Creative Mode v8.10 Adds More of Everything

New islands, new prefabs, new devices, new rules.

Like a mine cart in a Donkey Kong game, Fortnite Creative Mode shows now signs of slowing down anytime soon. This morning's v8.10 update added more of basically everything, so let's start from the top of the full patch notes and work our way down, shall we? 

There are two new types of island biomes now available: Sandbar (seen above), and Volcano, both of which are 105 square tiles in size. Players have access to two of each, so you can design games on one sandbar and recreate your favorite scenes from Muppet Treasure Island on another. The overall number of available islands per server has been reduced from 16 to 8, but Epic says this improves server performance and allows for larger islands. 

On the design side of things, games can now be built around "Score to Win" and "Objectives to Win" parameters. For games that use score as the win condition, designers can choose from a wide array of preset target scores, ranging from 1 to 10 million. Score can be earned with vehicle tricks, or by collecting items from the Challenge Gallery, which means that our dream of recreating Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is one step closer to reality. Objectives, meanwhile, are a new type of device whose destruction can trigger a victory with the new Objectives to Win setting. There are seven different props available as objectives, including the burger and the tomato, which can be assigned health values from 1 to 25,000. Objectives can be assigned to teams, and can also be set to explode everything in a given radius when destroyed. 

Elsewhere on the device front, Battle Royale's new Baller vehicle is also available in Creative Mode. If you, like us, have been struggling to fully realize your Fortnite Pinball designs, this new addition should help tremendously. The vehicle functions identically to its Battle Royale brother, in that it boosts and grapples, and shields the driver from 300 damage before exploding. 

A veritable banquet of new prefabs and galleries were also delivered this morning, most of which seem tailored to the new islands and/or pinball. Wooden Cabin features can be found in either prefab or gallery form, and while most of them are more Twin Peaks than Hawaii Five-O, we were able to make one work in a pinch for the grand opening of Fart Island Resport and Butt Spa. Galleries have also been added for ambient lighting objects, particle effects, volcanic rock and lava assets, mine carts and tracks, in-game beacons and icons, squares, triangles, cubes, and pyramids of every conceivable color and configuration, black glass props, and enough jungle temple walls to fully recreate the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple if one were so inclined.

Whew! So! Those are the major bullet points. But update v8.10 fiddled with and improved a ton of other, smaller facets of Creative Mode, so anyone interested in the real nitty-gritty should click on the link in the first sentence of this post.