm reading all of them :)

Originally posted by Shoxie75

Also sent a DM. My husband and I have also reported in-game, on Epic forums, and on Reddit.

Thx for working on this!

Great, thank you so much!

Originally posted by furrylobster

So you and the team acknowledge that there is a "no mission reward bug".... so where is the official PSA or tweet or forum post informing the community that there is a KNOWN ISSUE that could potentially result in you wasting your time, effort, resources, guns, etc with no reward??? Nothing. Radio silence. I bet if there was a bug that said "if you buy v-bucks then there is a 25% chance that you won't get charged $$$" then that would be fixed or addressed ASAP.

We needed to understand what the actual cause of the bug was and our plans to fix it. I want to give as much information per post as I can. The "We're working on it" response has lost it's merit.. and I've been called out by the community several times by using it because everyone wants to know our concrete plans. Unfortunately, that response is as much information as we can share as we might not have the details on things locked at that current time. However, I believe that providing any information, as little as it may be, would definitely be warranted in this type of situation.

This definitely doesn't feel great for us either. We know it's a big pain point with everyone right now and we're trying to get to the bottom of it ASAP.

We've pinpointed what is causing the issue. We have this corrected in the the next hotfix.

Originally posted by some-incomp

Thanks, your communication is very much appreciated. Looking forward to future updates on this topic.

Just to follow up! We found why this is happening and it will be resolved with the next hotfix push (early this week). Thank you so much for following up after the initial fix.

Originally posted by terrify_

u/magyst please can we get some sort of hot fix for this? Really frustrating wasting our time and materials for NO rewards! Esp when it’s a 4 player up in twine...

This might require more than a hotfix. We believe we have identified what is causing the no rewards / end of mission hang up. The team is digging into all the player logs that I've requested. Once we have the accurate cause of the bug.. we'll release a fix as soon as possible.

Originally posted by unalteredMeme

nice copy and paste

Yes, this was a copy paste from a comment I wrote on another thread, answering the same question, with the most relevant information.

Originally posted by TACTIKUSH

It shouldn't be hard to explain certain things about what's happening and an expected fix timeframe. Like tell us what they've learned about no rewards bug (which missions, what circumstances) cloth physics fix progress, and the placeholder assets appearing over certain objectives. Everyone would like an update or at least tell us that it will take a few days or a week, so we can anticipate it. Please don't leave us hanging. I'm afraid they won't say a thing until update day rolls around.

The team is working extremely hard to get these issue resolved. We deployed new servers to correct the crashing issues and now we're full steam ahead on fixing the no mission reward bug. We've been working through the weekend to gather logs, server logs, and as much information as we can to pinpoint what is causing it.. We've discovered major outliers that seem to be directly related to this and I'll make a post once we're 100% that what we've found is the issue and update you on our plans.