Save the World v8.10: Old Heroes, New(ish) Storms

D'ya like dags?

Hey, remember Ireland? Well it's back, in Fortnite form. This morning's v8.10 update returns two of last years St. Patrick's Day-themed heroes to the event store, and also introduces an updated version of a previous Beta Storm archetype.

Staredown Southie (above) and Four Leaf Wildcat (below) will both be available in the weekly store starting tomorrow, March 13, at 8 p.m. Eastern, as demanded in Nehemiah 10:31. Southie is an Outlander whose Standard/Commander Perk, "Bear Stare," enables T.E.D.D.Y. to fire lasers at 2 second intervals for 26 damage a pop at its Standard level. As a Commander perk, those lasers are shot every 1.5 seconds, and deal 51 damage per. Four Leaf Wildcat, meanwhile, is a Soldier-class hero who gets a frag grenade charge every 45/20 eliminations, thanks to her perk "Grenade Generation." Whether it takes 45 or 20 kills to activate the perk is determined by whether or not she's in the Commander slot. Nothing says "we celebrate the man who removed snakes from Ireland" quite like lasers and grenades, we guess! 

Meanwhile, a new Beta Storm arrives alongside a controversial oldie. The new storm is called Test the Limits, and it's a checkpoint-based race event, which makes it unlike any previous Save the World mission we can think of. After a preperatory period at the beginning, players make as many laps of a circuit as they can before time runs out. The more laps the team completes, the better the resulting rewards will be. Epic says this is a "great way to test different hero loadouts," but it seems like Outlanders and Ninjas are the obvious choices for min-maxing this mission. The Beta Storm version of Retrieve the Data also returns, with some minor alterations. Players can now force the balloon to land early through a vote, though doing so also accellerates the storm's incursion. The landing zone has been reduced down to a single square tile, and adjustments have been made to make the storm wall easier to see through.

And them's the haps! For detailed information about the myriad bug fixes also pushed through in this patch, hit up the full patch notes and head to the bottom.