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Would it not be as simple as just resetting quest progression but leaving twine peaks unlocked for people who've gotten there?

It won't be hard to do regardless of how it's done under the hood. We'll make sure everyone that wants to experience it can.

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I’m a console player, XBox to be exact, and when I’m scrolling to see the missions, it gets hard to get to one singular mission. Going Up Up Down Down Left Right B A Start and boom I’m on another different mission! Please change the way you can select missions on console.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll ask our QA team to do some digging.

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I’m reading along and you keep several awesome conversations going. Really made my day, and I’m sure others as well. Great job! We appreciate it


Originally posted by SchwandaPanz

Would you improve quality of life in stw soon? Game is running laggy that much. I'm playing on X1X. And what about mythic ninja/Jess re-work coming at the near future, maybe?

Please send an in game report when perf is bad. Our own tests look good so this would help greatly in our ability to examine what's happening in your situation.

Originally posted by Hullu1989

Hi Folks,


I have addressed this in the BUG thread but I need to adress it seperatly.  

Whenever your inventory is full and you open a loot chest that is personalized (like the stormchets') you WON'T get the loot.  

Before the update it dropped on the floor and you where able to sort out your inventory. That´s a major bug on PS4 (dunno if on other platforms as well).   

Please upvote that post, so that this get´s addressed immediately. I have some videos as evidence. But you can also give it a try and test it :)


This is fixed 4.3. Until then make sure you have plenty of inventory space before getting instanced loot.

Originally posted by bmlsayshi

Why not opt in? I feel like that would be the preferred option.

Consistent behavior across the franchise.

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Originally posted by pocket951

When do you plan to address the skill point issue? is that in the foreseeable future or further down the road?

We hope to sometime in the next couple of client builds.

Originally posted by DavidJames13410

Wtf flux has not been increased

I think you mean, what the flux.

Double flux in the weekly store next week.

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Yeah.. i really hope! I don't always use a headset but a stereo I don't want to blast my game out to others and i've been in game very very toxic, think adding a level of RRREEEEEEEE will help, outch.

No need for hope, it's true. You can opt out in the settings menu.

Originally posted by WNickW

Can we have Enforcer Goatee with a metal goat shooting and bleating I waaas a gooaat?

Epic pls

I...I mean,...that would be amazing.

Originally posted by DestinySilvade

Spitfire’s story comes to an epic conclusion and a new mythic hero is born!

I knew it! It was kind of obvious, but nice to get a confirmation

Good stuff all around, especially the Gold and Flux increase

We realize that the gold rewarded from difficulty increases wasn't cutting it. We've tweaked the gold rewards when increasing difficulties to make missions worth increasing.

Originally posted by WNickW

I love that they finally did this!

Still waiting on news for skill points fix and collection book rework...

Yep! We agree that we need to tune up the flux. They have more use since the introduction of the Perk Recombobulator and there should be more to get :) Enjoy!

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what kind of flour are you eating?

Mechanical flour.

Originally posted by blatsnorf

If you're not going to do anything with story line in Canny or Twine then could you please address the matter transparently?

There are a lot of us who are not playing the 'story line' in Canny so that we will get to play it if/when it's ever released.

If you could at least come out and say play it now and we'll give you a way to play the real thing in the future then we could at least move on.

There will be more story and we'll figure out a way for those that are deep in the end game to still experience the story.

Originally posted by AgeofEmpires4HQ

Voice Chat on PC ..

Please have a way to mute 12 year olds asking for guns

We don't yet have the technology to tell if there's a twelve year old asking for guns but you can mute any player for any reason.

Originally posted by burnsdg

Question is, will the 4.3 "Voice Chat on PC" work in the supported cross-platform play? So PC<>PS4 will finally be able to voice chat? And PC<>XB too?

It really kinda sucks the only way we can talk to each other is via some 3rd party setup like Discord.

Correct, cross platform.

Originally posted by AvatarUnknown

Is there anyone looking into fixing PS4 Voice Chat. It works, works too well. If I set my chat volume to zero, I still can plainly hear anyone PS4 player with an open mic.

The current work around is I have to use PS4 Party (outside of game) to override the in-game chat.

That's part of the VOIP on PC clean up. Let me know if it doesn't work correctly.

Originally posted by Polymersion

But if we break it we get some pretty mean waffles. And also probably three whole uncommon weapons.

Maybe also some nuts and bolts.

Originally posted by Litheism

Will we get to choose a hero during part 2? Because I still haven’t gotten a single new soldier or constructor which is literally all I want.

End of the quest line you'll get to choose a shadow ops hero. That'll be in 4.5.

Originally posted by dmac921

Quality is King but... Ok I will just be nice and say hurry up. :)

I laughed, thank you. We're on it. I play every day so I know we're as frustrated as you. We're going to get there, I promise!

Originally posted by quickscope1323

Just curious there was a time when in Battle Royale if you died and backed out into the lobby you would still be able to talk to and hear your teammates is that the case for stw also?

If you belong to the same party (not match made) you should be able to hear one another.

Originally posted by Lewzephyr

For those of us that have no desire to play BR, mind elaborating?

Anyone in game can hear anyone else that aren't muted. Cross platform.

Originally posted by Lewzephyr

Not one mention on the AFK / Leach / Toxic players.

Yes I know they said they are working on it.

I would think it would be on the road map. They do not even have it as an issue on Trello:

They need to do a dev post on the goals / plans / possible ETA on this.

We're still working on this, hope to have news very, very soon but I still can't talk specifics. Sorry for being vague, we want to get it right rather than get it fast.