It's Rabbit Season in Save the World v8.40


The dawn of the sacred resurrection is nearly upon us, which means that it's time for a sexy bunny lady and her ninja pal to bounce their way into Fortnite Save the World. Today's v8.40 update introduced Bunny Brawler Luna (above) and Dashing Hare Ken (below) to the event store, and it also brought back a couple of last year's festive Easter favorites, as well as the weirdest Beta Storm on record.

As a Legendary Soldier hero, Bunny Brawler Luna's main deal is her "Eggs-plosive Entrance" perk, which causes Shockwave to drop three egg bombs. Those bombs deal either 54 or 162 base damage each, depending on whether Bunny Brawler Luna is in the Commander slot. Meanwhile, Dashing Hare Ken is a Legendary Ninja with a similarly egg-themed perk, "Eggs-termination." This turns Kunai Storm into a volley of three egg bombs, which deal 37 or 111 base damage per, again depending on which slot Dashing Hare Ken is in. Last year's Easter hero Rabbit Raider Jonesy returns to the event store as well, now equipped with a sniping-oriented perk called "Sure Shot" that increases sniper crit damage by 75/225 percent.

On the item end of things, this week's sole addition is the Easter Egg Launcher (below), which was originally introduced during last year's "Spring It On!" event. More of a grenade-based thing than a rocket-based thing, the Easter Egg Launcher "lobs eggs that explode on contact with enemies," according to the item description. A maximum of six eggs can be in play at a time, which is also what Denny's told us the last time we tried to expand our Grand Slam. The Easter Egg Launcher consumes no ammo, but has very low durability. It also has a sticker of a bunny on it, which makes it look like the bunny is pooping out the eggs, just like in Luke 24. 

Finally, this week's Beta Storm is the "Test the Limits" format, which was originally introduced in early March. As the least Fortnite-y of all the Beta Storms, Test the Limits has players race a circuit of four checkpoints while fending off husks. Again, just like in Luke 24. 

For complete information on bug fixes and other minor alterations included in this morning's patch, check out the full patch notes. Happy Easter! 

Most people don't know this, but rabbits are natural born ninjas. Most people don't know this, but rabbits are natural born ninjas.
We like our explosions over-medium. We like our explosions over-medium.